How to Install Kodi on Xbox One With Ease

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If you are curious to know how to install Kodi for Xbox one, consider this article as a guide.

We will explain the process in a simple step-by-step process for the convenience of every user. Even if you are a novice, you can use Kodi on Xbox one successfully after reading this guide. So, continue reading.

As you may already know, Kodi was previously known as the Xbox Media Player. It was introduced for the original Xbox back in 2002. By the end of 2017 (December 29th, to be precise), the developers officially introduced Kodi’s new version. It is compatible with the Xbox One console.

Interestingly, their first release doesn’t include Kodi 17.6 Krypton (the stable version). In fact, that is a major drawback, as we notice. Instead of Kodi 17.6 (Krypton), Kodi 18 Leia will be installed on the console.

As of this writing, Kodi 18 Leia is considered an alpha version. In other words, this version has plenty of bugs. Some users may even notice that some of the features are not functioning properly.

There are many add-ons for Kodi, and they are pretty popular. However, they don’t work on this version. That said, installing the media center application is a pretty easy process, and we explain it below.

Installation of Kodi on Xbox one

This section of our article explains how to install Kodi for Xbox One. The process is explained in a step-by-step method for you to understand easily.

01. First, click on the button labeled ‘Search.’

Installation of Kodi on Xbox one

02. Once the search box appears, you should type the option ‘Kodi‘ in the search box. Then, click on the Kodi icon.

Installation of Kodi on Xbox one

03. Now, click on the option called ‘Get,’ which appears as a button.

Installation of Kodi on Xbox one

04. You can now wait until the installation process gets completed.

Installation of Kodi on Xbox one

05. Now that the installation is done, you can simply click on the option ‘Launch.’

Installation of Kodi on Xbox one

06. You will see that Kodi opens on your Xbox One console.

Installation of Kodi on Xbox one

There are plenty of add-ons for Kodi, and through them, you can access various sources of entertainment. For instance, they can be used to acquire free movies, live streams, and TV shows.

While accessing those sources of entertainment is exciting, you cannot neglect the pain point. Accessing sources like live streaming and free movies can make you vulnerable to various threats.

So, you should adhere to some precautions before using those add-ons with Kodi for Xbox One. One of the most important precautions you should take under such circumstances is to install a VPN. With a good VPN, you can protect your identity and stay safe from potential risks.

Why should you have a VPN when using Kodi for Xbox One?

VPN is the shortened form for Virtual Private Network. It is a connection method that can make private and public networks securer and safer. That means it can protect connections that are established through hotspots and the internet.

In general, a VPN is mostly used by business organizations to protect sensitive data. However, as of today, even individuals are encouraged to use personal VPNs to protect themselves from potential risks. If you intend to use Kodi on Xbox one, using a VPN is a very smart move.

The privacy of your internet usage is maximized with the assistance of a VPN. That is because VPNs can replace the original IP address with one from a virtual private network provider. Usually, the new IP address is from a different country or region.

As a subscriber, you are allowed to choose an IP address of your preference in most cases. For instance, if you live in the UK, you can use an IP address in the USA. That means VPNs can camouflage you and make you exist as if you are from a different country. The data sent and received through a VPN is encrypted so no one will trace them.

Also, your government authorities, ISP, or hackers will not be able to trace your internet usage. So, if you intend to use Kodi for Xbox one, having a VPN installed is a very smart move.

Installing a VPN on your Xbox One

Now that you know how to install Kodi for Xbox and the importance of VPN. Let’s move forward. In this section of the article, we explain how to install a VPN on your Xbox One.

In general, pretty much all the cord-cutters prefer using VPN and keeping their internet activities hidden. This is particularly important in order to stream movies, TV shows, etc. If you don’t use a VPN when accessing such media, you become vulnerable to various risks.

Well, it’s not all about hackers; even your ISP and government can monitor your activities if you are unprotected. Also, various types of app developers can log your activities if the IP is visible to them. So, keeping your IP address protected is very important if you want to keep those annoyances away.

There is no shortage of VPN services in the market if you do a little bit of research. One of the most popular and powerful tools you can use in this case is IPVanish. This specific VPN is super-fast, and more importantly, they entertain a zero-log policy to assure your privacy.

VPN’s speed factor is very important, particularly if you intend to view HD videos through your Xbox. The viewing experience will be utterly disturbing if your VPN offers a slower connection.

