Best Way to Move Data from Huawei to Android Device

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Thanks to user-friendly and streamlined applications, Android smartphones stand out from the crown to become one of the most popular operating systems all over the world.

Most people get used to this operating system, so even if they want to buy a newer mobile phone, they prefer to have the phone with the same platform.

As we all know, as a member of the mobile phone manufacturers, Huawei has become the best-selling Android phone in the market of China. So, once this idea forms in your mind, the question comes.

What can you do with the files saved on your Huawei phone if you want to update your phone to a newer one? This paper will tell us how to move data from Huawei to Android devices without any obstacles.

The most common method way to move data from Huawei to Android devices is regarding a PC as a medium during the transferring process. This is the traditional method, and some users don’t have other choices except this one.

However, this method also has some disadvantages; I will discuss this later. In this regard, next, I will tell you two methods of moving data from Huawei to Android.

One is the traditional way by using a PC as a medium, and the other is by using a third-party tool, which is called dr.fone. You can follow the instructions step by step as shown below:

Part 1. How to Move Data from Huawei to Android Device with the Help of the Traditional Method

Step 1: Move Data from Huawei to Your PC. (Here, I’d Like to Take Windows 7 Computer As a Demo)

1. Use the USB cable to connect the Huawei device to your PC.

2. Double-click on the “Computer” button on the desktop screen.

Note: If you can’t find the Computer button, you can press the Start icon from the lower-left corner and choose the tab of Computer, which is placed on the right section of the Start menu.

3. In order to launch the phone, you should double-click on the “Huawei smartphone” button, which is presented in the Computer window.

4. It is your turn to check the desired files as you want from the data displayed to you.

5. Right-click the desired data, whether one file or more, and then press the Copy button as you can find it in the context menu.

6. Turn off the window of the Huawei phone.

7. Go back to the desktop screen; you can right-click any place and press the Paste button, as you can find in the context menu.

8. Now the transferring process is finished, you can choose to disconnect the phone and the USB cable from your PC.

Step 2: Move Data from Your PC to the New Android Device.

1. To move data from the PC to the Android device, you should use the USB cable to connect the new device to the PC.

2. When the Android device is detected by the PC, please double-click on the “Computer” button on the desktop screen.


3. Double-click on the Android smartphone icon presented in the Computer window.

4. Double-click the folder where you would like to save the data from the window of an Android smartphone.


5. Minimize this window.

6. Choose the files as shown on the desktop screen, which you have copied from the Huawei smartphone.

7. Right-click one of the marked files as you want.

8. Press the Copy option placed on the context menu.


9. Recover the minimized window and go on to right-click any place.

10. Press the Paste button, which is placed on the context menu, and wait for a minute; your desired files will be copied to the Android device.


Although this method is simple and easy to follow, there are also some disadvantages to it. Next, I will show you some limitations to it.

1. This method will take you a long time to finish the transferring process, which will make you feel bored.

2. If you don’t have a third-party tool, you are unable to copy the text messages and contacts which are saved in the Huawei smartphone.

3. You must connect and disconnect the equipment unceasingly and can only do one thing at a time.

Part 2. with the Help of dr.fone, You Can Move Data from Huawei to Android Devices within One Click.

In order to save time during the transferring process, you can also ask a third-party tool for help. It will do almost all the jobs for you, so the process will be much easier than you can move data from Huawei to Android devices with only one click.

And one of the best choices to achieve this goal is to ask dr.fone – Phone Transfer for help. This software is so powerful that it can help you move data between mobile phones within one click.

Of course, the PC should be a go-between. dr.fone is the newly developed product which is created by Wondershare in the utility section of the mobile software. dr.fone is available on more than 6000 mobile phone models and is compatible with different platforms such as Symbian, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

The program has a streamlined and clean interface, which ensures the whole transfer process can go on smoothly. However, you must pay attention that dr.fone may consume many resources of your Mac or Windows PC.

Next, I will show you how to move data from Huawei to another Android device with the help of dr.fone. You can follow the instructions step by step, as shown below.

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Step 1: Download and Install dr.fone on Your Computer (Here, I’d Like to Take the Windows Computer As a Demo). Then Open It After the Installation.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

1. Download the right version of the application which is suitable for the operating system.

2. When the download process is finished, it needs you double-click the installation file and then follow the instructions which are displayed on the screen.

3. Once dr.fone is installed, you should double-click on the shortcut icon to run the program.

4. On the window coming up to you, select the tab of Phone Transfer to launch the Transfer interface.

Step 2: Both Mobile Phones Should Be Connected to the PC.

1. You can use USB cables to connect both mobile phones to the PC.

2. Once both phones are detected by the computer, you can will the green Connected button on the interface, which is placed below both the mobile phone’s icons.

3. You must ensure that the Android device and the Huawei phone are located under the right sections of Destination and Source, respectively.

Huawei to Android Phone Data Transfer

Note: If you find that they are in the wrong sections, you can press on the Flip icon to make them place correctly.

4. Remember to check data in the box of ‘Clear data before copy’ below the Destination section; you can press the Clear button to remove data saved in the new Android phone previously.

Step 3: How to Move Data from Huawei to Android Phone

1. In the Select content to copy box, you will see a list of available data which can be transferred from the Source phone to the destination device. It is your turn to decide which data should be transferred, and you can select the contents of the copy box. Don’t forget to check the checkboxes.

2. Once the desired data is marked as you want, press on the Start Transfer icon, which locates under the Select content to copy box.

3. Wait for a moment, dr.fone Phone Transfer will help you move the data to the Android device. You can press the OK button in the next window when it has finished.

Transfer data from Huawei to Android Devices

Note: You are allowed to press the Cancel button to interrupt this transfer process at any time you want. The button is placed in the lower right corner of the Progress window.

dr.fone – Phone Transfer is the best choice if you want to transfer data from Huawei to Android devices without any obstacles. In addition to transferring data, this software can also help to copy the precious data saved in your old devices.

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