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Just upgraded from a Huawei device to a shiny new iPhone? Congratulations!

But before you get too excited setting up your new phone, you probably have some important data on your old Huawei that you want to transfer over. Photos, messages, contacts, and more – losing these would be a disaster.

Don’t worry though, moving your data from Huawei to iPhone is totally doable if you know the right methods.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know to painlessly transfer all your stuff from a Huawei smartphone or tablet to an iPhone or iPad.

Overview of Transferring Data from Huawei to iPhone

Switching between any two smartphones can be tricky when it comes to transferring information. And going from the Android-based Huawei OS to Apple’s iOS adds an extra challenge.

But with some preparation and the right tools, you can move your contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, documents, calendar events, and more from your Huawei to iPhone.

Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Back up your Huawei before transferring. Always backup your Huawei before moving data to have a safety net. Use Huawei’s own tools or third party apps like dr.fone.
  • Transfer selectively. Not everything will transfer directly. Be selective about choosing what’s most important to move over.
  • You’ll likely need new apps. Many Android apps don’t have iOS versions, so expect to download alternatives.
  • Use both wireless and wired transfer. Utilize wireless transfers when possible for convenience, but have the right cables on hand too.
  • Alternative transfer tools help. First-party tools don’t always cut it. Third party apps fill the gaps nicely.

Follow this guide closely, and you’ll be able to painlessly transfer all your vital Huawei data to your new iPhone. Time to dive in!

Before You Start: Back Up Your Huawei

Before transferring any data, it’s absolutely essential that you back up your Huawei phone or tablet. Accidents can happen during transfers, so you want your data protected in a backup file just in case.

Huawei offers its own official backup tools you can use:

  • HiSuite: Huawei’s desktop app lets you back up your device to a computer over USB. You can choose to back up all data or select data types.
  • Huawei Cloud: Huawei’s cloud backup option allows you to backup your device wirelessly over WiFi to their cloud servers.
  • Backup to SD card: You can manually backup your Huawei device to a MicroSD card inserted in your phone. Useful for offline backups.

Alternatively, you can use a third party app like dr.fone – Backup & Restore (Android) to back up your Huawei device comprehensively:

  • Back up data both wirelessly and via USB.
  • Selectively choose which data types to include.
  • Preview content before backing up.
  • Encrypted and password protected backups.
  • Restore backups easily.

Whichever method you choose, be sure to fully back up your Huawei before transferring data to iPhone. Store the backup safely in case you need it later.

Using dr.fone to Back Up Huawei Devices

dr.fone – Backup&Restore(Android) is one of the best apps for backing up your Huawei device before switching to an iPhone. Here’s how to use it:

dr.fone android data backup
  1. Download and install dr.fone on your Windows or Mac computer.
  2. Open dr.fone and click “Backup“.
  3. Connect your Huawei device to your computer via USB and dr.fone will detect it.
  4. Select the data types you want to backup. Or click “Select all” to back up everything.
  5. Click “Backup” and wait for the process to finish.
  6. Preview the backup contents if desired. Then store the backup file safely.

With your Huawei data backed up, you’re ready to move on to transferring info to your new iPhone!

Method 1: Using Move to iOS to Transfer Data from Huawei to iPhone

Move to iOS is Apple’s official wireless transfer app to help you move data from an Android device to an iPhone or iPad. It makes transferring some data directly from Huawei to iOS fast and easy.

Here’s how to use Move to iOS:

Step 1: Download Move to iOS on Your Huawei

On your Huawei device, go to the Google Play Store and search “Move to iOS”. Download and install the Move to iOS app by Apple.

Step 2: Begin Transfer Process During iPhone Setup

When first setting up your new iPhone, you will be prompted to move data from an Android device. Choose this option and follow along.

Your iPhone will display a unique 6-digit code on the screen. Keep your Huawei nearby during iPhone setup for this step.

Step 3: Connect Huawei and iPhone Via Code

Now open the Move to iOS app on your Huawei device. It will prompt you to enter the 6-digit code displayed on your iPhone – this pairs the two devices.

Enter the code into the Huawei app and tap Continue to establish a secure connection.

Step 4: Select Data to Transfer

You will now be presented with options for what data to transfer from your Huawei to iPhone. Move to iOS allows you to transfer:

  • Contacts – Move over all your phone numbers.
  • Messages – Transfer your SMS/MMS messages.
  • Photos – Transfer your camera photos and videos.
  • Videos – Move all your camera roll videos.
  • Browser bookmarks – Transfer any web bookmarks.
  • Mail accounts – Shift over Gmail and other email accounts.
  • Calendars – Transfer over calendar events.

