How to Transfer Android Data with CLONEit App & Its Best Alternative

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When you first get a new smartphone, whether it be an iPhone or an Android device, the first thing that you’ll want to do is transfer all of your personal data over to your new phone. It’s only natural to do so, and most of us are guilty of doing this.

As boring a task as this may be, and while you might want to jump ahead and mess around with the features that your new phone has that your old phone didn’t, it needs to be done.

This is where the CLONEit comes in. With this app, you can connect two devices via Wi-Fi and transfer data between them as needed.

1. Using CLONEit App to Copy Data to Android Device

CLONEit app is one of the most popular data transferring apps on the Google Play Store, which has millions of installations and is designed specifically for your data transfer needs.

This app is free and can be found on the Google Play Store without much trouble – it’s compatible with most Android devices that have Android 2.2 or higher installed.

One thing you must remember when using the CLONEit app is that both of your devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network; otherwise, you won’t be able to use it.

With CLONEit, you are able to transfer browsing history, calendar data, photos and videos, text messages, apps, and app data, and pretty much any other data which you have stored on your devices.

When you use CLONEit to transfer data, the transfer rate is 20 MB/second – much faster than Bluetooth!

To use the CLONEit app to copy your device’s data, follow the detailed guide we’ve put together for you below.

Step #1 – Start downloading and installing the CLONEit app on both Android devices. Make sure that both of them are connected to your local Wi-Fi network.

Step #2 – On your new Android device, go to “Settings > Security” and enable the “Unknown sources” option. You can also go to “Settings > Accessibility” and enable “Autoinstall” – both will work fine.

Note: To fully understand the process, we do the above step so that CLONEit can automatically install all of your apps without any additional help.

Step #3 – Tap on the CLONEit app on both of your Android devices to open it and set the appropriate devices as either “Receiver” (new phone) or “Sender” (old phone).

Step #4 – The radar will appear on your new Android phone, and your old phone will be shown. Tap on it to select it. If a notification box appears requesting connection permission, just tap on the “OK” button.

Step #5 – Now that both devices are connected, a scan will begin to detect all of the transferable data on your old phone.

Step #6 – Once the scan is complete, select the different data types from the menu shown on the screen before clicking on “Start.”

Note: if this is time-sensitive, you can use the bar at the bottom of the display to see how much data you have selected and how long the transfer will take.

Step #7 – On the following screen, you’ll be shown all the data that has been detected and sorted based on its data type. Select the specific data you want to transfer before tapping “Start.”

Step #8 – The data transfer will now begin. Keeping both devices connected to your Wi-Fi network throughout the process is important. Otherwise, you risk data corruption.

Step #9 – Once complete, you’ll find all of your Android data on your new mobile phone.

This is a very long process and most of your time will be spent waiting for the app to transfer data – if you have slow internet, you’ll spend even more time.

Of course, if you don’t have to use either of your phones urgently, you can leave CLONEit to get on with the transfer while you do other tasks.

One of the cons of using the CLONEit app to transfer data between smartphones is that it is only compatible with Android devices.

As a result, if you were previously using an iPhone, you won’t be able to use the above method. Fortunately, you can try using Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer.

2. Using the Best Alternative of CLONEit: Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer to Copy Data

The problem with using the CLONEit app to copy data between mobile phones is that this app is only available for Android devices, and you must be connected to a network too.

Thus, if you have an iPhone or you don’t have internet access, this isn’t an option for you. Fortunately, Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer is a simple solution to this.

With Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer, you can transfer all of your phone’s data in just a few clicks, without any complicated connection protocols, and without any risk of data corruption.

Whether you’re transferring from Android to iOS, iOS to Android, iOS to iOS, or Android to Android, Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer is the program you want to use.

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Step #1 – First, download and install Dr.Fone onto your computer.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step #2 – Connect your devices to your computer using the required USB cables and launch Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer.


Step #3 – After the program has loaded and detected both of your devices, select the “Phone Transfer” feature from the main menu.

Step #4 – Both devices will be shown side by side. If they are wrongly placed, click on the “Flip” button.

Step #5 – Using the menu in the middle of the screen, select the data types you want to have transferred. Click on “Start Transfer” to proceed.

Note: if there is existing content on the destination device, check the “Clear data before copy” box to remove it.

Step #6 – A window will appear, allowing you to track the progress of the transfer. Once it has been completed, you’ll be able to find all of your data transferred and easily accessible.

This is undoubtedly the most efficient method for transferring data between two devices, and as you can see from our detailed instructions above, there’s nothing complicated about this program.

More About Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer

While our focus today was to show you some of the different ways you can copy data to your Android device, Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer goes much further and has much more to offer.

  • Transfer data between iOS and Android devices without experiencing compatibility issues or data loss.
  • Compatible with all iOS devices and as many as 8,000 Android devices.
  • Capable of transferring media (such as photos, videos, downloaded content, podcasts, etc.) and personal data (such as text messages, app data, browsing history, and contact information).
  • Dr.Fone provides access to several other features, such as recovering lost or corrupt data, taking and restoring backups, repairing iOS if it crashes, removing the lock screen if you have forgotten your password, and even rooting Android devices.

Why has a stressful experience got a new mobile phone when you can use Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer as a CLONEit app alternative?

To Conclude

Transferring data between old and new handheld devices has never been easy.

Fortunately, when you have access to Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer and the CLONEit app, you can quickly transfer your data and enjoy all the new features your Android phone offers.

There’s no doubt that in comparison to using iCloud, iTunes, or any other third-party methods, the two we’ve shown you today are the most effective.