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Unfortunately, several users come across the error 1035 on their mobile devices. When they face this specific voicemail error, they do not exactly know what they have to do next to resolve it.

Here, we are going to mention why this error shows up and how you can resolve this frustrating voicemail error.

Sometimes, users get this error 1035 on the visual voicemail when they try to set up or update the greetings of the visual voicemail. The complete error message that you see is, “The operation couldn’t be completed ( error 1035).”

This voicemail allows you to see all the received voicemail messages on your device. Voicemail greetings are the messages that your callers hear before leaving a message for you. So, this issue prevents users from updating or setting up greetings. error 1035

Part 1: What is the Error ‘ Error 1035’ and Why It Shows Up

The iTunes error 1035 or iPhone error 1035 is related to voicemail, which is often faced by several iOS users when they update or set up voicemail greetings on their iOS devices.

When the error error 1035 appears on the phone; you would not be able to employ the feature of voicemail. The error iTunes 1035 is associated with the mobile network, and there are different ways to fix this annoying error based on your network carrier.

Fortunately, we have discovered some common triggers regarding this error that can help you resolve this specific issue.

  • Network Settings: In several cases, when this error shows up on the iPhone, it occurs due to some glitch in the network settings. This issue did not let users employ the voicemail feature. To resolve this, you should restore the network settings.
  • Voicemail Setup: If you did not set up voicemail on the device through the method suggested by the network carrier, then you may face this error 1035. This even applies to users who could not set up voicemail via their phone settings.
  • Employing Wi-Fi: The error error 1035 comes up on the iOS device if users are using the voicemail app over a Wi-Fi connection. If users face this issue, they can resolve this issue by disabling their Wi-Fi. To use voicemail, try using your cellular data.
  • Glitched Cellular Service: This could happen rarely, but your network carrier could be responsible for this error. In case your network connection is glitched for some reason, you may come across the error 1035. You can resolve this issue by disconnection of your device using Airplane Mode.

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Part 2: Different Ways to Fix the Error 1035 on iPhone

So, the error error 1035 can occur because of several reasons. Here, we will talk about different solutions that you can try to fix this error.

Method 1: Switch the Cellular Data Off/On

In case you are employing the cellular data but still struggling with the voicemail error, error 1035, then toggle the option of voicemail. To do this, follow some simple steps, as listed below.

1: First, visit the ‘Settings’ on your iPhone. Next, click on the option ‘Cellular.’

2: After that, you will come across a tab, toggle this tab for changing the status of the cellular data.

Switch the Cellular Data Off/On

Once you have switched off the cellular data, you have to switch it on. Now, you need to check whether your voicemail is working or not.

Method 2: Reset or Setup Voicemail on Your Device

It is quite simple to set up voicemail on your iOS device. For setting up the voicemail feature, go through the following instructions.

1: In the first place, switch off your Wi-Fi option if you are using a Wi-Fi connection.

2: After this, click on the icon ‘Phone’ on your phone screen. Then, the press holds the ‘1’ tab. Now, you can enter the voicemail settings on your device.

3: Next, you have to enter the password of your voicemail. Once done, you can set up the voicemail with the help of your phone’s keypad.

Reset or Setup Voicemail on your Device

After you have completed this procedure, restart your iPhone. Now, check if the voicemail error on your device has been successfully resolved.

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Method 3: Fix Error 1035 Through Airplane Mode

With Airplane mode, you can fix errors like error 1035 and bring your device back to normal. It follows a very basic idea that this Airplane mode interrupts your connection with the cellular network.

So, you have to save the connection first and then switch off this Airplane Mode to get connected once again. To do this, follow below simple guide.

1: First, swipe up your iPhone screen from the bottom. By doing so, you will come across the control panel of your device.

2: On your control panel, you will see the option of Airplane Mode. Click on this option and switch it on. After that, wait for some seconds and then click on it once again to switch it off.

Airplane Mode

After you have toggled this Airplane Mode, you can use the voicemail feature on your device without facing any error like error 1035.

Method 4: Try Resetting Network Settings on Your Device

In several cases, the error error 1035 shows up just after you have updated the voicemail feature. So, after resetting your network, the situation may get transformed completely.

1: Visit ‘Settings’ on your device and then click on the General tab.

2: After that, look for ‘Reset’ and then click on the Reset Network Settings option.

3: Now, you need to enter your device’s passcode if asked. Once entered, you have to reset your network settings.

Try Resetting Network Settings on your Device to resolve Error 1035

Now, voicemail on your device will work fine after resolving the error error 1035successfully using this method.

