Screen Overlay Detected on Samsung Phones: Causes and Solutions

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There are times when people come across an error while trying to install or launch an application for the first time on their smartphones (including Samsung devices). And, that is the “screen overlay detected” error, which sometimes frustrates them a lot.

This kind of error may also make you desire just to throw and get rid of your phone if you are not able to figure out what is actually causing it.

So what is this “screen overlay detected” Samsung phone error, and what causes it? And what are the solutions or methods to fix it?

Below I have explained everything in detail. Just read on.

Screen Overlay Detected

When Does The “screen overlay detected on Samsung Phone’ Error Appear?

Actually, there are many situations in which this error comes up. Below given are the three common situations in which you may come across it:

1) When there is a newly-installed application

Whenever there is a newly-installed application on your phone, and you need to grant permissions to it manually, the error may come up. The app may ask for your permission to access your gallery, camera, etc.

2) Permission-Preventing Applications

The apps and options like the Power Consumption app, Clean Master app, options for battery saving, etc., prevent some permission. In such cases also, the error message may appear in front of you.

3) While Installing New Apps

You may also come across the error while installing a new app on your device. That’s because there are already some apps installed on the device, and the installation of the new app may clash with the functioning of the existing ones.

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Can You Fix The Screen Overlay Detected on Samsung Phone Error?

Yes, you can fix it if you somehow manage to figure out what is actually causing the error. There is a feature named “Draw over other apps,” which is generally found in all smartphones.

It is a type of screen overlay which is created by some apps (like Facebook Messenger, etc.) to be in the foreground of the other functions or apps you are using on your device.

However, such screen overlays generally don’t cause any issues and don’t hinder the smooth functioning of other applications. But there are times when some apps on your phone need to be granted permission for some tasks or functions.

In such cases, you will not be allowed to grant or change any permission if this kind of overlay is active in the foreground of that app. In such cases, you will see the “screen overlay detected” error message while trying to grant or change permissions.

Hence, by disabling the app or apps which are causing the conflict or screen overlay, you can easily fix the error. But the question is how you will know which app is causing it and how you will practically perform the fixing task. Don’t worry; you will get answers to all of your questions as you read further.

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How To Identify The App Causing The Error?

For you to be able to find out the culprit app, you will need to consider the following things:

  • Some passive applications, like Twilight, etc., run in the background and cause screen overlay. If you think this application is currently active on your smartphone, it may be the culprit. You should not think twice before disabling it.
  • You should ask yourself if there is an app that you have recently been using. If the answer is yes, you should consider whether that application causes a screen overlay. If the answer is yes, that app may be the culprit causing the error.

How To Fix The Screen Overlay Detected on Samsung Phone Error?

When it comes to how you can practically fix the error, there are a number of ways to perform this task. Below I have explained the two most effective fixes that you can apply:

Fix 1: Disable the culprit app

Most of the time, when you have the “screen overlay detected’ error, a link labeled “Open Settings” is provided within the error message. By clicking on that link, you can enter the menu “Draw over other apps.”

Once on the menu, you can select and disable the app or apps you think are causing the error. If you are not sure which app is causing the issue, you can disable all of the apps listed on the menu. However, it will be very time-consuming if a large number of applications are on the list.

Disable the culprit app to Fix Screen Overlay Detected on Samsung

Fix 2: Make Use Of ReiBoot For Android

There is also available a special application that you can use for fixing the “screen overlay detected” Samsung phone error. And that application is ReiBoot for Android.

Apart from fixing this particular error, ReiBoot can also fix many other issues related to Android devices.

Just follow the below-mentioned steps to be able to successfully fix the “screen overlay detected” error on your phone with the use of this program:

  • 1) First, download ReiBoot for Android.
  • 2) Once you have successfully downloaded the program, install it on the PC/laptop you have.
  • 3) After you have finished the installation process, open or launch the program; once it is opened, choose “One-Click to Enter Recovery Mode,” available in the home interface of the program.
Fix Screen overlay detected via ReiBoot for Android
  • 4) The program will launch your device in recovery mode after the booted system. And it will end up fixing the error you are facing.

Process To Access “Draw Over Other Apps” Menu

As mentioned above, in most cases, you will get a link “Open Settings” in the error message of “screen overlay detected.” By clicking on that link, you can get into the “Draw over other apps.” But what if you are not provided such a link in the error message?

