How to Unlock Straight Talk iPhone Easily?

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A lot of iPhone users use different ways to unlock their devices; one of them is using the Straight Talk iPhone. If you know about this, then you have landed at the right place.

However, it is also our duty to let you know how to unlock Straight Talk iPhone is one of the hardest things to achieve. Thankfully, we have come up with some great solutions that can help you out.

Before we jump into the unlocking process, let us go through some basics, like IMEI code and how you find it on your iPhone.

Today, regardless of whether they are iOS or Android devices, every phone has a unique 15-digit code that is unique to every handset. This code acts as a tracking number or determinant you can use when losing your phone.

Different Methods to Find the IMEI Code on iPhone:

  • Dialing *#06#

This is the most basic method of checking the IMEI code on all devices. All you need to do is dial *#06# and tap on the ‘Call’ icon. You will see your device’s IMEI code immediately.

  • The SIM tray

Another method of checking the IMEI number is by removing the SIM tray. The code is usually on the SIM tray for most iPhone devices, especially the 4.

  • Back of your device

If you use iPhone devices like 6S, 6, 5, 5C, and SE, you will see the IMEI code on your iPhone handset.

What is iPhone Straight Talk?

Straight Talk is a carrier as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO); the carrier does not own or run a wireless network.

Instead, it has purchased the right to use towers from Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. This carrier was formed from a partnership between Tracfone and Walmart.

Straight Talk’s disadvantages are that you cannot use LTE services, you will be stuck with older iPhone devices, and your coverage is not so great. This is why you should be able to unlock Straight Talk on your iPhone device so that you can insert another SIM card.

In this article, all the solutions mentioned can unlock the Straight Talk iPhone, from 4 and 4s to the XS and 11; you need to confirm if your iPhone is locked to Straight Talk and has a clean IMEI before the unlocking process.

If your device’s IMEI has been blacklisted, your device cannot be unlocked. Otherwise, you can easily make use of a reputable iPhone carrier checker.

What is iPhone Straight Talk

Part 1: How Do You Unlock Straight Talk iPhone via Carrier Request?

One of the simplest solutions to unlock the Straight Talk iPhone is to talk with your carrier directly. However, before you jump into the details, you need to learn about the unlock policy on Straight Talk.

Unlock iPhone Policy on Straight Talk.

The Straight Talk unlocks on iPhone policy consists of four conditions that you need to meet if you wish to unlock your iPhone devices. These four conditions include:

  • The request for unlocking will be accepted if you are a part of the military and deployed
  • If you are or have been a Straight Talk customer, you will not be charged
  • Your iPhone device should not be related to illegal activity or be stolen
  • Your iPhone device needs to be under the activation of Straight Talk for a minimum span of 12 months

How to Unlock Straight Talk iPhone?

If you are agreeable with all the terms mentioned above, you should be good to go! To unlock the Straight Talk iPhone, all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

1: You first need to visit the Straight Talk unlock for iPhone device page.

2: Here, you will have to type in the IMEI number and the serial number of your device.

unlock Straight Talk iPhone

3: You need to tap on the “I’m not a robot” button to verify your eligibility.

4: You will be alerted within a few seconds to let you know whether you are eligible.

However, Straight Talk unlock is not as reliable as it seems. Getting anywhere with them is highly unlikely; hence, it is recommended that you make use of other available solutions.

Besides, let’s learn more about how to unlock the iPhone X passcode.

Part 2: Different Ways to Unlock Straight Talk iPhone

There are many methods that you can use, instead of asking the carrier, to unlock the Straight Talk iPhone. Some of them include:

#1 Unlocking via Software (Temporary)

This is the first method you can use to unlock Straight Talk iPhone. While it is not the most reliable method of unlocking your device, it is quite possible.

The software will make simple changes to the firmware of your iPhone; however, they can be overwritten and are not permanent.

