How to Fix 0xc10100bf Error with Video Files

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“I am experiencing an error message with 0xc10100bf code when I try to play an MP4 on my computer. It further says that the file type is unsupported, and the extension is incorrect. Can someone help me overcome this issue?”

When you get a 0xc10100bf error when trying to play a media file, you start to become so frustrated.

Well, if you have faced the same issue and looking for a solution, here’s the article you should read. We will explain several practical solutions to address this issue.

There’s no shortage of users who face the aforementioned issue. But the issue is not as serious as it may sound to a novice user.

So, let’s go ahead and learn the best solutions to fix the 0xc10100bf error easily.

Part 1: An Introduction to 0xc10100bf

The error 0xc10100bf appears when you try to play a video. This error code means that you are trying to play an unsupported file on the player. If not, it might appear due to an incorrect file extension or a corrupted/damaged file.

In addition, there can be several other reasons behind this issue. If you intend to learn more about this, keep reading. If not, you can jump straight away to the solutions section.

Possible Causes of 0xc10100bf Error

Here are the most common reasons that could trigger this error when playing a video.

● You Are Using an Incompatible Media Player

One of the most common reasons behind this error is you are using an incompatible player. When the media player doesn’t support a particular file format, you cannot open it properly.

As a result, the player will display a notification with a 0xc10100bf error message on your PC. If that’s the case, you can overcome it simply by converting the file format to a compatible version.

● Your Video File is Corrupted

If you see a 0xc10100bf error and the respective file is unplayable, it could be due to corruption. When the video file is completely or partially damaged, the player will not be able to load it properly.

In fact, there are many reasons for a video file to be corrupted or damaged. For instance, it could be due to improper file transferring, malware infection, improper recording, or wrong download method.

● Wrong File Extension

If you have an incorrect extension with the respective file, you will experience a 0xc10100bf error. This situation might occur specifically after renaming a file or converting it improperly without knowing what you are doing.

PS: let’s learn more about how to overcome the 0xc00d36c4 error code during video playback.

Part 2: Top Solutions to Fix 0xc10100bf Error

Now that you have substantial knowledge about this error. Let’s learn how to fix it. If you cannot play a media file with Windows Media Player or any other application, don’t worry.

In the remaining sections of this article, we explain how to do it. When noticing the 0xc10100bf error, you should remember that there’s nothing wrong with its system.

So, fixing this issue is easier than you might think. In most cases, the issue is related to the file itself. Therefore, we explain how to fix this issue with the methods mentioned below.

There are different solutions to address this issue instead of one. As a result, you can pick the most appealing option that suits your situation.

Solution 01: Check if the File Format is Supported

The error might be related to the file format if you see nothing wrong with your file. As we mentioned, incompatible file formats can lead to a 0xc10100bf error and annoy you.

Therefore, checking if the respective file is compatible with the respective player is inevitable. If there’s nothing wrong with the file, check if the format of the file is not compatible. If that’s the case, you should convert it into a format that supports the respective player.

Check if the File Format is Supported

It is always easier to search for a video converter through the internet and get the conversion done. Then, try if you can open the respective video file.

On the other hand, you can open the file with a third-party codec pack or a different player.

Solution 02: Check if the Respective File Has the Correct Extension

Even if there’s nothing wrong with the file, it becomes unopenable if it doesn’t have the correct file extension. The wrong file extension can end up causing 0xc10100bf. This situation appears when you convert a video file with a random tool instead of a professional one.

If you use a random converter, the converted files may have different file extensions that don’t support standard players.

Also, the same issue can appear if you have renamed a file with the wrong extension. Some of the media players can detect such issues and fix them without troubling you. However, many of the standard players cannot do it as you expect.

In addition to that, you can check if the file extension is correct by viewing it on the file manager. You should check if the respective extension is compatible with the MIME. To fix that issue, all you have to do is to change the file extension to a compatible one.

Solution 03: Use Another Device to Play the Faulty Video

If you still experience a 0xc10100bf error, you should simply use a different player to play it.

As we mentioned, some players and devices are incompatible with certain file formats. So, instead of converting the file, you can simply transfer the file to a different device and play.

If you cannot play the file even on a different device, there’s something wrong with the file. So, you should assume that the file is damaged.

In that case, you should repair or replace the corrupted file with a new copy.

Solution 04: Use Another Program to Play Your Faulty Video File

As mentioned earlier, you will see that the 0xc10100bf error also appears because of an unsupported codec. If that’s the case with you, the best and simplest solution is to use a different media player.

One of the most suitable tools to accomplish this task is the VLC media player. This player is known for its ability to repair some of the corrupted file formats and play them smoothly.

Also, it supports a large range of file formats that don’t work with other platforms. In addition to that, you can consider other players like KMPlayer, WindAmp, GOM Player, etc.

Solution 05: Perform a Malware Scan

If you are annoyed due to the 0xc10100bf error, it could be due to a malware infection. What should you do if that’s the case?

