A Complete Guide to Fixing Apple Music Crashes on iPhone and iPad

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Apple Music is one of the most popular music streaming services, providing access to over 90 million songs. However, many users face frustrating issues of Apple Music crashing or freezing on their iPhone and iPad devices.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover the top reasons for Apple Music crashes and simple troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve these problems. Whether it’s a software bug, storage issue, or configuration error – we’ve got you covered!

Common Reasons Why Apple Music Keeps Crashing

Before diving into the fixes, let’s first understand the typical culprits behind Apple Music crashes:

  • Software bugs in iOS or the Apple Music app: Issues with the OS or app code can cause random crashes. This is especially common after an iOS update.
  • Insufficient storage space: Downloaded songs take up storage. A full iPhone/iPad storage will lead to crashes.
  • Unstable internet connection: Streaming music requires constant connectivity. Weak Wi-Fi or cellular data signals can disrupt playback.
  • Incompatible audio accessories: Using unsupported headphones or speakers can conflict with Apple Music and cause it to malfunction.
  • Outdated app version: An outdated Apple Music app missing bug fixes and improvements may crash often.
  • Account and region settings: Having wrong Apple ID country set or using Apple Music in a restricted region can create issues.
  • Conflict with other apps: If other apps are consuming too many resources in the background, Apple Music may struggle and crash.

Now that we know the likely reasons, let’s discuss how to troubleshoot and fix Apple Music crashes on your iPhone or iPad.

10 Ways to Fix Apple Music Crashes on iPhone and iPad

1. Update Your iPhone/iPad to the Latest iOS Version

Keeping your iOS device updated is the first step. Majority of Apple Music crash bugs arise from outdated OS versions.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update and install if an iOS update is available. This will also update all system apps, including Apple Music. Recheck if the crashes persist after updating.

2. Update the Apple Music App to the Latest Version

Similar to iOS, having an outdated Apple Music app can also lead to frequent crashes. Open App Store, search for Apple Music, and check for any pending app updates.

Install the latest Apple Music version and it may resolve any bugs causing crashes in the older release.

3. Force Close Apple Music and Reopen

Sometimes abruptly force quitting the Apple Music app can help reset its state. Double press Home button and swipe up on Apple Music app preview to force close it. Then reopen Apple Music normally and see if the crashes continue.

4. Reboot Your iPhone or iPad

Restarting your iOS device essentially refreshes the entire system, apps, services and network connections. Press and hold Power button > Slide to Power off.

After the device shuts down completely, turn it back on. Now open Apple Music – a simple reboot fixes many temporary glitches.

5. Toggle Airplane Mode On and Off

Turning Airplane mode on disables network connectivity. Keep it on for a few minutes and turn it off to reset all network connections.

Open Apple Music to check if crashes related to internet connectivity or cellular data are resolved.

6. Sign Out and Sign Back into Apple Music

Sometimes your account credentials or region settings may trigger crashes. Open Settings > [Your Name] > Media & Purchases > Sign Out of Apple Music.

Delete Apple Music and Reinstall

Sign back in with your Apple ID and password. Changing account details prompts Apple Music to reconfigure based on new settings.

7. Delete and Reinstall Apple Music App

If none of the above help, deleting and reinstalling the Apple Music app serves as a hard reset. Press and hold the Apple Music icon > Tap X icon to delete.

Search “Apple Music” on App Store, download, and set it up again. This wipes temporary data causing crashes. You may have to re-download music.

8. Check iPhone/iPad Storage and Free Up Space

Insufficient storage space is a common culprit for Apple Music crashes. Navigate to Settings > General > iPhone/iPad Storage. Review used space under Music section.

Check the iPhone's Storage to fix apple music crashing

Start freeing up space by offloading unused apps or disabling “Automatically Download” for music/media. Crashes will reduce with ample free storage.

9. Reset Network Settings on iPhone/iPad

Resetting all network settings helps if the crashes relate to Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

This will wipe all saved Wi-Fi passwords and settings – so be ready to rejoin networks. With this reset, Apple Music network issues can be fixed.

