Top Free Websites for Downloading Anime English Subtitles

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Downloading an anime English sub could be an overwhelming task. Sometimes, subtitles are a distraction. However, anime English subtitles are amazing for understanding a video clearly in different languages. For watching your favorite series, you have to get an anime English sub.

The main idea behind subtitles is to let everyone enjoy anime series that are in another language. Here, you will learn about different websites that allow users to download anime English subtitles for free. Using these sites, you can even download anime Japanese subtitles.

So, subtitles are of great help when you cannot find a dubbed version of the anime series that you like.

In that case, you just need to download subtitles, and voila! Now, learn about some popular websites for downloading anime English sub.

So, here’s a list of popular websites from where users can download anime subtitles for free. The best thing about this list is that it does not just provide you with an anime English sub. Additionally, users can download the complete anime series and watch it hassle-free!

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1. Kitsunekho

Kitsunekho is the best website for downloading anime English sub for free in multiple languages. Its easy and simple interface allows users to choose from several options.

Here, you can find any anime series online. Now, users need to simply select the anime series they like and get the subtitle file with a single tap.

Users can get subtitles in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English language without dwelling deeper into the language choices. Every anime English sub is aggregated based on the language and genre.

Anime English Subtitles - Kitsunekho
So, the website’s interface is pretty smooth. Plus, the site does not endorse ads for annoying users. Wait no more and download the subtitles for your favorite series now through Kitsunekho!

Besides, let’s learn more about the best Anime websites online.

2. OpenSubtitles

This is another great anime English subtitles website. On OpenSubtitles, users can find the subtitles for the latest and old shows in different languages. This website is pretty normal when it comes to interface. However, it seems as if a pretty old-school site, its archives are quite huge.

Users can download English anime sub easily from this site. All they need to do is to tap on the series or anime name and tap on the tab ‘Download.’

The website may ask users to fill out a captcha or answer some simple questions. There is nothing to worry about as it is just a part of its standard security examination. However, it will be quite smooth.

Anime English Subtitles - OpenSubtitles

The website is good. However, the ads may frustrate users a bit sometimes if they do not like to browse a site with advertisements. Also, they have to become a VIP member to get rid of these annoying advertisements. If you have no issues with ads, get the subtitles for free.

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3. SubDb

SubDb is a free and open-source website that features a huge subtitle database. As this is an open-source site, it features a peer-to-peer network, which means that users handle all the downloads and uploads.

This site features subtitles in diverse languages, such as Italiano, Espanol, Polski, English, and others.

Using SubDb, users can get any anime English sub if they know anything about running an API on their system.


This website is great, but it does not feature a search column. It could be difficult for non-tech-savvy people to search for files on this site. Thus, it is not recommended for newbies. It is better to look for other sites if you do not have any tech knowledge.

4. Subscene

When you are searching for anime and movies, then nothing could be better than Subscene. This is an amazing website for downloading anime English sub. Here, you can get anime subs by simply searching your favorite series in the search column. Once found, tap on it to download English subtitles.

Also, this website offers subtitles in almost all languages available out there. The best thing about this website is that on clicking a series name, your screen gets flooded with some random subtitles in diverse languages.

Anime English Subtitles - Subscene

Although everything is great, you have to bear with some ads.

5. is the best anime English subtitles website for you if you are searching for subtitles, software, and videos simultaneously.

On this website, users can get subtitles in multiple languages. It is based on a very useful concept, where users can upload the subtitles or content and consume them too.

To get anime subtitles, you just have to tap on the tab ‘Download’ on this website.

Anime English Subtitles -

Although the site is pretty good, it features tiny language icons. Thus, it becomes quite difficult to recognize the language options. Also, you may find it tough to see what you are actually downloading.

6. Addic7ed

Just as its name suggests, users may get addicted to Addic7ed due to its huge collection of subtitles. On this website, users can download subtitles for any anime series.

All they need to do is to click on the show’s name. After that, they will come across different anime subtitles in diverse languages.

Addic7ed supports various languages, such as English, Japanese, Arabic, and more for downloading subtitles.


So, the site features a nice collection. However, it lacks a search column. Plus, you may have to deal with lots of irrelevant ads.

7. Animetosho

This anime English subtitles website looks like some kind of an old-school site. However, it has a lot of information to share. Animetosho features a large library full of anime series.

Users can download the complete anime series along with subtitles on magnet/torrent on this website. Users can download the series and subtitles together as a single file.


As Animetosho has lots of information, it may seem spammy to newbies. So, use this website to download subtitles along with your favorite anime series. Now, you get everything to enjoy under one roof using Animetosho.

8. iSubtitles

This is another amazing, free website for downloading subtitles of amazing movies and anime series. The website of iSubtitles looks pretty simple. It features a search column where you can put your queries and look for results.

Here, subtitles are present in diverse language options, from Japanese to English and Parsi to Arabic. To download the anime English subtitles file, you need to choose the name of your desired movie or anime series. Once done, it will show all the languages and formats available.


So, this website is nice. However, you may get disturbed by lots of advertisements. Otherwise, you can download subtitles from iSubtitles for free.

9. AniSubs

Using AniSubs, users can download subtitles for any anime series. This amazing website is designed especially for offering anime English subfiles.

On this website, all the subtitle files are available absolutely for free. All the users have to do is tap on their favorite anime series title. Once selected, tap on the tab ‘Download’ to open the file.

Now, the file will open in Google Drive. Or else, download the anime English subfile on your system. This website features subtitles in different languages based on the genre and type of popular anime series.


Although it is pretty good, it has a lot of advertisements. You may get confused enough to differentiate between content and ads.

10. CD Japan

CD Japan is nothing like the websites listed above. It is a multi-niche site, where users can look for a vast range of content, such as anime, apparel, lifestyle, music, and more. On CD Japan, the content is quite vast.

If you like to download the anime English subfile, then look for the anime option on its menu. Or else, just type the series name in the search column.

This website has an impressive range of anime series. Plus, they are available in diverse languages on this amazing website.

CD Japan

However, most anime series available on this site are paid for. Therefore, you have to purchase the series if you like to watch it.

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So, it is not quite a simple task to download the anime English subtitles file. However, you may have some idea now where you should look for anime subtitles online.

There are various websites available on the internet. Here, we tried to shortlist some of the popular and free websites to download subtitles.

Now, you can use any of these websites for downloading anime English subtitle files. With subtitles, it becomes easier to understand the plot if your favorite anime series is unavailable in your native language.

So, use these websites and get anime subtitles for free. After that, you can enjoy your favorite anime series hassle-free!