Well, the best approach here is to perform a malware scan and get rid of the potential malware. You don’t need to go for an expensive third-party malware scanner to get this done.

Instead, you can use Windows Defender, which is the default malware scanner in your OS. You can follow the guide below to scan your system.

  • First, you should go to the “Settings” option and choose “Update & Security.”
  • Next, choose the option labeled “Windows Defender.” After that, you should click on the option “Use Windows Defender.”
Perform a malware scan to fix 0xc10100bf Error

However, in some cases, you might see that Windows Defender is not able to detect the problem.

In that case, you may have to go for a professional third-party anti-malware program to scan your system. Once the system is fully scanned, the file should work fine (if the error was caused by malware infection).

Solution 06: Use Wondershare Repairit to Fix the 0xc10100bf Error

If you are yet to succeed with the solutions that are mentioned above, here’s the ultimate solution. In this case, you will be using a professional third-party tool called Wondershare Repairit.

This app is highly recommended for repairing video files that are damaged, corrupted, or malware-infected. It has a superb interface with excellent user-friendliness.

Thankfully, it works with pretty much all the standard video file formats. Using this powerful tool, you can repair corrupted videos with a couple of easy steps.

Below is how you should use Wondershare Repairit to fix 0xc10100bf on your computer.

● Download and Install Wondershare Repairit

As the obvious first step, please download and install Wondershare Repairit. Once you have done that, you can launch the application to proceed.

After that, you can simply add the corrupted video file to the application interface. If not, you can even drag the file and drop it on the software interface to proceed.


● Start to Repair the File

Now that the video has been added, you can see that Repairit uploaded it to repair. Please note that uploading the entire video to the interface will take some time.

Also, the time it takes to upload the video will depend on the file size. If you want to add multiple videos, you are supposed to do them one by one.

Once all those videos are uploaded, you can click the “Repair” button to continue.

Repairit - Start to Repair

● Check the Repaired Video

Now you should wait a while until the repair process is completed properly. You can see a notification on your computer screen when the repair is completed.

It is possible to preview the video and check if it is repaired. You can save the video anywhere you wish. Also, be sure that you don’t save the video in the same location where the original one is saved.

If you do, the file will be replaced with the new one, and the original one will be gone.

Fix 0xc10100bf Error Using Repairit

● Start “Advanced Repair”

If you don’t succeed with the above-mentioned method, you will have to try the “Advanced Repair” method.

With this method, you can repair the videos with more intense power, and it suits badly damaged videos. Just add the video as you did before and repair it with the “Advanced Repair” mode.

Repairit - Advanced Repair

● Save Your Video

Once you have repaired the video, you should see the notification with a “Success” message. It is time to save the respective file to a location as you wish. You can then play the file once again and see if it works properly without the 0xc10100bf error.

Repairit - Save Video

How to Prevent 0xc10100bf Error from Occurring?

Now that you know how to repair the videos. Let’s learn how to prevent this error.

● Keep a Backup of the Video Files on Your Computer

It is always important to keep a backup of your file on your computer. Sometimes, the 0xc10100bf can appear when you play the video through an external drive. For many individuals, this will help the issue.

● Update Your Media Players Regularly

It is always important to keep your media players updated no matter what application you use. Once the players are updated, they become compatible with the latest codecs. Then, the videos will play without causing any problems, errors, or lags.

● Download Media Players Only from Official Websites

Before installing a media player, you are supposed to check if you do it through the official website only. Otherwise, applications downloaded from third-party sources can come with malware and cause various issues.

● Have an Anti-malware Program Installed

Be sure that you have an anti-malware program installed on your computer. Also, be sure to keep up updated on the latest version.

That is required to protect your system from potential malware attacks and errors. As a result, your video files will be protected from potential damage.


  1. Q: What causes the 0xc10100bf error with video files? A: The 0xc10100bf error can occur due to various reasons such as unsupported video codecs, corrupted video files, outdated software, or system configuration issues.
  2. Q: How can I update my media player to fix the error? A: Visit the official website of your media player and download the latest version available. Installing the latest update may resolve compatibility issues.
  3. Q: Can malware cause the 0xc10100bf error? A: Yes, malware can corrupt video files or interfere with the operation of your media player, leading to the 0xc10100bf error. Perform a malware scan to remove any infections.
  4. Q: Should I convert the video file format to fix the error? A: If the video file is not compatible with your media player, converting it to a supported format can resolve the 0xc10100bf error.
  5. Q: Why is it important to optimize system performance? A: Optimizing system performance ensures that your computer has sufficient resources to handle video playback smoothly, reducing the chances of encountering errors like 0xc10100bf.


Encountering the 0xc10100bf error when trying to play video files can be frustrating. However, with the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article, you should be able to overcome this issue. Remember to keep your media player and codecs up to date, scan for malware, check for video file compatibility, and optimize your system’s performance. By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to enjoy your videos without any interruptions.


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