Method 5: Resolve the Issue by Resetting the Voicemail Password

To fix this frustrating error, you can reset your voicemail password. Usually, this error helps to fix several errors related to voicemail. So, let’s have a look at the steps you need to follow!

1: Initially, you need to go to the ‘Phone’ option through ‘Settings’ on your device.

2: After that, click on the option ‘Change Voicemail Password.’

Resolve the Error 1035 by Resetting the Voicemail Password

Once you have tapped on this option, you have to enter a new password. After that, you can use your voicemail again without facing the error 1035.

Method 6: Fix Error 1035 by Resetting the Voicemail

To resolve the error, you can also try resetting the voicemail. This solution works most of the time. Also, the steps to perform this action are very simple.

1: Firstly, click on the icon ‘Dialer/Phone’ on your iPhone screen. After that, you will see a numeric pad.

2: Now, click on the ‘1’ tab and keep holding it to make the call.

3: Next, you have to click on the key ‘*‘ to enter the main menu. Once done, you have to click on the ‘3’ key.

4: After this, click on ‘2’ and try recording a new voicemail greeting. You have to press ‘#’ after you get prompted to confirm the greeting.

5: Lastly, click ‘1’ to set your voicemail greeting.

Fix error 1035 by Resetting the Voicemail

Once you have followed these instructions, you can use your voicemail.

Method 7: Try Restarting the iPhone XS/XR/11/12/13/14

Suppose the above methods do not work for you in resolving the error error 1035, then restart your device.

By doing so, you may eliminate this annoying error from your iPhone.

1: In the first place, you have just to press and hold the Power tab and any Volume tab for some seconds simultaneously.

Try Restarting the iPhone to fix Error 1035

2: You will now see a slider on your iPhone screen. Now, drag this slide to the screen’s edge for switching off your device.

3: Once done, wait for some seconds before you switch on your phone using this same method.

Method 8: Update the Device to the Latest iOS Version

If these above-mentioned solutions do not help you fix the error error 1035, then update your device. Usually, a system update helps to fix various iOS-related issues in no time.

Mostly, users carry out this update process through the iTunes application. However, this process is very slow, buggy, and complicated too.

So, the best option to go for a system update is to employ professional software. You can use a professional tool like Tenorshare ReiBoot to accomplish this task hassle-free.

This tool is very simple to use and capable of performing this action effortlessly. Go through the instructions below to update your device to the latest version using ReiBoot.

Steps to fix error 1035 with Tenorshare ReiBoot:

1: First, download Tenorshare ReiBoot and install the same on your system. Launch it and connect your device to the system. From the home interface, tap on ‘Reset Device.’

Tenorshare ReiBoot

2: Next, tap on the ‘Factory Reset’ option to proceed further.

ReiBoot - Factory Reset

3: Now, you will enter the firmware download page. Tap on the option ‘Browse’ to save the path and then tap on ‘Download’ to download the firmware.

Tenorshare ReiBoot

4: Once you have downloaded the firmware, choose ‘Start Reset,’ and this program will fix and update the device to the latest iOS version.

This entire process will not take over 10 minutes to end. After the device has been updated, you can check if the voicemail app is working fine or not.

Download firmware with Tenorshare ReiBoot
fix error 1035 with Tenorshare ReiBoot


Q1. Why am I getting the Error 1035?

The Error 1035 can occur due to software glitches, network settings issues, or conflicts with third-party applications on your iOS device.

Q2. Will resetting network settings delete my saved Wi-Fi networks?

Resetting network settings will remove all saved Wi-Fi networks from your device. You will need to reconnect to your Wi-Fi networks and enter the passwords again.

Q3. What should I do if the error persists after trying all the troubleshooting methods?

If the error persists, it’s recommended to contact Apple Support for further assistance. They can provide personalized troubleshooting steps based on your specific device and software configuration.

Q4. Can I prevent the Error 1035 from occurring in the future?

While it’s challenging to prevent all errors, you can minimize the chances of encountering the Error 1035 by keeping your device updated, being cautious with third-party app installations, and maintaining a stable network connection.

Q5. How long does it usually take to resolve the Error 1035?

The time required to resolve the error can vary depending on the specific cause and troubleshooting steps taken. In some cases, a simple restart may fix the issue, while in other cases, more extensive troubleshooting may be necessary.


So, it is quite possible to resolve the voicemail-related error 1035 error on your device easily. Here, we have mentioned some of the effective fixes to eliminate this annoying error.

If every solution fails to work, then it is best to update the device. If you are looking for a hassle-free experience, then use Tenorshare ReiBoot instead of iTunes to update your device’s iOS.

This tool is great for fixing all kinds of iOS-related errors. Now, download Tenoshare ReiBoot and fix the error 1035 error effortlessly.


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