Unlocking via software

Most users make use of software unlocking over hardware unlocking. However, another option is the IMEI option, which we will discuss later. For now, we get back to software unlocking, which is effective but only temporary.

Whenever you restore a backup or upgrade your iOS version, your iPhone will lock up again. Since this is a service you need to pay for, you will also lose money.

You can think of software unlock as almost similar to jailbreaking – you will be able to access your device’s full range of features and functionalities, but it will be gone as soon as you upgrade to a new iOS version.

What are the pros of this method?

  • Software unlocking is a good choice when the above-mentioned Straight Talk unlock service does not work out for you.
  • You will be able to unlock Straight Talk iPhone and switch to a different carrier.

What are the cons of this method?

  • This method is viable only for older iPhone models like 5s, SE, and 6
  • This method is temporary because your device will get locked after you update your iOS to the newer version

Also, if you wonder How to unlock a Boost mobile phone, here are the top solutions for you.

#2 Unlocking via Hardware

If you are not comfortable with the software-to-unlock process, you can also look into the hardware unlock option; however, the method comes with a high risk.

The primary reason behind this is that when your hardware unlocks your iPhone device, you will make adjustments to the device’s components.

Unlocking via hardware

If you are not familiar with the hardware of your iPhone device or not careful while making the changes, your iPhone could get damaged permanently.

What are the pros of this method?

  • There are not many pros to this method. This is just another choice if you want to unlock Straight Talk iPhone.

What are the cons of this method?

There are several methods to do the hardware unlock. In all of them, you need to remember a few points like:

  • Straight Talk unlocks will only be done on iPhone models like 5S, SE, and 6.
  • Apart from Apple technicians, no other people are qualified to change an iPhone’s hardware.
  • There is always a risk of bricking your device, no matter how skillful or smart you are.
  • If you interfere with your iPhone device’s hardware, your warranty will go void.

From the above, we come to know that while the method might be effective, it is also very risky. If you want to sell your old iPhone but unlock Straight Talk iPhone first, you need to look for other methods.

By the way, let’s figure out how to unlock iPhone 12 without a passcode.

#3 Unlocking via Unlock Service

Without any question, IMEI unlocking is the best option that can help you unlock Straight Talk iPhone on your device.

You do not have to tamper with your iPhone’s software and hardware; this method involves the IMEI communicating directly with Apple’s and your carrier’s servers.

With the help of this unlocking method, you will be able to unlock your iPhone regardless of the carrier, iOS version, and model number. This means that you will be able to unlock any iPhone model with it.

Unlocking via Straight Talk unlock service

With this method’s help, your device’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) will get whitelisted.

This means that you will be added to the list of both Apple and your carrier, and your device is exempted from IMEI checks. This way, you will be able to get rid of the SIM lock error that is placed on your second-hand iPhone.

You will find a lot of professional websites that offer these services for a small fee. Additionally, there will be no risks; all you will have to do is hand over some information about the device, make the payment, and wait.

Some pros of this method include the following:

  • The success rate of unlocking your device is high.
  • Your iPhone device will not be damaged.
  • All models of the iPhone are supported.
  • You will be able to unlock Straight Talk iPhone.

On the other hand, this method only has one con – the process usually takes about a day to two to complete.

Part 3: What are the Top Two IMEI Straight Talk Unlock Services Available?

As mentioned above, the IMEI unlocking method is the best way to Straight Talk unlock. Here are two verified sites that can offer you the same services.

#1 Using DirectUnlocks


DirectUnlocks has considered one of the best Straight Talk unlock services for unlocking your iPhone devices. The IMEI unlocking method is easy and straightforward for a lot of reasons:

  • The unlocking process only requires your IMEI number, carrier network, and your country to begin
  • In the rare instance that your iPhone cannot be unlocked, you will get 100% of your money back as a refund
  • This service has earned positive reviews, which only goes on to prove that the site is truly very effective
  • This service will help you Unlock your Orange Phone, unlock your Cricket phone and use it in a different network and unlock your iPhone device on many types of carriers all over the world
  • Apart from the newest models, the service will also help you unlock older iPhone models
  • Once you have placed an order here to unlock the Straight Talk iPhone, you will be able to keep track of the progress

The overall pricing of DirectUnlocks will depend on your country; however, the cost is not unreasonable.

