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A good motivation app can always be instrumental for modern-day individuals to achieve their goals. When you search for such apps, you can find many for both iPhones and Android devices.

The availability of many options and finding the best could be difficult for any user. So, to make it easier, we have created this list, and hopefully, you can pick one from it.

Why Do You Need a Motivation App?

As of today, everyone carries a smartphone. Everything we have handled manually has converted into mobile apps these days. We depend on our mobile phones very much, and as a result, we constantly access them for various purposes.

In fact, it has become the most personal, closest accessory in a person’s life. So, your smartphone is the best tool that can provide you with a daily dose of motivation. That is exactly why you should have a motivational app installed on your smartphone.

When you have a motivation app on your device, it’s more like “having motivation on your palms.” The majority of motivation apps indeed come with very useful features. They offer excellent tips, insights, and affirmative thoughts to kickstart a day with energy.

However, some apps are better than others. That said, we have listed the most impressive apps below. You can pick one from this list and get yourself motivated.

Top 12 Motivation Apps

01. ThinkUp


ThinkUp is a powerful and very charming app that can provide a good dose of motivation every day. This app has a special feature called self-talk, which is designed to make your mind engage positively.

There are plenty of features included in this app to make you a more confident person. You can choose the features that help you in achieving your goals. Moreover, it allows you to reduce potentially negative self-talk and become a positive person.

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02. Fabulous


This app is designed as a habit tracker but offers highly versatile features. It works based on real-life science to motivate you to change your habits to become a better person.

It has an excellent library to boost your productivity, focus, confident ext. There are health sessions integrated with this app to introduce meditation and relaxation into your life.

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03. Motivate


Just like its name suggests, “Motivate” is an app that comes to motivate the user. It allows you to begin your life with inspiration, drive, and better focus. One of the key features of this app is that it has thousands of great inspirational and motivational videos.

Those videos are collected from various types of mentors across the globe. It also lets you use those customized notifications so you can build daily habits to match your lifestyle perfectly.

04. FitQuote


FitQuote is a very impressive app that has a simplified interface to provide better convenience for the user. The main purpose of this app is to help to reach their fitness goals without getting demotivated. It provides you with daily quotes to boost daily plans, such as training.

In addition to that, it has some configurable reminders, and you will never miss a day as a result. On top of that, various other features are packed into this app to personalize the background photos. You can save quotes as well.

05. Forest


Forest is an innovative app with a very impressive approach that can decrease your phone addiction. Also it helps you overcome distractions as well. You can use this app to boost your overall productivity and experience an entirely new life.

Forest app helps to gain a positive approach and practice more positive habits in your life. The initiative of Forest is pretty impressive because you have to start it with an element called “seed.”

06. Way of Life

Way of Life

Way of Life is a unique type of app that is designed especially for those who live busy lives. This app can track all those bad habits that hold you back. You can then realize your negative habits and prevent yourself from wasting time.

The app can be personalized perfectly, depending on the current lifestyle. Also, it has very powerful reminders to set up, so you can expect a considerable boost. In addition, it gives an excellent set of insightful data to bring revolutionary changes to your life.

07. iWish

best motivational apps - iWish

iWish is another motivational app that keeps your hopes alive for the rest of your life. It gives you more than 1,200 interesting ideas to be motivated and keep your day inspired. You can use this app to set different types of goals and thereby track your accomplishments.

It has a special feature to track your to-do lists and make you more productive. You can use it to set priorities and reminders to make your daily routine more efficient. On top of that, you can use it to accomplish your missions without missing important details.

08. Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker

This motivation app intends to track the goals of your life smartly and keep you on course. It has a unique user interface that is friendly to the user. The app is packed with a lot of features to impress you.

Moreover, it helps you monitor pretty much anything in life. For instance, it keeps track of your goals, habits, routines, etc. There are a powerful dashboard, charts, and plenty of other features. In simplest terms, it is a highly customizable app that offers a variety of features.


best motivational apps -

Are you looking for an app that comes with the ability to track goals? If so, could be one of the best apps you can consider and boost your self-motivation. With this app, you can set daily goals and monitor them later.

As a result, it helps you check if you are on the correct path to accomplish them or not. If you have not, you can find out the reasons for it and rectify them. Once you accomplish all those tasks, you can mark it as a successful day.

10. Success Coach

Success Coach

Every single individual wants to succeed and thrive in their life. However, to make it a reality, they need assistance from various tools and methods. Success Coach is one of those apps that can motivate you with a very impressive approach.

One of the most attractive things about this app is that it helps you maintain focus. As a result, there is minimal room for you to miss those important tasks during the day. It gives you the option of setting reminders.

It has a special feature for the purpose of awareness coaching. In addition, there are plenty of other smart features to improve your life in various ways.

11. Shuffle My Life

best motivational apps - Shuffle My Life

This motivation app is designed particularly for Android devices. Shuffle My Life can be instrumental in flushing away your boredom while pumping motivation into your life. The user interface of this app is decent and simplified. It allows you to find new people and places based on the location you live in.

One of the coolest things about this app is its versatility. That means it can inspire activities in a large range. Creative, Fitness, Urban, Social, etc., are just a few.

This app is enhanced with a smart notification system to make it more practical. Also, it gives you the option of earning points for achieving different types of tasks. These tasks can also be saved in case you need to review them in the future.

12. Habit Bull

best motivational apps - Habit Bull

Do you want the assistance of an app that can track what you do and manage your time? If so, Habit Bull should be a great choice. It can track and manage all the activities daily. The user interface of this app is unique, and it has a very friendly feeling, even for novices.

While tracking the habits, it can even let you add positive habits to it. That means the customization options of this app are very impressive. It also gives you several options to reduce the bad habits associated with your life.

As a result, you will be able to make the most of the available time. Besides, it provides various motivational quotes to inspire you and avoid unhealthy, bad habits. It even helps you quit smoking and drinking.


Motivation apps have revolutionized personal development by providing accessible and effective tools for growth, productivity, and well-being. From habit formation to mindfulness, fitness, language learning, and more, these apps cater to diverse aspects of self-improvement. By incorporating the best motivation apps into your daily routine, you can harness their power to stay motivated, achieve your goals, and lead a more fulfilling life.


Q1: Are motivation apps free to use?

A1: Many motivation apps offer free versions with limited features, while some provide premium subscriptions for access to additional functionalities.

Q2: Can motivation apps replace real-life coaches?

A2: Motivation apps can offer guidance, accountability, and support, but they cannot entirely replace the personalized guidance of a real-life coach.

Q3: How can motivation apps help with productivity?

A3: Motivation apps often use gamification, goal setting, and tracking features to enhance productivity by providing motivation, focus, and organization.

Q4: Are these motivation apps suitable for beginners?

A4: Yes, most motivation apps are designed to cater to users of all levels, including beginners who are new to the concepts and practices.

Q5: Can I use multiple motivation apps simultaneously?

A5: Yes, you can use multiple motivation apps based on your specific needs and preferences. Experiment to find the ones that work best for you.


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