In such cases, you will have to spot the screen overlay settings and access them directly manually. These settings or menus are located in different places on different devices.

Hence to assist you and make you know how exactly you can access the menu, below I have explained the process to access it for different devices:

● For Samsung Devices

If you have a Samsung device and facing the error, you can follow the steps mentioned below to access the screen overlay settings:

Step 1: Tap The Gear Icon

The very first step is to pull down the shade of notification. Once you pull the shade down, you will see a gear icon. Just tap on that icon.

Step 2: Go To Application Manager

After tapping the gear icon, the next step is to scroll down to the option of “Applications.” And then smash the link of “Application Manager.”

Application Manager

Step 3: Tap the “More” Button

On the top right area in the Application Manager, there is available a “More” button. Just tap on this button.

Tap the "More" Button

Step 4: Enter The Menu

Next, choose the option of “Apps that can appear on top.” And finally, you are in the menu of the apps that can cause screen overlay. Besides each app’s name, there is a toggle that you can use to enable or disable the app.

Enter The Menu

● For Android Oreo

In case you have Android Oreo; you can follow the steps mentioned below to access the menu:

Step 1: Tap The Gear Icon

First, you will need to pull down your phone’s notification shade. Once it is down, you should tap on the gear icon.

Tap The Gear Icon

Step 2: Choose “Apps & Notifications”

As soon as you tap the gear icon, you will enter “Settings.” You will need to select the category of “Apps & Notifications.”

Step 3: Go To “Special App Access”

Next, tap on the “Advanced” button. As soon as you tap it, it will show a few more options. Choose “Special App Access” from those offered options.

Go To "Special App Access"

Step 4: Enter The Menu

Next, you will get into a menu in which you will see the option of “Display Over Other Apps.” Just tap on it, and you will be inside the menu you are looking for.

Display over other apps to Fix Screen Overlay Detected on Samsung

● For LG Devices

You can follow the below-given steps to enter the required menu for LG devices:

Step 1: Tap On The Gear Icon

Just like other devices mentioned above, for LG devices also, you will first need to pull down your phone’s notification shade. Once it is down, you should tap on the icon of a gear. Next, you should enter the “Apps” menu.

Tap On The Gear Icon

Step 2: Go To The “Configure apps.”

The next step in the process is to tap the three-dot overflow button. Then choose the option of “Configure apps.”

Go To The "Configure apps"

Step 3: Enter The Menu

Now you will need to tap on the option of “Draw over other apps.” And as soon as you tap on it, you will immediately get into the menu you are looking for. And that’s it.

Enter The Menu

● For Stock Android

In case you are making use of Stock Android devices, you will need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Tap The Gear Icon

Here, the first step is to pull down the notification shade of your phone two times. After pulling it twice, just tap on the gear icon.

Tap The Gear Icon

Step 2: Go To The “Apps”

Now go to the “Apps” option, and then you should tap on the gear icon displayed in the top right area of the screen. Thus you will enter a new menu.

Go To The "Apps"

Step 3: Go To The “Special Access”

Once you are on the menu mentioned in the previous step, you should scroll down and find the option of “Special Access.” After finding this option, tap it.

Step 4: Enter The Menu

As soon as you tap the “Special Access” option, you will get into a menu where you will find the menu “Draw over other apps.” Once you find it, tap on it, and you will be where you intend to be. And that’s it.

Enter The Menu


  1. Can the screen overlay error cause data loss on my Samsung phone? No, the screen overlay error does not cause data loss. However, it can prevent you from accessing certain features within apps until the error is resolved.
  2. Why does the screen overlay error occur more frequently on Samsung phones? Samsung phones often come with a rich user interface and numerous pre-installed apps, which can increase the likelihood of conflicts related to screen overlay.
  3. Can I permanently disable screen overlay on my Samsung phone? While it’s not recommended to permanently disable screen overlay for all apps, you can disable it individually for specific apps by following the steps outlined earlier.
  4. Will performing a factory reset erase all my data? Yes, a factory reset erases all data on your device. It’s crucial to back up your data before proceeding with a factory reset.
  5. Is it safe to download apps from third-party sources to avoid screen overlay issues? No, downloading apps from third-party sources can pose security risks. It’s best to stick to official app stores such as the Google Play Store or the Samsung Galaxy Store.


As indicated above, the best method to fix the “screen overlay detected” Samsung phone error is to fix it with the use of a dedicated tool or program like ReiBoot for Android. So download it right now.


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