In addition to that, the zero-logging policy is crucial for those who want to ensure their privacy. IPVanish is a very impressive VPN that comes with all those characteristics to impress you. Well, configuring IPVanish on your streaming device is very simple.

The steps are mentioned below.


01. To begin the process, you should create an IPVanish account. To get it done, you can visit their official website.

02. Once the account is created, you should hover the mouse pointer over the search icon on the interface. When the search box appears, you can simply type IPvanish. Those who are using Android-based devices (such as Android TV Boxes, Smartphones, and Tablets) can use the Google Play Store.

Installing a VPN on your Xbox One

03. You can click on the option called ‘IPVanish VPN‘ that appears.

Installing a VPN on your Xbox One

04. Be sure to click on the IPVanish icon option, which is located under Apps & Games.

Installing a VPN on your Xbox One

05. Now, click on the option labeled ‘Download.’

Installing a VPN on your Xbox One

06. After the download, you can click ‘Open.’

Installing a VPN on your Xbox One

07. You can enter the credentials now (username and password). These are the credentials you used when creating the IPVanish account. That means your email should be the username, and the password should be the one emailed previously.

Installing a VPN on your Xbox One

08. Now that the configuration process is completed, you can click on the button labeled ‘Connect.’

Installing a VPN on your Xbox One

09. If prompted, click on the option ‘OK.’

Installing a VPN on your Xbox One

10. The changes related to your IP address will be notified soon. In addition, you will be notified about the location of the new connection. Well, that’s it, and you are now operating anonymously through your Xbox One.

Installing a VPN on your Xbox One

Once connected, the VPN app will be sent to the background and will not disturb you. From this point onwards, whatever you stream or browse will be completely anonymous to outsiders.

That means your ISP, government, or hacker can no longer trace your browsing activities or streaming. Moreover, IPVanish will not keep any log on your browsing history. That is why they promote themselves with the term ‘ZERO LOG POLICY.’

If you need to stop the current VPN service, that’s pretty simple. You need to launch the application once again and click on the option ‘Disconnect.’ In IPVanish, this option appears in the form of a button.

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Troubleshooting Common Issues

While installing and using Kodi on Xbox One is generally straightforward, you may encounter some common issues. Here are a few troubleshooting tips:

  • Network Connectivity: Ensure your Xbox One is connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Updated Version: Check for any available updates for both Kodi and Xbox One system software.
  • Permissions: Make sure you have enabled the necessary permissions for Kodi to access your media files.
  • Add-on Compatibility: If you experience issues with specific add-ons, verify their compatibility with the Xbox One version of Kodi.

Keeping Kodi Up to Date

To ensure you have the latest features and security patches, it’s essential to keep Kodi up to date. Kodi provides automatic update notifications, but you can also manually check for updates by following these steps:

  1. Launch Kodi on your Xbox One.
  2. Navigate to “Settings” and select “System Info.”
  3. Under the “Summary” tab, you’ll find information about the current Kodi version.
  4. Visit the official Kodi website ( regularly to check for any new updates.
  5. Follow the instructions provided on the website to update Kodi on your Xbox One.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can I install Kodi on any Xbox One model? Yes, Kodi can be installed on all Xbox One models, including the original Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X.
  2. Is Kodi legal to use on Xbox One? Yes, Kodi itself is legal to use on Xbox One. However, it’s essential to use Kodi responsibly and adhere to copyright laws when accessing and streaming content.
  3. Do I need to keep my Xbox One in Developer Mode after installing Kodi? No, you can disable Developer Mode on your Xbox One after installing Kodi. Kodi will continue to function normally.
  4. Can I use a wireless keyboard or remote with Kodi on Xbox One? Yes, you can connect a wireless keyboard or remote to your Xbox One to navigate and control Kodi more conveniently.
  5. Is it possible to uninstall Kodi from my Xbox One? Yes, you can uninstall Kodi from your Xbox One like any other app. Go to “My Games & Apps,” select “Apps,” find Kodi, and choose the uninstall option.


Using Kodi on Xbox one is pretty exciting for any cord-cutter. If you are new to that, you must ensure to install a VPN on your Xbox. Are you a seasoned user who hasn’t installed a VPN yet? If so, the same theory applies to you as well.

Install a VPN on your device if you intend to protect your IP address. That’s a very smart initiative for anyone who wants to use Kodi for Xbox One. Do you have further questions related to this matter? Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment, and we will get back to you.


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