Top 20 123Anime Alternatives for Premium Anime Streaming

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Anime, those beautifully animated Japanese shows, have captivated audiences worldwide.

One such platform catering to anime lovers was 123Anime. But with its varying reliability, many are seeking alternatives. Let’s dive in.

Introduction to 123Anime

123Anime was once the go-to spot for anime enthusiasts. With a plethora of anime titles, it served as a haven for those hungry for their next binge. But nothing stays perfect forever.

What Exactly is 123Anime?

123Anime stands out as a premier destination for anime enthusiasts looking for free streaming. This website offers the latest, as well as full-length episodes of anime with both dubbed versions and English subtitles.

The website’s layout lets users easily choose from various options like Japanese anime, Chinese anime, dubbed content, and subtitled versions. If shelling out money for streaming isn’t your thing, then 123Anime is the perfect hub for enjoying anime online without any downloads. The cherry on top? No mandatory registrations or sign-ups to dive into the anime universe.

In this article, we’ll delve into the top alternatives to These alternatives also boast a rich collection of anime across various genres and categories. So, shall we dive in?

Is 123Anime a Trustworthy Platform?

ScamAdviser sheds a positive light on 123Anime, deeming it both legal and safe for users. The platform has garnered favorable feedback over time. ScamAdviser’s trust scores, which are formed by analyzing data from 40 diverse online sources (including technology, server details, and the company’s location), suggest the site’s reliability.

Generally, websites scoring 80% or more are deemed trustworthy, and those touching 100% are the gold standard in safety. However, it’s always prudent to do your due diligence before engaging deeply with any new site, especially where personal details might be shared. Some malicious entities are known to operate through sites that appear trustworthy.

Why Does 123Anime Enjoy Such Popularity?

While the free access to 123Anime is undeniably attractive, it’s not the sole reason for its widespread acclaim. Several elements contribute to its esteemed status amongst anime aficionados:

  • User Experience: Its design is intuitive and user-friendly, making browsing a breeze.
  • Fresh Content: 123Anime is always on its toes, updating the database with the freshest anime episodes shortly after their release.
  • Quality Choices: You’re not stuck with one quality. Choose the resolution that suits your device and preference.
  • Subtitles: Love subtitles? They got it. Don’t want them? Turn them off. The choice is yours.
  • Mobile Access: For those on the go, 123Anime offers a mobile app for Android users. This ensures an uninterrupted anime-watching experience anytime, anywhere.

Why Look for Alternatives?

Issues with 123Anime

123Anime, while legendary, often had technical glitches. Sometimes, episodes wouldn’t load, while at other times, users reported questionable ads. And remember that time when the site went down for days? Yep.

Rising Demand for Anime

Anime isn’t just for kids. With profound stories and intricate character developments, anime has a massive adult fanbase. The rising demand means we need reliable platforms more than ever.

Besides, in this article, we will explore the top 20 MangaPill alternatives for manga enthusiasts. Dive into diverse collections, user-friendly interfaces, vibrant communities on these sites.

Top 20 123Anime Alternatives

1. 4Anime


4Anime offers a seamless experience akin to 123Anime, presenting an array of anime for free. The platform doesn’t put you through the rigmarole of signing up or paying. You can enjoy anime episodes in your preferred quality. Its hallmark lies in its secured servers, ensuring your data remains confidential. Plus, the absence of pesky ads elevates your viewing experience.

Website: 4Anime

2. 7Anime


Indulge in the universe of anime with 7Anime, a renowned streaming platform offering a plethora of series and episodes. Its no-cost policy, coupled with diverse genres such as Action, Drama, Romance, Historical, and more, makes it a favorite among anime aficionados. Consider this your one-stop destination akin to 123Anime.

Website: 7Anime

3. AniWave


AniWave prides itself on its aesthetic appeal and user-centric design. Though it might not boast the exhaustive library some competitors do, what it offers is of top-tier quality from varied sources. While English-dubbed shows are missing, every show features default subtitles, eliminating external searches. Despite some nuances, AniWave stands as a robust alternative to 123Anime.

Website: AniWave

4. AnimeFreak


Beyond its complimentary streaming, AnimeFreak emerges as a cherished hub for anime enthusiasts. With unrestricted access, users can binge to their heart’s content, exploring renowned Japanese anime spanning diverse genres. If you’re seeking a 123Anime counterpart, this platform shouldn’t be overlooked.

Website: AnimeFreak

5. AnimeTake


Animetake Tv showcases an expansive anime collection available for online streaming. It offers concise series details, including episode counts. Navigating through AnimeTake, one can find specific anime, opt for random selections, determine release dates, and more. It undoubtedly parallels the offerings of 123Anime.

