Top Three Phone Clone App to Copy Phone Data

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By Jason

Have you been on the hunt for the finest kinds of phone clone apps on the market? You can stop your mighty extensive quest if this is the case for you.

A phone clone app can be a massive help in several instances. If you have just bought a fresh mobile device and want to transfer your data files, exclusive of any kind of setback, then you should try using a phone clone app.

Even if a lot of phone cloning software is out in the market, only a small number of them give out the exact desired results.

To put you off from such kinds of gimmicks and imposter software, we have come about with the following guidelines in this post. Read them up and get familiar with our recommended top three iPhone and Android device phone clone apps.

#1: First Phone Clone App: dr.fone – Phone Transfer

The foremost phone clone app on our recommended list is the dr.fone – Phone Transfer program. This is a division of the dr.fone program toolkit and offers a reliable and fast way of moving your data files from one mobile device to a different one. This phone clone app can be launched on both your Windows and Mac devices.

Subsequently, you can make use of it for moving your data files between iOS, Android, and Windows, along with all the top smartphones. As a result, the dr.fone Phone Transfer program can be made use of, both as an Android cloning program as well as an iPhone clone program.

dr.fone – Phone Transfer Key Features

  • dr.fone – Phone Transfer program is a single-click transfer of data among different devices.
  • The program is safe, easy, and fast for Huawei Phone Clones & other phone clones.
  • Transfer data among devices running on diverse operating systems, from Android to iOS.
  • Support all the iOS devices which run on the most modern iOS 16 operating system.
  • It can transfer data to a new iPhone X & move text messages, notes, photos, contacts, and many different types of files.
  • Support greater than 8000 Android devices. It is compatible with all iPad, iPod, and iPhone models.
  • The program is available both on Windows and macOS.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Now that you have seen and thought about the most incredible features of this phone clone app, you must be terribly excited about using it. You can make use of the dr.fone – Phone Transfer program for cloning all your desired data files from one device to another in the following ways:

How to Use Phone Clone App: dr.fone – Phone Transfer

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Step 1: Start by simply connecting both mobile devices to the PC and then launch the dr.fone program. For this phone clone app, tap on the ‘Phone Transfer‘ icon.


Step 2: Doing this will exhibit both your connected mobile devices as the ‘Source‘ and the ‘Destination.’ If you wish, you can trade off their positions by tapping on the ‘Flip‘ icon.

dr.fone Phone Transfer Phone Clone App

Step 3: If you wish to use it as an iPhone phone clone app, designate the iPhone device as the ‘Source’ device. Join the Android device as the source for using it as the Android phone clone app.

Step 4: After that, you can select the type of data file you want to move and tap on the ‘Start Transfer‘ icon to initiate the process.

Step 5: Now, you must wait for some time, as the dr.fone – Phone Transfer phone clone app will move all your chosen content from the source to the designated target device.

From these steps, you will be capable of using this phone clone app for moving data among a number of devices with no loss of data.

#2: Second Phone Clone App — MOBILedit

The MOBILedit SIM cloning app is, in essence, a pack of SIM cards of the rewritable variety used for forensic reasons. Nonetheless, it can be employed as a phone clone app also.

It has a lot of advanced characteristics that can copy and clone a mobile device’s SIM, exclusive of any trouble. Later on, you can also format your SIM to remove its data. In such a fashion, you can also divest yourself of your contacts on a presentation device for reselling it.

Mobiledit Phone Clone App

MOBILedit Key Features

  • MOBILedit is a set of SIM cards with rewritable features, which can be made use of for moving to a fresh device devoid of any need for altering your number.
  • This toolkit is geared with a phone clone app, which can be utilized for rewriting a SIM devoid of providing any code or PIN.
  • It also contains a SIM card writer and reader for performing basic operations.
  • Using this toolkit, you can alter SIM cards, generate customized SIM cards, and format the present ones.
  • This phone clone app works on all the most popular smartphones utilizing pertaining connections to a number of SIMs.
  • It is also compatible with the MOBILedit Forensic application for performing a range of other tasks.

Cost: While its fundamental plan can be had for $99, the entire package can be purchased for $199 only.

#3: Third Phone Clone App – Huawei Phone Clone

In case you are on the lookout for a swift and wireless phone clone app, then there is also a pretty viable option for you in the form of Phone Clone. It is a highly advanced and secure tool built by Huawei Technologies.

This is available free of charge on iOS App Store and Google Play. It holds up the wireless transfer of videos, apps, music, photos, settings, etc.

Even if this toolkit was specifically designed as a phone clone app for Huawei phones, you could use it to move your data files from the iPhone to the Android devices and among Android devices.

Huawei Phone Clone App

Huawei Phone Clone Key Features:

  • This iPhone clone program can wirelessly move your data files from the iPhone to the Huawei devices.
  • The program also contains a distinct Android phone clone app, which can be used to move your data files from a particular Android device to a different one.
  • You can move all your important types of data content, such as saved passwords, contacts, apps, text messages, music, photos, videos, browser history, and so forth.
  • It supports the one-key scan and QR scan methods.
  • It can support multiple languages.

Cost: Free of charge

Bottom Line

These are our final top favorite picks and the three best phone clone app. We are certain that after taking the help of these apt phone cloning programs, you will be capable of easily migrating data content from any mobile device to another, devoid of facing any hold-ups in between the processes.

After data transfer, iOS data eraser & Android data eraser can help you permanently remove any data in your old phone to keep your privacy.

We have outlined both the iPhone clone program and the Android cloning program to make it simpler for their users to transfer data files between the same or diverse platforms. Of the listed phone clone app options, the dr.fone – Phone Transfer program is the easy go-to choice.

It is the fastest and most speedy and reliable way to perform data transfers. Give this remarkable software a fair trial in moving your data content among your choice of devices seamlessly and quickly.