Unlocking Solutions for iPhone Screen Flickering Issues 2024

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“What can I do when my iPhone screen flickering? This issue occurred all of a sudden and I don’t know what to do. Can I get it repaired on my own? Or, should I take it to a service center? Please let me know.”

The above question relates to many iPhone users these days. In other words, many users have experienced flickering screens on their iPhones. If you are one of them and want to find an answer, this is a must-read article for you.

What Can You Do if Your iPhone Screen Flickers?

To cut to the chase and respect your valuable time, you might be wondering, what’s the next step if your iPhone screen is flickering? The silver lining here is that a comprehensive solution exists to tackle this issue.

The most promising tool you can use to fix iPhone-related issues is iToolab FixGo. With this tool, you can fix many iOS issues, including flickering screens. In fact, FixGo can fix almost any issue as long as it is related to the operating system.

If you experience any hardware-related issues, however, you should take your device to the nearest service center for repair.

iToolab FixGo – What Makes It so Special?

You should use iToolab FixGo if your iPhone’s screen keeps flashing. In terms of success rate, it is among the best iOS recovery programs available. You can solve every form of iOS system fault with its simple and straightforward UI.

This program also allows you to downgrade the device’s iOS version without needing to jailbreak your smartphone.

Features of FixGo

  • It lets you enter or exit the recovery mode of your iPhone easily.
  • It can fix various iOS issues that occur due to system issues or wrongful updates.
  • You can use it without any confusion, even if you are a total novice.
  • It works on all iOS versions and devices (works with even with the latest iOS 16)

How to Use FixGo to fix iPhone Screen Flickering

As long as you follow the tutorial below, you can fix the flickering screen error on your iPhone using FixGo.

  • Download iToolab FixGo on your computer. Get it installed following the onscreen instructions. And then, you will have two different options on the screen. Just go ahead and select the option called “Standard Mode“.
iToolab FixGo Fix iOS System
  • Now, you should connect the faulty iPhone (the one with a flickering screen) to the same computer. Then, allow FixGo to detect the error. Once it is detected, FixGo will download the most appropriate firmware package. This firmware is mandatory to fix the issue.
iToolab FixGo Download Firmware
  • Then, click on the option called “Repair Now“. This will start the repair process after downloading the firmware package.
iToolab FixGo - Fixing Now

Once you have followed the above options, you will be able to fix the flickering screen issue. So, you can try this professional solution as the ultimate fix.

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Basic Solutions to Try if Your iPhone Screen Flickering

If your iPhone screen is flickering, you can easily use FixGo to fix it easily. However, if you don’t want to use a professional solution, here are the basic solutions you may try. So, let’s go ahead and learn what these solutions are.

Solution 1: Go for a Force Restart

Performing a restart can often resolve various technical issues, making it a good practice to reboot your iPhone periodically. It can also be a simple solution to fix the problem of a flickering screen.

In case you’re grappling with this problem, an effective solution could be executing a force restart on your iPhone. Below, we outline the simple steps you need to follow to hard reboot your device.

For iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus

  • Press the Volume + button and release it quickly.
  • Do the same with the Volume – button.
  • Then, please press the Side button and hold it to see the Apple logo to force restart.

For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

  • Press the Volume – and Side buttons together at once for about 10 seconds to see the Apple logo.

For iPhone 6s and Older Models

  • Press the Home and Top buttons together for 10 seconds to see the Apple logo.
Force Restart iPhone

Besides, are you bothered because of a white dot on your iPhone screen and looking for a solution? Don’t worry; here are possible reasons and practical solutions.

Solution 2: Upgrade iOS

Outdated iOS software on your iPhone can sometimes lead to buggy issues. This makes it essential to update to the latest version.

Upgrading to the most recent iOS version not only resolves these bugs but also enhances your overall user experience. Here is an easy guide on how to upgrade your iOS software.

  • Open “Settings” on your iPhone.
  • Then, go to the option called “General” and tap on “Software Update“.
  • Should there be any updates available, your device will identify them at this point. Simply hit the “Download and Install” button to proceed. Ensure your device is linked to a robust Wi-Fi network during this process.
  • To get the update completed, you should follow the instructions displayed on the screen. Then, just see if the device is working properly.
iPhone General Settings
iOS Software Update
Download and Install iOS Software Update

Also, have you encountered a white screen on your iPad and don’t know what to do now? This article will offer you the fixes for this common iPad issue.