Toggle the switches to select what data you want to move over. Then tap Next.

Step 5: Start Data Transfer

Review the list of data selected one last time. Once you’re ready, tap Transfer on the Huawei to start the process.

The Move to iOS app will transfer your selected data wirelessly from your Huawei to the new iPhone. Just leave both devices alone until it completes.

The transfer speed will depend on your WiFi connection. For large transfers, have your devices plugged into power.

When finished, Move to iOS will present a confirmation. Your Huawei data is now safely transferred to the new iPhone!

Transfer Limitations of Move to iOS

While Move to iOS is quick and wireless, it does have limitations on what can be transferred from Huawei to iPhone:

  • No app data transfer – Your Huawei apps and associated data do not transfer over.
  • No music transfer – Any music files on your Huawei won’t transfer.
  • No document transfer – Important documents like PDFs on your Huawei also don’t move over.

Luckily there are alternative methods in this guide to transfer anything not handled by Move to iOS. Keep reading!

Method 2: Transferring Data from Huawei to iPhone Using dr.fone Phone Transfer

If you want a robust wired option to transfer a wider variety of data between Huawei and iPhone, dr.fone – Phone Transfer is an excellent choice.

dr.fone – Phone Transfer provides an easy way to move many different data types directly between phones using a USB cable connection.

Here are the steps to transfer data from a Huawei device to an iPhone using dr.fone:

Step 1: Download and Install dr.fone

First, download dr.fone – Phone Transfer on your Windows or Mac computer. Install and launch the app.

Huawei Ascend/Honor/Mate to iOS Devices

Step 2: Connect Both Phones to Computer

Now use a USB cable to connect your Huawei device to your computer. Also connect your new iPhone.

dr.fone should detect both phones and display them on screen. Click Flip if needed to position the Huawei on the left and iPhone on the right.

Step 3: Select Data to Transfer

You can now select which data types to transfer between the Huawei and iPhone:

  • Contacts – Move phone contacts from Huawei to iPhone.
  • Messages – Transfer SMS and MMS messages between devices.
  • Call history – Transfer call history log.
  • Photos – Transfer camera roll photos and videos.
  • Audio – Move music and audio files between devices.
  • Videos – Transfer videos between devices.
  • Calendars – Shift calendar events from Huawei to iPhone.
  • Documents – Transfer documents like PDFs.
  • Apps – Transfer apps, though iOS apps will still need to be redownloaded.
  • Others – Transfer any other miscellaneous data.

Select the data you want to move over. Then click Start Transfer.

Step 4: Begin Data Transfer Process

dr.fone will now transfer all your chosen data directly from the Huawei device to the new iPhone over the USB cable.

The speed depends on the amount of data. Don’t disconnect the devices during transfer. dr.fone will prompt when finished.

After completing the steps above, all your selected data from Huawei will be safely transferred to the new iPhone!

Benefits of Using dr.fone Phone Transfer

dr.fone – Phone Transfer has some great benefits for switching data between Huawei and iPhone:

  • Wide data transfer: Contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, documents, and more all transfer.
  • Reliable USB transfer: Wired USB connection provides a robust data transfer unlikely to fail or drop.
  • Easy to use: Simple interface walks you through the transfer process.
  • Speed: Transfers data quickly thanks to direct wired connection.
  • Free trial available: Test dr.fone Phone Transfer for free before buying.

For seamlessly moving lots of important data between your Huawei and iPhone, dr.fone Phone Transfer is a robust choice.

Method 3: Manually Transferring Data from Huawei to iPhone

If you prefer a more manual approach, you can also transfer data from a Huawei device to an iPhone manually using built-in tools. Here are some options:

Transfer Contacts Manually

To move contacts manually:

  • On Huawei, export contacts to vCard files and copy them to a computer.
  • On iPhone, import the vCard files to the Contacts app under File > Import.

Transfer Photos/Videos Manually

To manually move photos and videos:

  • On Huawei, copy images and videos to computer.
  • Connect iPhone to computer and use Photos app (Mac) or Photos importer (Windows) to transfer in the files.