10. Erase All Content and Settings on iPhone/iPad

The last resort is to factory reset your iOS device, which will wipe all data and apps. Backup your device before reset.

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Configure the device like new after reset and reinstall Apple Music. This completely refreshes your system and Apple Music app.

And that’s it! With these 10 troubleshooting tips, you should be able to resolve the vast majority of Apple Music crashes on your iPhone or iPad. The key is to be patient and try each solution one-by-one until the problem is fixed.

Using iOS System Recovery Software

For advanced users facing very persistent Apple Music crashing issues, using an iOS system repair software like ReiBoot or FixGo can be helpful.

Tenorshare ReiBoot

These tools deeply scan your iOS system files, identify errors causing crashes, and fix the corrupted components – all without data loss in most cases. They offer higher success rates for complex issues.

Key Takeaways on Fixing Apple Music Crashes

  • Update to the latest iOS and Apple Music app version
  • Try force closing the app, toggling Airplane mode, rebooting your iPhone/iPad
  • Check your storage space and free up room if needed
  • Reset network settings and/or erase all content as a last resort
  • Use iOS system repair software for advanced troubleshooting

Keep this guide handy! Whenever Apple Music misbehaves, follow the step-by-step instructions to get your music streaming working perfectly again on your iPhone or iPad.

FAQs on Troubleshooting Apple Music Crashes

Q1. Why does my Apple Music keep crashing?

Most Apple Music crashes are caused by software bugs, storage issues, network problems or audio accessory conflicts. An outdated app version or iOS version can also lead to frequent crashes.

Q2. How can I stop Apple Music from crashing when I open it?

Update iOS software, reboot your iPhone/iPad, reinstall Apple Music app, free up storage space, or use iOS system repair tools to stop crashes on startup.

Q3. Why does Apple Music crash when I play songs?

Specific songs triggering crashes point to a data corruption issue. Delete that song > redownload it. Or reset your device to refresh Apple Music data and settings.

Q4. How do I troubleshoot Apple Music crashing after iOS update?

An iOS update may introduce new bugs occasionally. First, update Apple Music app too after an iOS update. Try rebooting your device or reset network settings to resolve new crashing issues.

Q5. Why does Apple Music crash when connected to CarPlay?

There may be compatibility issues between your car system firmware vs iOS/Apple Music version. Check for any pending software updates for your car or iOS device.

Q6. How to determine if Apple Music keeps crashing due to storage space?

Go to Settings > General > iPad/iPhone Storage and check space used by Music app. If you have low free storage left, apps like Apple Music will start crashing.

Q7. Should I delete and reinstall Apple Music to stop the crashes?

Deleting and reinstalling the Apple Music app serves as a hard reset; it clears temporary data that may be corrupted. You’ll have to re-download music though.

Q8. Will resetting network settings on my iPhone fix Apple Music issues?

If the crashes only happen when using cellular data or Wi-Fi, then resetting network settings could resolve any connectivity issues. Try it before factory reset.

Q9. Is it safe to factory reset my iPhone to fix Apple Music crashing problem?

Factory reset will wipe all your data and settings. So backup your iPhone before reset and only use it as a last resort after trying all other troubleshooting steps.

Q10. Should I take my iPhone to Apple Store if Apple Music keeps crashing?

Try all the DIY troubleshooting tips yourself first – update iOS/app, reboot, reset etc. If you still face persistent crashing, then you can visit the Genius Bar for advanced support.

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Final Thoughts

With streaming music being so popular, a glitchy Apple Music experience can be very frustrating. Use this comprehensive guide anytime you face random Apple Music crashes, freezes, or slowdowns on your iPhone or iPad.

The step-by-step troubleshooting instructions will help you identify the cause and get Apple Music working smoothly again. Pay attention to software updates, storage management, network settings, and iOS maintenance for the best Apple Music performance!


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