MacBook Pro Screen Flickering? – Top 8 Solutions!


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MacBook Pro Screen Flickering

How about waking up on a busy day only to find out that your MacBook Pro Screen is Flickering?

Don’t worry, as this article explains how to fix this error and get your MacBook Pro working again.

Reasons Why the Screen of Your MacBook Pro is Flickering?

MacBook Pro Screen is Flickering?

Without proper care, MacBooks can suffer from both external and interior breakdowns. So, do you want to avoid problems with flickering?

It’s important to ensure that specific measures be performed at all times. Check out the list below for some examples of catalysts to keep an eye out for:

  • Damage to the display was caused by an external force. For instance, such as a fall from a great height or the collision of a sharp object,
  • If you spill something on your MacBook’s keyboard, it could potentially damage its battery. This causes the screen to flicker or causes other internal problems.
  • There’s a malware infection.
  • Difficulties occur due to factors like the intensity of the screen’s lighting and the swiftness of the cursor. It can happen even due to an overtaxed MacBook, etc.
  • Problems with the software have an effect on the display of your MacBook.

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What Are the Solutions to Try if Your MacBook Pro Screen Flickering?

Mentioned below are the solutions you can try if your MacBook Pro Screen is flickering.

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Solution 01: Drain the Battery of Your MacBook Pro Completely

Make sure the screen flickering isn’t necessarily due to a faulty battery before proceeding. Get your MacBook’s battery down to zero. If you have a charging cable attached to the faulty MacBook, remove it and don’t put it in again.

Overheating the drive from prolonged use can make your MacBook’s screen freeze and flicker. If you want to start anew after unplugging your MacBook, be sure it is entirely dead. Reconnect the charger. Then, wait for it to finish charging.

If the issue still exists after a few hours, you may try waiting a little longer. If you’re still experiencing screen flickering after trying the above solutions, continue on to the next section.

Solution 02: Update Your MacBook Pro’s OS

Protecting the MacBook by installing the latest operating system update is a good idea. Minor difficulties can be resolved by installing the latest operating system update for the MacBook’s internal components.

The faults and issues can be fixed by installing the most recent operating system update. To install the latest software on a MacBook Pro, just do the following, and you are through.

  • First, you should open “System Preferences.” It is found on your MacBook Pro. Just press “Software Update.”
  • Suppose your MacBook Pro has a Plug the faulty MacBook Pro into the power outlet if it’s low-battery. Also, it is compulsory to have a good internet connection. Otherwise, the downloading process might not end up successfully.
  • Once the MacBook Pro is successfully updated, you will be notified. Otherwise, you can simply press the option called “Update Now.”
Update Your MacBook Pro's OS
  • Accept “Terms & Conditions.”
  • Wait until the download is completed.

Solution 03: Disable Dark Mode

In 2018, Apple debuted a “Dark” display setting. Because of this, most of us now exclusively use our Macs in landscape orientation. When compared to the original white mode, the Dark Mode provides a striking contrast.

If the display module on the faulty MacBook Pro is malfunctioning, you may see flickering. Your MacBook’s dark mode is controlled by the aforementioned display unit.

Your MacBook’s screen flickering could be due to an issue with its display unit. If you want to turn off dark mode on your MacBook, do as shown below.

  • Open “System Preferences” from your MacBook’s screen dock. Select the option called “General.”
  • You will see a new window, so select Appearance.
  • Press the Light option located on this window. Now, your MacBook Pro will switch to Dark Mode from Light Mode.
Disable Dark Mode on MacBook

This might fix the MacBook Pro Screen Flickering issue for many users.

Solution 04: Switch Off the Feature Called Automatic Graphics Switching

Your MacBook has various graphic controllers, and this is where Automatics Graphic Switching comes in handy. GPU Switching’s ability to optimize graphical performance while also extending battery life is a major selling point.

For demanding jobs, GPU Switches deploy the dedicated processor, while the integrated unit takes care of routine chores.

Well, by enabling Automatic Graphics Switching, Mac users can save the most power possible. This is a possible contributing factor to the occurrence of a flickering display on a MacBook.