Transfer Music Manually

To manually transfer music files:

  • On Huawei, copy music files to computer.
  • In iTunes or Finder on computer, sync music files to iPhone.

Transfer iCloud Content

If you used iCloud on your Huawei device, you can easily move iCloud content to your new iPhone by simply signing into your iCloud account during iPhone setup.

Transfer WhatsApp Chats Manually

To move WhatsApp chats manually:

  • Email chat history attached to yourself to export it.
  • On iPhone WhatsApp, click Settings > Chats > Import to add the chat history.

Transfer Files Manually

You can also manually transfer files and folders between Huawei and iPhone:

  • On Huawei, copy files to external SD card or USB drive.
  • Plug drive into iPhone and use the Files app to move files over.

While manual transfer takes more effort, it provides precise control over moving select pieces of data.

Transferring Data from Huawei to iPhone: What Transfers Directly?

Due to software and formatting differences between Android and iOS, not all Huawei data can be transferred directly into the iPhone operating system.

Here’s a quick rundown of what can directly transfer:

These transfer directly from Huawei to iPhone:

  • Contacts
  • Messages (SMS/MMS)
  • Photos and videos
  • Music
  • Calendar events
  • Mail accounts
  • Files and documents
  • Call history logs
  • Safari bookmarks
  • Health data
  • WhatsApp chats

These DO NOT transfer directly:

  • Apps
  • App data and settings
  • Huawei system settings
  • Huawei home screen layouts
  • Huawei widgets

For anything that doesn’t directly transfer, you’ll need to manually move the data or find alternative apps on iPhone.

Key Takeaways: Successfully Transferring Huawei Data to iPhone

Switching between different smartphone operating systems always poses challenges for transferring data. But with the right tools and techniques, you can make sure all your important Huawei content makes it to the new iPhone intact.

Here are some key tips to remember:

  • Always fully back up your Huawei before transferring data.
  • Use Apple’s Move to iOS app to wirelessly transfer contacts, messages, photos, and other select data types quickly from Huawei to iPhone.
  • For more robust wired transfer of bigger data, use dr.fone – Phone Transfer to move contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, and other files seamlessly.
  • Manually transfer data that won’t port over directly like WhatsApp chats and music files.
  • You can’t directly transfer Huawei apps to iPhone, so you’ll need to find alternatives on the App Store. Re-download apps fresh.
  • Be selective about only moving your most crucial data to save time and avoid clutter on iPhone.
  • Make sure Huawei and iPhone are sufficiently charged or plugged in before initiating lengthier transfers.

Follow the instructions in this guide, and you’ll be set to easily transfer all your vital data from your Huawei device to the fantastic new world of iPhone! Enjoy your awesome new iOS phone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transferring Huawei Data to iPhone

Here are answers to some common frequently asked questions about moving data from Huawei devices to iPhones:

Can I transfer data from Huawei to iPhone after already setting up my iPhone?

If you’ve already set up your new iPhone, you can no longer use Apple’s Move to iOS app unfortunately. But you can still transfer data using dr.fone Phone Transfer or manual methods even after iPhone setup is complete. Just be sure to back up your Huawei first.

How do I transfer WhatsApp chats from my Huawei to iPhone?

There are a couple great third party apps to help transfer WhatsApp chats between Android and iOS:

  • WazzapMigrator: Transfers chats via computer.
  • MobileTrans: Transfers chats directly between devices.

Use one of these tools to move your WhatsApp history over.

Will the apps on my Huawei device work on iPhone?

Unfortunately apps designed for Huawei/Android will not work on iOS. The iPhone App Store has alternative apps you’ll need to download. Your app data does not transfer either. Think of iPhone apps as a fresh start.

What’s the easiest way to transfer photos?

The fastest way is using Apple’s Move to iOS app wirelessly. But for large photo libraries, dr.fone Phone Transfer is extremely quick and reliable. You can also manually transfer photos over USB cable.

How can I transfer music files from my Huawei to iPhone?

Move to iOS does not transfer music. You’ll need to either use dr.fone – Phone Transfer for wired music transfer, or manually sync music from your computer over USB cable. Just copy music from Huawei to computer first before syncing.

I have more questions! Where can I find additional help?

Our detailed support guides cover everything about switching from Huawei to iPhone. Check out our step-by-step tutorials, videos, FAQs, and friendly customer support experts to troubleshoot any issues 24/7. We’re here to help make your transfer as smooth as possible!


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