Website: AnimeTake

6. Funimation


Originating in America, Funimation has solidified its reputation by dubbing and disseminating East Asian content, with Japanese anime at the forefront. Since its inception in 1994, the platform has amassed over 2.5 million subscribers and hosts over 600 anime series.

Recognized for chart-topping series like “Attack on Titan” and “Dragon Ball Z,” Funimation offers packages starting at just $5.99/month. With its array of features reminiscent of 123Anime, it’s a must-visit for anime lovers.

Website: Funimation

7. Animelon


Animelon com With Animelon, you’re not just watching anime; you’re immersing in the Japanese language. Tailored to nurture the language community, it endeavors to make learning fun and interactive. Animelon presents subtitles across episodes, and a simple click provides instantaneous translations.

The platform’s extensive customization lets users select from Hiragana, Katakana, Romaji, and English subtitles. It’s the ultimate site for anime enthusiasts and those keen on grasping Japanese, mirroring the charm of 123Anime.

Website: Animelon

8. WCOForEver


Dive into the extensive world of anime with WCOForEver (click for more WCOForEver alternatives), a recognized platform showcasing a variety of Dubbed Anime, Cartoons, Subbed Anime, Movies, and Ova Series.

Choose between dubbed or subtitled versions for comprehensive enjoyment. With its rapid streaming and high responsiveness, WCOForEver stands out from the crowd, promising an unparalleled viewing experience.

Website: WCOForEver

9. WCOFun


Delve into the realm of popular cartoons with WCOFun. Utilize the diverse filters to discover the cartoon series you’re keen on, be it the most-watched or newly added. The site’s structured layout simplifies your quest for specific anime or cartoons.

Yearn to revisit your childhood cartoon breakfast sessions? WCOFun and similar sites (WCOFun Alternatives) provide the perfect dose of nostalgia.

Website: WCOFun

10. Anime8


Anime8 stands out for its vast collection of high-quality anime, spanning lists, genres, ongoing series, and even KissAsian, KissCartoon, and eMovies. Presenting content primarily in English, Anime8 ensures that recently launched episodes are accessible.

Widely recognized by anime enthusiasts, the site lets you dive into infinite episodes, covering renowned Japanese anime across genres. To top it off, freshly dubbed anime episodes are available for free.

Website: Anime8

11. BiliBili


Bilibili is a vibrant mix of OGVs (Occupationally-Generated Videos) and UGCs (User-Generated Content). The platform boasts an impressive lineup of animations, films, variety shows, and creator-centric content.

Flaunting one of SEA’s most extensive anime collections, Bilibili covers classics to the latest releases. Their commitment to evolving as a comprehensive video platform, fostering content creators, and enhancing their offerings makes them a prime 123Anime substitute in 2023.

Website: BiliBili

12. RightStufAnime


RightStufAnime shines as an independent video publisher, curating and dispensing pre-recorded content, ranging from anime to international live-action, to the English-speaking audience. Beyond promoting its proprietary content, it also showcases a myriad of anime and live-action offerings from North American vendors.

Given its multifaceted role in the anime industry, RightStufAnime holds a dominant position, serving both businesses and consumers. With its broad spectrum of services, it stands tall as one of 2023’s top 123Anime alternatives.

Website: RightStufAnime

13. AnimeKisa


AnimeKisa offers a platform for users to explore and enjoy anime at no charge. Rather than hosting content, it relies on web crawlers to locate third-party players that house these files. Think of it as an anime-centric Google with a library-style interface. Note: AnimeKisa has discontinued its services, but alternatives exist for seamless anime viewing.

Website: AnimeKisa (Discontinued)

14. AnimeID


AnimeID, a Spanish-centric website, caters to an audience passionate about anime. Despite its Spanish interface, viewers can indulge in English content or opt for subtitled versions. The site’s robust comment section fosters discussions around anime plotlines and more.

With unlimited streaming and a vast collection spanning genres, AnimeID welcomes both hardcore fans and novices. The site also offers comprehensive synopses, aiding newcomers in selecting their preferred narratives and positioning itself as a reliable 123Anime alternative.

Website: AnimeID

15. Anime News Network

Anime News Network

Anime News Network (ANN) serves as a comprehensive news hub for regions including North America, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Japan, focusing on anime, manga, popular Japanese tunes, videos, and more.

