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Amazon prime video error code 5004

Amazon Prime video error code 5004 can make any user frustrated simply by appearing out of nowhere. In recent times, a considerable number of Amazon Prime users have faced this issue.

Needless to say, how irritating it is to see this error, but the good news is that it’s fixable. So, you don’t have to worry but read this article and find your answers. Also, in this article, we explain multiple solutions to address this issue.

Amazon prime video error code 5004

Part 1: The Reasons Behind “Amazon Prime Video Error Code 5004.”

You should never get panicked or frustrated once you see the Amazon error code 5004. Let’s help you understand the reasons behind this issue and then apply the solutions.

In fact, knowing the reasons that trigger this issue is important, so you know what you do. If truth to be told, there are multiple causes behind “Amazon Prime video error code 5004“.

Please find below the most common reasons behind it.

  • You may be using this service with a weak or unstable internet connection.
  • You are using a Proxy or VPN service to view Amazon Prime videos.
  • The firewall of your computer is activated.
  • The antivirus or other security tools installed on your computer can be the reason.
  • Your Amazon Prime account or app is expired.
  • There are corrupted cookies or cached data.
  • Amazon Prime app experiences a bug.

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Part 2: How to Fix Amazon Error Code 5004?

There are various solutions to address this issue. And in this article, we explain those solutions. After knowing the reason behind the error, you will find it easier to address them. All you should do is go through the mentioned fixes carefully and follow them.

Some of the solutions mentioned in this article are very quick, while others may need some effort. That said, discussed below are those solutions for your reference.

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Solution 01: Check if You Have a Stable and Strong Internet Connection

Before everything else, you should check whether you have a strong internet connection to use Amazon Prime. If your internet connection is weak or unstable, you are very likely to come across various interruptions.

So, be sure to check if you can access your internet connection. If yes, perform a speed check and make sure it is stable enough to run Amazon Prime videos. If you hope to know how to do it, just follow the steps below.

  • First, launch the settings on your console (PC, PS4, or Xbox).
  • After that, please click on the section where it displays connections.
  • Now, click on your Wi-Fi options and check if you can access it or not.
Check if you have a stable and strong internet connection
  • If not, just turn off the connection and wait for a couple of minutes. After that, turn it on. If it doesn’t work, contact your ISP and resolve the issue with their assistance.

If the internet connection works perfectly fine, the issue must have been caused for another reason. So, you should move on to the next solutions presented below.

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Solution 02: Check If the Amazon Prime Account is Deactivated

You cannot view Amazon Prime videos if the account is currently deactivated. So, you should check it before trying any other options. Amazon prime video error code 5004 can appear due to a deactivated account.

So, below are the steps to try if you want to check the account’s status.

  • First, you should launch Amazon Prime website or Amazon Prime app.
Check if the Amazon Prime account is deactivated
  • Then, you should enter the credentials and see if the account is inactive.
  • If it is deactivated, activate it and launch Amazon Prime videos.

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Solution 03: Reinstall the App

If you are a user who views videos through the app, you will likely experience this issue. Do you view the videos through consoles like PS4, Xbox, or a device like Apple TV? If that’s the case, the issue may occur at some point.

The app usually gets outdated after some time or may even experience bugs. You will have to uninstall the app from the device and install a fresh copy.

Follow the steps below and reinstall your Amazon Prime Video app.

  • First, delete the Amazon Prime video app from the corresponding device.
Reinstall the app to resolve amazon error code 5004
  • Then, download the same app from the corresponding official source.
  • Log in to the app and see if it works.

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Solution 04: If You Have a Proxy, Firewall, VPN, Antivirus, etc. Disable Them Temporarily

If you have not succeeded so far, you should also try this method. Are you using a firewall, proxy, VPN, or even an antivirus that may interfere with the internet connection?

If that’s the case, you will have to disable them temporarily to see if “Amazon error code 5004” persists. Disabling your antivirus program temporarily is very convenient.

  • First, you should launch Chrome.
  • Then, go to Settings of Chrome.
  • Now, open the respective proxy settings.
If you have a proxy, firewall, VPN, antivirus, etc. disable them temporarily
  • From that, choose the option that says to disable the Proxy service.

