Fixing Kodi Playback Failed Error for Smooth Streaming

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The Kodi app is one of the best applications for watching videos. This application allows you to watch TV shows, live TV, movies, music, sports programming, and whatnot.

You have to install this application on your Android smartphone or Windows PC.

However, users sometimes face errors like “Kodi Playback Failed,” or the error code “One or more items failed to play” while watching shows. You can check their main cause from the Kodi log files. And it is not a big issue and can be resolved in various ways.

Except for the best Video Repair Tool, you will learn about some great ways to fix this annoying error in this article. Let us move on to these different solutions without further delay.

Kodi Playback Failed

Part 1: Remove Maintenance Cache

Users can face this error code when the cache folder gets packed up. In this case, you will face this annoying error while streaming videos. For smooth streaming, you have to clear the maintenance cache.

Steps to Fix Kodi Playback Failed Issue:

You need to install the “Raw Maintenance Add-on” to resolve this issue. To remove the cache files, follow the instructions given below:

Step 1: Visit the settings

Initially, you need to visit the settings of the Kodi application.

Step 2: Click “File Manager”

Under the tab “Settings,” look for the option “File Manager” and click on it.

Step 3: Choose “Add Source”

Now, you have to look for the tab “Add Source” and open it.

Step 4: Insert the URL

Next, click on the button “None” and insert the URL as After that, press “Done” and save the file.

Step 5: Tap “Home”

You need to click on the “Home” button in the Kodi app. Once again, visit the settings.

Step 6: Select “Add-ons”

From there, you have to select the option “Add-ons.” Now, choose the tab “Install from Zip file.”

Step 7: Look for the zip file

Once located the zip file, you need to click on the folder “Maintenance” and install “” as the zip file.

Step 8: Choose “Install from Repository”

Next, go back to the section “Add-ons” and choose the “Install from Repository” tab. You must install the Add-on for “Raw Maintenance” by clicking on it. Now, you are all done.

For the Kodi Krypton v 17.1+ version, go through the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the settings

First, you need to visit the settings and then open File Manager.

Step 2: Insert the URL

Now, you must put in the same URL above by clicking on “Add source.”

Step 3: Select “Add-on”

From the Home tab, select the option “Add-on” and tap on the box present at the top.

Step 4: Install the zip file

Next, tap on “Install file.” In the folder “Maintenance,” you will find the file and install “” as the zip.

Step 5: Tap “Install from Repository”

After that, tap “Install from Repository” and choose the add-on “Raw Maintenance.”

Step 6: Install the program

You are all set to install the “Raw Maintenance” file. For this, open the tab “Program Add-ons” and install it.

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Part 2: Remove Database Junk

This Kodi playback error occurs due to database files. You can resolve this error easily by deleting the database files on your device.

To perform this task, look for the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to fix Kodi playback failed error:

Step 1: Visit the settings

Firstly, you need to open the application “Kodi” and then “Settings.”

Step 2: Tap on “DATABASE”

Now, you have to tap on the tab “File Manager.” Click on the “Profile Directory” file and then “DATABASE.”

Step 3: Look for “Addons.db”

Under the section “DATABASE,” you need to look for “Addons.db”. In Android devices, you have to delete the file DB. You must locate the “%Appdata%” file on PCs and select “Kodi.”

From there, visit the option “User Data” and then “Database.” Here, you will find the file “Add-ons.db” and delete it.

Part 3: Change Compatibility Settings

To fix Kodi Playback failed error, you can make some changes to Compatibility Settings. This will make the finest combination of hardware and software for the normal working of videos. To do this, look for the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Get Rid of the Error “Kodi playback failed”:

To resolve this error, you need to install the file “Ares Wizard” to resolve this error. The steps for the same are listed as follows.

  • 1: Visit the settings and look for the “File Manager” tab.
  • 2: Tap “Add source” and put as the URL.
  • 3: Under the Home tab, select the “Add-Ons” option and tap on the box at the top.
  • 4: Now, select “Install from the zip file” and look for “” to open it.
  • 5: Next, choose “Install from Repository” and tap on the “Ares Project” file.
  • 6: Install the “Ares Wizard” program by opening “Program Add-ons.”

Once you install “Ares Wizard,” you need to follow some other steps to use it. For this, look for the instructions as follows:

  • 1: From the Home tab, choose “Program Add-ons.”
  • 2: Open the “Ares Wizard” tab and press the “Tweaks” option.
  • 3: Now, tap on the wizard “Advanced Settings” and click “Next.”
  • 4: Select the option “Generate Settings” and make changes. It will create a .xml file.
  • 5: You need to reboot the app “Kodi,” and you will notice the change in streaming.

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Part 4: Get the Older Version

You can eliminate the error “Kodi playback failed” by installing the older version of the Kodi application. For this, look for the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Fix the Error “Kodi playback failed”:

  • 1: Visit the official download page for Kodi.
  • 2: Look for the option “Older Releases” by scrolling down.
  • 3: Choose the operating system. For Android devices, you need to click on “ARM.”
  • 4: After finding the option “Old,” tap on it.
  • 5: You have to download the app and be done!

Part 5: Update Add-ons

There is another way to fix the error “Kodi playback failed.” You can perform this task by updating “Add-ons.” To do this, follow the instructions listed below.

  • 1: Visit the settings first.
  • 2: Click on the tab “File Manager” to open it.
  • 3: Look for the Add-on causing the Kodi playback failed error.
  • 4: Tap on “Update the file” by opening “Add-ons.” You have to update it even when it is already updated. Now, the error will no longer occur.

Part 6: Make use of Another VPN Service.

Most of the time, some videos do not work due to country restrictions. For this, you can try to use the other VPN service.

Users can use VPN services on Android devices like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and others. On the other hand, you can look for VPN services on Google for computers.


  1. How do I update Kodi to the latest version? To update Kodi, visit the official Kodi website or your device’s app store and download the latest version available. Install it over the existing installation to update.
  2. Why are my media files not playing in Kodi? Media files may not play in Kodi due to various reasons, such as corrupted files, incompatible codecs, or outdated Kodi versions. Check the integrity of your files and ensure compatibility with Kodi.
  3. Can I fix Kodi playback failed on my own? Yes, you can fix Kodi playback issues on your own by following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article. Start with basic troubleshooting methods and progress to more advanced solutions if needed.
  4. What should I do if Kodi playback issues persist? If playback issues persist, consider resetting Kodi to default settings or reinstalling it from scratch. Seek assistance from the Kodi community through forums and online communities for further guidance.
  5. Is there a way to optimize Kodi performance? Yes, you can optimize Kodi performance by adjusting advanced settings, clearing cache and data, ensuring sufficient system resources, and using a stable network connection. Experiment with different settings to find the best configuration for your device.


So, you can use any of these methods to eliminate the annoying error “Kodi playback failed.” You can try them one after the other to find the ultimate solution to your problem. Once done, users can stream videos on the Kodi application smoothly.


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