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iPhone 12 Unable to Activate

What if your iPhone 12 is unable to activate when you try to configure it? Well, the truth is that many iPhone users experience this issue and look for a solution.

These activation issues can appear with different error messages. For instance, it can constantly display a message like, “It may take a few minutes to activate your iPhone.” Such messages may also appear when you perform a factory reset on your device.

It may take a few minutes to activate your iPhone

Well, there are several reasons behind this error, as per our knowledge. The good news is that those errors can be fixed with some easy steps.

This article aims to explain how to fix the “iPhone 12 Unable to Activate” error. So, keep reading and learn the solutions.

What is “iPhone 12 Unable to Activate”?

If you experience your iPhone 12 being Unable to Activate, you cannot configure it anymore. You cannot access other features on your iOS device.

In a nutshell, “iPhone 12 Unable to Activate” means a serious restriction applied to your iPhone 12.

How to fix the iPhone 12 Unable to Activate issue?

Well, without further ado, let’s learn the fixes you can use to solve this issue for good. You can go through all these methods and apply what suits your situation best. So, keep reading and learn how to get your new iPhone back to its normal functionality.

In fact, the error can occur due to two main reasons. Depending on the cause, the solutions you should try will vary. So, you should find a solution based on the cause of the issue.

Besides, what if you are unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone, don’t worry; here are the top solutions for you.

Part 1: What to do when iPhone 12 is Unable to Activate and displays “It may take a few minutes to activate your iPhone”

In many cases, individuals find it difficult to activate their iPhone 12 after performing an update. If this situation applies to you, the solutions explained below can work.

We list down multiple options below so you can try one after the other until the problem is solved.

Solution 01: Perform a System Status Check

The first solution you should try in order to solve this issue is a System Status check. Apple offers you a specific support page, and it shows real-time information related to the services offered.

Once you visit this page, you can see that each device is monitored. So, if your iPhone 12 is Unable to Activate, just head to the System Status page to confirm the status. With that, you will be able to get a clear idea about the issue your system is having.

If you see every aspect of the green color, there is nothing wrong with the system. In that case, you will have to move to other solutions.

Perform a System Status Check to Fix iPhone 12 Unable to Activate

Solution 02: Perform a Force Restart to Fix iPhone 12 Unable to Activate

The next solution you should try is performing a force restart. This option should be tried if there is nothing wrong with the System Status.

As a result of performing a force restart, you can overcome potential glitches easily. If you don’t know how to perform a force restart, below are the following steps.

  • First, you should press the Volume Up button and release it quickly.
  • Then, do the same with the Volume Down button as well.
  • Press the side button and hold it.
  • When you see the Apple logo, you should release the side button to complete the force restart.

Solution 03: Use a Wi-Fi Connection to Activate

In certain cases, your iPhone 12 is unable to activate because of a poor network connection as well. It is possible to solve this issue simply by connecting to a different network. You should connect it to a Wi-Fi network and see what happens.

If you want a guide to connecting to a Wi-Fi network, follow the below steps.

  • First, you should go to your device’s Home Screen and choose the option labeled “Settings.” Then find the option called “Wi-Fi” as well.
Fix iPhone 12 Unable to Activate Use a Wi-Fi connection to activate
  • Now, you should turn on the Wi-Fi connection. The device will start to search for the Wi-Fi networks that can be reached.
  • Choose a Wi-Fi name so you will be connected to it. If your iPhone runs on iOS 14.1, you can see the below-mentioned options.
    • My Networks (this option includes the networks you have connected previously).
    • Public Networks (this option shows the connections you have not connected before).

Solution 04: Activate Your iPhone with the Assistance of iTunes

This is another effective solution to try if your iPhone 12 is unable to activate. As per this step, you will have to use your iTunes to activate the iPhone. If you want to learn how to do it, below are the steps to follow.

  • First, you should update iTunes on your PC and launch it to begin.
  • Then, you are supposed to connect the faulty iPhone to the same PC using an original USB cable.
  • Be sure to tap on the device name (on the left panel of your iTunes). After that, choose the option called “Activate your iPhone.”

Solution 05: Get in Touch with Your Carrier

Did you buy your iPhone through a network carrier? And now, you find it impossible to activate the iPhone after performing an iOS update?