Likewise, you should disable the firewall as well. If the error persists after disabling those features, you should reenable them and move to the next solution.

Solution 05: Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

This solution can be applied if you access Prime Video on a PC. Well, your browser gathers cookies and cache when you browse websites. After some time, these cookies and cache can build into a large file and even get corrupted.

Corrupted cache and cookies can eventually end up causing various issues, including “Amazon Prime video error code 5004”.

So, the only way to overcome it is to clear the cache and cookies of the browser. Cleaning cache and cookies can even increase the overall performance of the browser.

  • Launch the Chrome browser on your PC.
  • Then, go to its history simply by pressing the “Control” + “H” keys on the keyboard.
  • Once the new bar is opened, you can clear the cache.
Clear browser cookies and cache
  • After clearing the cache, reload the Amazon Prime website and see if the issue is gone.

Part 3: Use an Alternative Method to Fix Amazon Error Code 5004

If you are yet to succeed and still experience Amazon prime video error code 5004, try this alternative method.

As per this method, you should watch the videos after downloading them on the PC. Once the videos are downloaded, you don’t need an internet connection to watch them.

Well, mentioned below are the steps to download them.

  • First, please ensure that the device has a solid internet connection.
  • Then, you should search for the Amazon Prime video you intend to download.
  • Open the details of the video and then click on the option called download.
Use an alternative method to fix Amazon error code 5004
  • Wait for a while so that the video will be downloaded.

Bonus Tip: Use Repairit to Repair Corrupted Amazon Prime Videos

One common issue associated with downloaded Amazon Prime videos is that they can get corrupted. As a result, the videos become totally or partially unplayable. In that case, you must repair the respective video if you want to play it.

Repairit is a powerful and rare tool that can repair those corrupted videos with easy steps. It can also fix the 0xc10100bf error with MP4 files for you.

Thanks to its smart technology, Repairit is compatible with various video formats. Also, you can use it to repair more than one video file at a time.

This special tool can repair videos shot through any type of camera under leading brands. If the video experiences synchronization issues, blurring, freezing, etc. Repairit can fix them all.

Please follow the below steps to repair the videos using Repairit.

  • Launch Repairit Video Repair and click on its “Add” button. Then, you should choose the corrupted file you intend to repair.
Recoverit Video Repair
  • Then, you should click on the option labeled “Repair” as well. Now, the software will start to repair the video.
Recoverit Video Repair
  • Once the tool has finished the repair, you will be notified on the screen. Just preview the respective video (using the “Preview” button).
Recoverit Video Repair to fix corrupted Amazon Prime Videos
  • If the videos are corrupted pretty badly, and they cannot be played yet, launch the “Advanced Repair” mode.
Recoverit Video Repair
  • Then, you should add the video to the interface, and the software will repair it.
Recoverit Video Repair
  • After the process, you will be notified. Once the repair is completed, you should save the output. To do that, just tap on the button labeled “Save.” Then, choose a directory and save the file.
fix amazon error code 5004 via Recoverit Video Repair


  1. What does Error Code 5004 mean on Amazon Prime Video? Error Code 5004 on Amazon Prime Video indicates a playback issue or a problem with the device’s connection to the Amazon Prime Video servers.
  2. How can I fix Error Code 5004 on Amazon Prime Video? Some troubleshooting steps to fix Error Code 5004 include clearing app data and cache, updating the app, checking the internet connection, ensuring device compatibility, disabling VPN or proxy services, and contacting Amazon Prime Video support if needed.
  3. Why am I getting Error Code 5004 only on certain devices? Error Code 5004 may occur on certain devices due to compatibility issues, outdated app versions, or network problems specific to those devices.
  4. Can a slow internet connection cause Error Code 5004? Yes, a slow or unstable internet connection can contribute to the occurrence of Error Code 5004 on Amazon Prime Video.
  5. How can I contact Amazon Prime Video support? To contact Amazon Prime Video support, visit the official Amazon website and navigate to the Help & Customer Service section for the appropriate contact options.


Error Code 5004 on Amazon Prime Video can be frustrating, but with the right troubleshooting steps, it is usually possible to resolve the issue. By following the guidelines mentioned in this article, you can effectively tackle Error Code 5004 and enjoy uninterrupted streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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