Apart from news, ANN offers reviews, forums, and an encyclopedia brimming with details on various anime and manga. Founded by Justin Sevakis in 1998 and headquartered in Canada, ANN customizes its content for various regions, emerging as a top 123Anime alternative.

Website: Anime News Network

16. Niconico


Formerly recognized as Nico Nico Douga, Niconico stands as a distinguished video-sharing platform based in Japan. Deriving its name from the Japanese onomatopoeia for a smile, Niconico has risen to become one of the country’s most frequented websites, as indicated by Alexa Internet rankings, and is often compared to 123Anime in terms of utility.

Unique to the site, users can overlay comments directly onto the video, which sync with specific playback times. This creates a dynamic where comments can react to video events, cultivating a communal viewing atmosphere. Notably, Niconico was the pioneering third-party media app to debut on the Nintendo Switch in July 2017.

Website: Niconico

17. NarutoSpot

NarutoSpot stands tall among the top 123Anime alternatives, showcasing a curated list of premier anime shows and movies. Specializing in streaming a plethora of anime series swiftly, the platform particularly emphasizes the renowned Naruto Shippuden series.

NarutoSpot has optimized its platform for mobile viewing, promising an undistorted viewing experience on Android devices. They offer both dubbed and subtitled anime episodes without any signup prerequisites and maintain a seamless viewing environment due to their ample bandwidth.

Website: NarutoSpot (Discontinued)

18. Kawaiifu


Oriented towards the English-speaking community, Kawaiifu is a video-sharing portal that uniquely integrates an On-Screen Comment tool, drawing inspiration from Japan’s NicoNico Douga. Beyond this distinctive element, Kawaiifu offers unlimited anime streaming, encompassing a wide range of genres. Its design is particularly intuitive, making it inviting for both seasoned anime enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Intriguingly, each anime title on the platform is accompanied by a detailed synopsis, offering viewers insight into the storyline. Kawaiifu champions the global adoption of on-screen comment videos and encourages users to register to partake in this dynamic comment system.

Website: Kawaiifu

19. AsianCrush


Labeled as North America’s premier hub for Asian entertainment and culture, AsianCrush hosts a vast repository of premium movies and TV episodes emanating from Asia’s entertainment giants. This platform grants unrestricted access to its library across any internet-enabled device, free of charge.

While anime is a predominant category on the site, it offers a diverse range of content, serving as a haven for aficionados of Asian culture. Most of the content is available in high-definition, positioning AsianCrush as a formidable contender among 123Anime alternatives.

Website: AsianCrush

20. Kocowa


Kocowa emerges as a digital sanctuary for movie and series enthusiasts, offering a vast selection of movies, web series, and TV shows for streaming and download. Tailored for cinema lovers who prefer the comforts of their homes, Kocowa extends its services for free.

Its burgeoning popularity has led it to be a favorite destination for the latest movie releases. Though primarily centered around dramas and movies and not explicitly an anime platform, its curated collection of Asian content renders it a noteworthy mention in the realm of 123Anime alternatives.

Website: Kocowa

Factors to Consider


While alternatives abound, not all provide crisp, clear streams. Ever tried watching an emotional scene in 144p? Not fun.


Free sounds great, but remember, quality often comes at a price. Plus, supporting official channels means supporting the anime industry.

User Experience

Ads can be a buzzkill. A great alternative should have a user-friendly interface, fewer ads, and reliable servers.


While 123Anime was a significant player, the digital world is vast. Multiple platforms offer a fantastic anime-watching experience. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a die-hard otaku, there’s something for everyone. So, why wait? Dive into a new anime universe today!


123Anime operates as a platform to stream anime online, leading many to question its legality. The legal stance on online streaming varies from one country to another. While some countries have legitimized the use of streaming sites, others remain indecisive or consider them illegal.

To ensure safety and maintain privacy when using platforms like 123Anime, it’s advisable to employ a VPN. A VPN not only safeguards your privacy but also helps in navigating potential legal gray areas related to free anime streaming sites.

We can confirm that is currently up and running. If you’re facing issues accessing 123Anime, you might want to explore the list of 123Anime alternatives provided.

Indeed, an app for 123Anime is available for download via Google Play. If you prefer, you can also procure the 123Anime apk file directly from the web.

123Anime faced technical issues, and there were instances of questionable ads and prolonged downtimes.

Not all. Platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation have premium plans, while sites like 9Anime are free.

Unofficial sites often don’t support the anime industry, leading to losses for creators. Plus, they might not be safe.

Funimation is known for its vast collection of English dubbed episodes.

Absolutely! The anime streaming universe is vast. The ones listed are just the tip of the iceberg.


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