Why Does My Hotspot Keep Turning Off (Android, iOS, Laptop)?


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Why Does My Hotspot Keep Turning Off

“Can someone please tell me why does my hotspot keep turning off even if I turn it on again? I experience this issue in the morning and feel so helpless. Thanks in advance guys!”

The above is one of the questions found in our forums recently. We know that there are plenty of other users who may have the same question.

You probably have the same question, too, and that is probably why you are reading this article.

Overview of Hotspot

When your hotspot unexpectedly disconnects, it can seriously disrupt your productivity. You cannot afford to lose a job due to continual interruptions, whether you’re working indoors or out.

While reloading the hotspot may temporarily solve the problem, doing so again would be annoying. Adding a secondary data plan to the hotspot will simply increase your monthly expenses.

Besides, are you feeling helpless and just thinking, why is my internet so slow all of a sudden? There are many things to know about it; let’s help with this guide.

Reasons Why Does My Hotspot Keep Turning off

Few functions on any mobile device might immediately disable hotspot access. One common reason is switching to a power-saving option. You can fix this by charging your device or disabling the feature.

But don’t fret; the issue isn’t with your phone, and the proposed solution did not actually work. There’re several options still available for dealing with this issue. Mentioned below are those issues for your reference.

1: Allocated Data Limit is Exceeded

Metered networks are common if you intend to provide a hotspot from your personal computer. When a capped amount of data usage is reached, metered networks are designed to impose bandwidth limits.

Are you using your phone as a hotspot? If so, keep in mind that you may be getting close to your storage limit. If you think you may have gone over your data limit, check the phone’s settings.

If that’s exactly the case, your phone might stop allowing hotspot connections to be shared. Your service provider’s smartphone app should also display this data.

If You Are Using a PC:

  • Select the network icon located on the system tray.
  • Go to the network that is presently active. After that, you should go to “Properties.”
Network properties
  • Then, you should scroll down and select “Metered Connection.” After that, you should select the option that allows you to “Change Data limit settings.”
Change Data limit settings
  • Now, you should select the option called “Data usage.”
Data usage

If you have already surpassed the allocated data limit, the hotspot feature will be disabled. The same thing can happen if there’s no data remaining in your internet package.

Change Data Limit

If You Are Using an Android Device:

  • First, please click on Settings and select “Wi-Fi and Networks.”
Wi-Fi and Networks
  • Select the option labeled “Data Usage.”
Data Usage
  • If the data usage is already exceeded the allocated amount, you will obviously experience some issues.
view data usage on mobile

If You Are Using an iOS Device:

  • Select “Settings.” Then, go to “Cellular.”
Settings -> Cellular
  • In this case, you should check if the data usage has exceeded the respective plan. Well, that can obviously be the reason for a turned-off hotspot.
turned-off hotspot on iOS

2: The Timeout Settings of the Device

Here’s another possible reason to check if you wonder why my hotspot keeps turning off. Modern smartphones have more efficient Wi-Fi hotspot functions that use less power.

There is a timeout period after which the hotspot is disabled if no devices have connected to it. You might be able to turn it off on the phone, but that’s not always the case. Inquire of your dealer for specifics.

If You Are Using a PC:

  • On your System Tray, you should click on the “Network” icon.
  • Now, you should find “Mobile Hotspot” and right-click. Then, you should select “Settings” from the popup menu.
Mobile Hotspot Settings on PC
  • After that, you should check the toggle button for power saving.
power savig settings on Mobile hotspot

If You Are Using an Android:

  • Open your “Hotspot & Tethering” and then go to its “Wi-Fi.”
Hotspot & Tethering -> Wi-Fi
  • Then, you should check the option “Turn off hotspots automatically.”
Turn off hotspots automatically on Android

Please note that the above settings can vary slightly based on the model and the brand of the device.

However, the settings option can be found under the settings for the “Mobile Hotspot” option.

Also, you should note that iOS devices don’t have the option to configure timeout.

3: You Have Put the Device on Battery Saver Mode

When your computer or phone reaches a certain percentage of battery life, your hotspot will shut down.

By utilizing a mobile hotspot, you are actually utilizing two different resources.

  • The cellular connection of your SIM (which is used for data transmission through the internet).
  • The Wi-Fi feature of your device.

Both of these activities use up your battery life and system resources. The battery drains significantly quicker if you have your hotspot configured to a value of 5GHz.

To conserve power, your computer may suspend some or all of the activities listed above. So, that can be a possible reason if you wonder why does my hotspot keep turning off.

Put the Device on Battery Saver Mode

4: Your Wi-fi Connection is Out of Range Due to Interferences

It is possible that you’re too far away from the router to use Wi-Fi. Well, a mobile hotspot’s optimum range for Bluetooth and WiFi connections is 30 feet. Leaving this area will cause a significant slowdown in performance.

Unless the problem is caused by physical distance, your Wi-Fi hotspot is being disrupted by some other factor. Possibly a different wireless router or hotspots in your immediate area.

Furthermore, the Wi-Fi coverage of laptops may be greater than that of mobile devices. Yet, a router always delivers better performance than any hotspot gadget.

5: There is Something Wrong with the System Settings

Your hotspot might not be working properly if you intend to use an older device. The Wi-Fi antenna on older devices could be broken.

Alternatively, it’s possible that they have completely ceased getting software updates. Or perhaps they are no longer receiving any updates at all.

Thus, no changes have been made to address the underlying systemic issue(s) that are causing the hotspot behavior. Anyhow, these gadgets can’t provide reliable performance for hotspots anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotspot-related Issues

These questions and answers will help you gain better knowledge about the concept of the hotspot.

There can be many different reasons for a hotspot to get disabled automatically and cause trouble.

Mentioned below are some of those reasons.

  • You have exceeded the maximum number of connections allocated per connection. In general, the number of devices can range from 5-10.
  • Your mobile device is receiving poor signals due to some reason or another. For instance, you may be located far away from the closest tower. If you get very bad reception, your hotspot is likely to get disconnected automatically.
  • Your SIM card doesn’t work as expected due to some reason. Perhaps, you may need to replace the SIM card.

Public hotspots are the hotspots that are available in restaurants, malls, supermarkets, libraries, schools, airports, and so on. Our general idea is that it is not the best idea to connect to public hotspots.

Such hotspots are generally accessed by various users. Not all those hotpots are 100% secure. So, your personal information can be at serious risk if you connect to public hotspots.

Of course, yes. Hotspot uses your device’s Wi-Fi feature as well as cellular data. When both of those features are activated constantly, that will drain the battery faster than the normal rate.

Definitely! If you don’t use a strong password, your hotspot can be compromised.

Your neighbors will be able to use your hotspot freely without even notifying you.

So, be sure to apply full security measures to your hotspot.


If you were wondering why does my hotspot keep turning off, the above article comprises the solutions. As you can see, there are many different reasons for such an error to occur, but solutions are straightforward.

Last but not least, make sure that you use a strong password to protect your hotspot from uninvited users. If you have more doubts about this matter, just let us know.


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