If that is the case, you should contact the respective company and check with the support staff. They will help you to unlock the SIM card as well as the iPhone.

Part 2: What to Do When iPhone 12 is Unable to Activate After Performing a Reset or a Restore

Some users say that their iPhone 12 cannot activate after a reset. If this situation applies to you, this section explains the practical solutions you should try. We explain several solutions to address this issue.

Solution 01: Start the Activation Once Again

If your iPhone 12 is unable to activate after a reset, you will see that the device’s home button works. So, you can make use of this button and find a way to fix the issue.

Mentioned below are the steps you should follow to do it.

  • First, you should turn your iPhone on and select the preferred language as well as the region. You will see a menu that appears with three options. They are
    • “Emergency Call”
    • “Start Over”
    • “Wi-Fi Settings”
Start the activation once again
  • You should choose the option called “Start Over.” This option will take you back to the beginning of the iOS configuration so you can start it over. You can choose a language, Wi-Fi connection, and so on now.
  • Perform all the steps from the beginning. If you still see the same error, try it a couple of times again. If it doesn’t work, move to the next solution.

Solution 02: Use Another SIM Card

If your iPhone 12 is unable to activate yet, you can try a different SIM on the device. In fact, all you need to do here is to use a different SIM card. Just open the SIM tray, remove the current SIM, and put in the new one – that’s it!

Part 3: What Can You Do if Your iPhone 12 is Stuck on Activation Lock?

Suppose your iPhone 12 is unable to activate because it is stuck on the activation lock; here’s a solid solution. As per this method, you will use a special tool called Tenorshare 4MeKey to overcome the issue.

4MeKey is a powerful, highly versatile tool that comprises plenty of solutions. With the assistance of this tool, you can easily eliminate the activation lock on your iPhone and remove the iCloud activation lock.

You can follow the instructions below to use 4MeKey and remove the iPhone 12 activation lock.

  • First, you should download Tenorshare 4MeKey on your computer through their official website.
Tenorshare 4MeKey
  • Once the installation process is finished, you can jailbreak your iPhone.
Tenorshare 4MeKey
  • After jailbreaking, you can remove the iCloud activation lock from the device. All you need is to press the button labeled “Start Remove.”
Tenorshare 4MeKey
  • Wait for a while so that the software will remove the activation lock from your iPhone.
Fix iPhone 12 Unable to Activate Using Tenorshare 4MeKey

That’s it. As per our experience with Tenorshare 4MeKey, it does the job as promised without any hassle. It is a user-friendly tool that delivers excellent results.

Bonus Tip: In addition to 4MeKey, Tenorshare offers another tool called ReiBoot to repair your iPhones. This special tool offers a one-click solution to overcome issues associated with your iPhone, regardless of its version. The best thing about ReiBoot is that it repairs your device without causing any data loss.

Tenorshare ReiBoot

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Why is my iPhone 12 not activating?
    • A: There can be several reasons for activation issues, including SIM card problems, network connection errors, or software compatibility issues.
  2. Q: Can I activate my iPhone 12 without a SIM card?
    • A: No, you need a valid SIM card to activate your iPhone 12. The SIM card establishes a connection with your carrier’s network.
  3. Q: What should I do if my iPhone 12 shows a “No Service” error after activation?
    • A: If your iPhone 12 displays a “No Service” error even after successful activation, try resetting your network settings or contacting your carrier for further assistance.
  4. Q: Will restoring my iPhone 12 delete all my data?
    • A: Yes, restoring your iPhone using iTunes will erase all the data on your device. Ensure you have a backup before proceeding with the restore process.
  5. Q: Can a hardware issue cause activation problems on iPhone 12?
    • A: While rare, a faulty hardware component can potentially cause activation problems. If you suspect a hardware issue, it’s recommended to contact Apple Support or visit an authorized service center.

The Bottom Line

Fixing the issues related to your iOS device can indeed be pretty difficult. This is true, specifically with new users. But, thanks to applications like Tenorshare 4MeKey, repairing iOS devices has become incredibly easier.

This special tool has the ability to address pretty much any iOS-related issue, including “iPhone 12 Unable to Activate“. Do you have any other questions related to this matter? Please let us know. Our team will attend to those queries at their earliest.


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