How to Clone Phone Data & Clone Phone Numbers Efficiently

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Your phone number is linked to the inserted SIM on your device. Given the fact that each SIM contains an exclusive number, each mobile device contains an additional phone number too.

In this blog post, we are going to learn four distinct methods to clone phone data and numbers in some unique ways for intercepting and spying on other Smartphone devices and their activities.

A lot of you may be speculating as to why a person requires to copy phone data from a different phone. By knowing how to clone phone numbers, one can basically acquire access to another person’s messages, calls, and additional smartphone activities.

This can be a grand way of spying on a person whose behavior appears distrustful and remotely tracking his or her activities. Besides, when you are on the road, the use of your home phone number on your mobile is possible with cellular phone number cloning.

Also, the 3rd method given out in this blog post will make it possible for a user to copy mobile numbers.

What is more, these methods can monitor location, social media activities, browser history, and so forth on any person’s mobile device.

SECTION 1: Learning to clone phone numbers with the use of a secret menu

When you are capable of cloning a mobile device’s number, you can make use of the identification number on a range of devices straight away. This is achievable by access to the secret menu feature on the given device by typing in retain codes gangrenous to every phone and their model types.

On the whole, this secret menu can unlock and clone phone numbers or SIM. To go behind this methodology, simply follow the easy steps underneath:

Step 1: You can get access to a number of sites, such as, wherein you can come across the hacking code for the given device. Simply type in the model version details of your cell phone and get a hold of its hacking code for your use.

Step 2: This secret code that you have acquired then requires to be entered on the cell phone that has an on-the-go cellular system.

Step 3: You would then be bound to the secret menu. This is where an electronic serial number will get put on view before you. You must note down this code and get going by departing the menu altogether.

Step 4: The above Step 2 has to be recurred to get a hold of the hacking code for a different phone that does not work on a cellular network, in which the cloned SIM would work. As soon as you get hold of the code, go to its secret menu and acquire the Electronic Serial Number.

Step 5: Then proceed to swap the ESN attained in step 4 above with the ESN acquired in Step 3. To do so, you would need a unique code from the site. For example, #639# is the number changer in the case of Nokia phones.

Step 6: to finish, alter the numeral of the clone phone to match the novel contact number and begin using the two devices with matching numbers.

In this way, you can copy the phone number through the secret menu.

SECTION 2: Learning to clone phone numbers through the SIM Cloning apparatus

Through a SIM Cloning apparatus, reflect on making use of a SIM card Reader. Such a device is available readily on the market or the web.

It is already common knowledge that all SIMs have an added International Mobile Subscriber Identity, and thus it is easy to replicate it on the SIM card reader and begins employing it as a fresh SIM by way of an identical clone number.

To learn to clone phone numbers utilizing SIM Cloning contrivance, carefully follow these steps underneath:

Step 1: Start by switching off the given smartphone and taking out its SIM card tray. Carefully remove this SIM from the SIM card tray and examine and safely note down its IMSI code.

Step 2: Make use of the SIM card Reader to insert into its SIM slot. In essence, this step is for getting an exclusive authentication code on behalf of the SIM on hand.

clone phone number via SIM Card Reader

Step 3: Then connect the SIM card Reader to your novel SIM along with the PC, running either on Mac or Windows. This authentication code will get retrieved automatically.

You must copy all details and hold them securely. After the duplication course is completed, the old and new SIM will be the same and can be interchangeably made use of.

SECTION 3: How to clone phone data and numbers via mSpy without touching

mSpy is a very popular phone clone tool that can fix your problem of “How to clone a phone” effortlessly. However, before using it, you have to jailbreak or root your phone first.

Besides, you have to access the target phone at least one time. Later, you are able to view any critical information on the target phone remotely.

1. Get the mSpy by creating your account simply.

2. Access your target phone; you should first turn on the installation of apps from Unknown Sources via its Settings, and then install the mSpy tracking app on it.

3. After that, please log in with your credentials and grant it all the necessary permissions.

4. Let this mSpy tracking app run in stealth mode. Then you can visit its dashboard from your own phone to track the target phone and get that vital information remotely.

clone phone number with mSpy

Download mSpy

SECTION 4: Copy the phone data of the iPhone to a fresh iPhone in a single click

dr.fone Phone Transfer program tool is one of the fastest and most reliable ways for you to clone an iPhone device. As a big feature of this dr.fone Phone Transfer program, it can transfer all desired crucial files from a given device to another device directly.

In view of the fact that it has compatible with all leading iOS versions, including the iPhone X and the iPhone 11 and 11 Plus mobile devices, you will not face any difficulty in efficiently cloning an iPhone to any new iPhone device.

dr.fone Phone Transfer Key Features

  • Dr.fone offers a one-click device-to-device transfer.
  • The program is easy to use, safe and fast.
  • You can Clone Huawei Phone, clone Android phone, clone iPhone data to the new smartphone & transfer all kinds of data among devices operating on different systems, like iOS to the Android device.
  • It supports all iOS devices which run on the most up-to-date iOS 15 version.
  • Transfer all contacts, notes, text messages, photos, and numerous other types of files.
  • Support more than 8000 Android devices and is compatible with all models of iPad, iPod, and iPhones.
  • dr.fone is available for both Windows and Mac.
  • You can make use of the dr.fone to learn ways to clone any given iPhone is a pretty easy technique. Simply make use of these three steps for cloning any iPhone to another iPhone device.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step 1: Connecting the target and the source iOS device

You can begin by launching the dr.fone Phone Transfer program on the PC. The app is accessible for both Mac and Windows systems.


Join both iOS devices to the PC, utilizing a USB or lightning cable for cloning iPad to iPhone or vice versa. After the dr.fone Phone Transfer interface gets launched, you can hit on the option of ‘Phone Transfer‘ to begin with.

The program interface will detect the devices automatically and then demonstrate them as a target and a source device. If the PC is not capable of detecting your iPhone device, then you may as well resort to connecting it over.

You can also employ the ‘Flip‘ icon for changing the device positions. Naturally, your phone data gets transferred from the device source to the device destination.

Step 2: Selecting the data that you want to transfer

For the cloning of iPhone data to a fresh iPhone device, you can choose the content type, which you want to transfer. This can be call logs, messages, photos, et cetera.

In this method, you can be cloning a whole device or transferring your choice data selectively.

Step 3: Starting transfer of your data

Subsequent to making your choice, tap on the ‘Start Transfer‘ icon for initiating the procedure. Additionally, you can facilitate the option of ‘Clear data before copy’ for erasing all content existing on your target phone prior to the cloning procedure.

Now simply hang around with the dr.fone Phone Transfer would transfer your chosen content from the target iOS source to the target destination device. Ensure that both devices are joined to the PC for a flawless course. You will get notified after completion of the process, after which you can simply close the app and safely detach the devices.

clone phone number with dr.fone

The above segments can thus help you to clone phone numbers and clone phone data efficiently. dr.fone Phone Transfer is a wonderful program that can be used in this instance for a seamless process. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.