It takes some days to process, so you need to be patient. The professionals will unlock your iPhone at DirectUnlocks with ease.

How Do You Unlock Straight Talk iPhone at DirectUnlocks?

For the sake of an example, we will make use of the DirectUnlocksStraight Talk unlock process for iPhone 6. However, the process is more or less similar for all other iPhone models.

1: You first need to head to the main website of DirectUnlocks.

2: You need to choose which iPhone device you have and the country you reside in; next, you need to type in your IMEI number.

Order an Straight Talk Unlock Using DirectUnlocks

3: Once you have entered the required information, you need to tap on ‘Continue’ and make the appropriate payment for the service; you will receive a confirmation email at the email address that you have provided.

Once the payment process has been completed, you can track the unlocking progress according to your IMEI number. In most cases, it should not take more than 24 hours for the entire process to finish.

Unlock Straight Talk iPhone Using DirectUnlocks

#2 Using ExpressUnlocks


Apart from DirectUnlocks, you can also make use of ExpressUnlocks which also offers IMEI Straight Talk unlock services as well. Some great benefits offered by this site are:

  • ExpressUnlocks is a very simple service that can work even if you are not an expert or professional at the job
  • If you face any problem or issue at ExpressUnlocks, you can swiftly get in touch with the customer care service
  • The service works very fast and will get your iPhone unlocked quickly
  • If the service is unable to unlock the Straight Talk iPhone, you can immediately request a refund
  • You will be able to unlock any iPhone model, right from the oldest to the newest, running on almost all carriers worldwide
  • Your iPhone will be unlocked permanently

Apart from the above, ExpressUnlocks offers a few other types of services as well. You can purchase SIM cards, top-up your iPhone device if you are in a foreign location and looking for more credit, and retrieve a free IMEI status report.

This way, ExpressUnlocks also offers a lot of other benefits, apart from being a great IMEI unlocking service.

How Do You Unlock Straight Talk iPhone at ExpressUnlocks?

Similar to the above, we will make use of the iPhone 6 as an example.

1: You first need to head over to the ExpressUnlocks main website.

2: Here, you will see a dialog box where you will have to choose the model of your iPhone and type in the IMEI number.

3: After this, you need to tap on ‘Continue’; then, you need to make the payment for the service, and the site will start working on unlocking your iPhone device.

You will receive a confirmation email, where you will see a link that will let you know about the unlocking progress. Once the unlocking is done successfully, you will receive an email from the site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is unlocking my Straight Talk iPhone legal?

Yes, unlocking your iPhone is legal. However, it’s essential to follow the carrier’s guidelines and ensure that you meet the necessary requirements.

Q2: Can I unlock my iPhone if it is still under contract?

Yes, it is possible to unlock your iPhone even if it is under contract. However, you may need to fulfill any remaining obligations before proceeding.

Q3: How long does it take to receive the unlock confirmation from Straight Talk?

The time frame for receiving the unlock confirmation can vary, but it typically takes a few days.

Q4: Will unlocking my iPhone void its warranty?

No, unlocking your iPhone will not void its warranty. However, any damage caused by unauthorized modifications may not be covered under the warranty.

Q5: Can I revert the unlocking process if needed?

Yes, if you wish to relock your iPhone to Straight Talk, you can contact their customer support for guidance.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the methods mentioned above, you will be able to unlock Straight Talk iPhone and eliminate the limitations of your carrier.

It is recommended that you opt for the IMEI unlocking option, and DirectUnlocks and ExpressUnlocks are the best choices for the job.

However, if the IMEI unlocking method does not give you the expected results, you can also consider a temporary software or hardware unlocking process.


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