  • First, you should open the option called “System Preferences.”
  • Then, go to the “Battery” and select the “Battery” option again to proceed. You can see that on the left side.
  • Now, you will see that there’s a list of different options. Those options will help you optimize battery consumption and video streaming.
  • Make sure that you deactivate (remove the ticks) options that disable graphic switching.
Switch Off the  Automatic Graphics Switching
  • Then, you should verify the login option and hit return.
  • Then, restart your MacBook Pro.

Solution 05: Uninstall Applications That Are Downloaded on the MacBook

Infected files downloaded from the internet can introduce viruses to your MacBook, leading to issues like screen flickering and slow performance. Viruses might hide in any newly downloaded files or programs.

To get rid of the most recent data and programs, just delete them from your Mac. Simply select all of the documents and files with a control-click and hit delete to remove them.

If you want to get rid of everything you’ve downloaded on the MacBook, just use the instructions below.

  • First, you should select the file that should be deleted. To find it, use “Finder.”
  • Then, drag that application and drop it in the trash bin.
  • Now, you should ensure that the trash bin is empty. You can follow the same steps for other documents and folders you don’t need anymore.
Empty Trash
  • We strongly suggest that you scan your MacBook Pro prior to the deletion and after the deletion.

Solution 06: Reset Your Device’s NVRAM or PRAM

A corrupted Mac could show symptoms like a flickering display. Do you want to get back to Mac’s factory settings? If so, you can do so by clearing the NVRAM or PRAM.

Making the hard drive enabled in this way also makes it the boot disk. The PRAM and NVRAM can be reset as a last resort to fix a stuttering display on your MacBook.

The steps for resetting your MacBook’s NVRAM or PRAM are as follows. Then, you will be able to fix the MacBook Pro Screen Flickering error.

  • First, you should shut down the MacBook. You can use Apple Menu to do that.
  • Then, press your MacBook’s start button. Then, wait for a while to turn it on. Now, you should press the below-mentioned keys for about 20 seconds.

Option + Command + P + R

Reset Your Device's NVRAM or PRAM
  • That will restart your MacBook and probably fix the MacBook Pro Screen Flickering error.

Solution 07: Reset SMC

There can be some settings on a MacBook that you can’t change through the Control Panel. So, you will be able to reset the SMC to get back to factory defaults.

Problems with the system management controller (SMC) might cause instability and decrease performance in your MacBook. In the event that none of the aforementioned methods are successful, you can always attempt resetting SMC.

Temperature control, sleep time, power button behavior, battery life, and brightness are all subsumed under SMC. Do you want to get the most out of your MacBook?

If so, performing a reset on the SMC to factory defaults is an excellent first step. If you want to reset the faulty MacBook’s SMC, just do as instructed below.

  • Hit “Power Off” on the MacBook. After that, you should hold Shift + Option + Control + Power Key for ten seconds.
Shift + Option + Control + Power
  • Press “Reset the SMC” from the option tray so it will reset to “Defaults.”
  • You should release those buttons after 10 seconds. That’s it.

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Solution 08: Run Diagnostics

By starting Apple Diagnostics, you can check for hardware problems with your MacBook Pro. A hardware problem could be the cause of the fluttering screen.

So, it could be wise to launch Apple Diagnostics. Using Apple Diagnostics, you can narrow down the malfunctioning hardware to a specific part.

Simply follow these instructions to get Apple Diagnostics.

  • Go to “Apple Menu.” Then, press “Shut Down.”
  • Ensure that every external device is detached from the MacBook.
  • Now, turn on the MacBook. Then, press and hold D on the keyboard.
  • Release the key when you notice “Languages.”
  • Now, a diagnostic will run. Once the scan is completed, the issue will be detected.
Run Diagnostics
  • Repeat the process if needed.
  • Once you have done that, you should restart it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about MacBook Pro Screen Flickering.

You could check out the Apple store close to you. If that isn’t convenient enough, you can go back to the store where you bought your MacBook Pro.

Problems with hardware and complicated software can be fixed by experts. On the other hand, customers with legitimate warranties can get their money back from the shop.

Yes. It is possible to install an external display unit on your MacBook. That will be a good solution to overcome MacBook Pro Screen Flickering, at least as a temporary option.


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