Solution 3: Disable Auto Brightness

Your iPhone’s Auto-Brightness function leverages built-in ambient light sensors to automatically tweak the brightness of the screen as needed. However, in some cases, this feature may be the cause of your iPhone screen blinking intermittently. To address this issue, you can disable the Auto-Brightness feature on your mobile device. Here are the steps you should follow.

  • Go to “Settings” on your device and tap “Accessibility”.
  • Then, toggle off the button that represents “Auto-Brightness” under “Display & Text Size” to proceed.
  • Now, restart the device and see if it works.
Disable Auto Brightness

Solution 4: Enable the Feature Called Reduce Transparency

To address the problem of screen flickering, enabling the reduced transparency feature on your iPhone can be beneficial. Enabling this feature reduces the visual effects and transparency throughout the user interface, potentially resolving the flickering issue. Here are the steps to enable the reduced transparency feature.

  • Go to the “Settings” option on your device.
  • Tap on “Accessibility“.
  • Activate “Display & Text Size“. Then, select “Reduce Transparency“.
  • Restart the device and see how it works.
Enable the Feature Called Reduce Transparency

Solution 5: Get More Storage Space

Inadequate memory on your iPhone can contribute to issues such as a flickering screen, as you are already aware. So it is essential to solve this issue by freeing up additional storage space. To accomplish this, you can check the storage on your iPhone using the following steps.

  • As the first step, go to the option called “Settings” on the iPhone with the flickering screen.
  • Then, select “General” and go to “iPhone Storage“.
  • See if there is enough storage in the phone.
  • If the storage is too low, you should delete unwanted files like photos, videos, messages, etc.
iPhone Storage

When you have enough space, restart the phone and see if the iPhone screen is flickering.

The above solutions will fix the issue of flickering screens.

Solution 6: Go to a Qualified Technician

If the problem still exists after attempting all of the solutions, it may be an issue with the hardware. Even though your iPhone’s warranty has expired, you can still fix it by following these steps.

If dust and grime are allowed to build up on the screen of your iPhone, the touchscreen becomes unresponsive. And you may experience problems with the display.

A broken LCD screen might cause your iPhone to freeze, become unresponsive, or flicker. Therefore, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible. You have the option of replacing it on your own or enlisting the services of a professional to handle it.

Reasons for iPhone screen to flicker

Not all instances of an iPhone’s screen flickering can be traced to physical damage to the screen. Also, there can be different other causes than fluid or moisture getting into the device. It is possible for a phone with a nice display to malfunction. Some potential reasons for this mistake are listed below.

● Auto-Brightness

Let’s assume that the auto-brightness option is set up to use the light sensor. And the light intensity suddenly changes while you’re in motion. In that case, your iPhone’s screen may flash off and on.

● Your iOS Has Bugs

iOS flaws cause your iPhone’s screen to blink, which can change your display settings and result in unexpected behavior. After all, there are serious security issues with iOS 16, which was just released.

● Software Corruption

This might potentially be the reason behind the unpredictable antics of your iPhone 11’s screen. The GPU processes visual data in order for it to be shown on your monitor. The GPU and the software in the iPhone are at odds.

● Hardware Issues

Your iPhone’s screen flickering could be the result of issues with the internal parts that provide the screen. Hardware issues are likely to happen following a fall or even a liquid spill.

Frequently Asked Questions

iPhone screen flickering refers to a graphical glitch where the screen of the iPhone blinks in a sporadic manner, disrupting normal usage.

Causes can range from software glitches, third-party apps, and outdated iOS to hardware issues and physical damage.

Yes, software glitches, particularly those in third-party apps or the iOS itself, can cause the iPhone screen to flicker.

Start with a soft reset, check for updates, examine third-party apps, and restore your iPhone. If the flickering persists, contact Apple Support or consider professional repair services.

Not necessarily. While hardware issues can cause screen flickering, it’s essential to rule out software issues first. However, if the problem lies with the hardware, replacement parts or even a replacement device might be necessary.

Keep your iOS updated, be cautious while downloading third-party apps, and protect your iPhone from physical damage, especially water damage.


With the above practical methods, you can fix the iPhone screen flickering issue.

As we believe, iToolab FixGo is the most prominent fix you can try regardless of your expertise.

Do you know other solutions to fix this issue? Please keep us posted.


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