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Firefox Save As PDF

“Can someone tell me how Firefox saves as PDF? I have a couple of very important web pages to be saved in PDF format on my PC. What is the best way to do it? TIA”.

As per the above query, the user wants to know how Firefox saves as PDF. She wants to save those web pages on her computer as those pages are important to her.

Well, the good news is that there is a way to get it done effectively. The purpose of this article is to explain that method. So, if you are a beginner, this information will be incredibly handy.

You can save web pages in the form of a PDF file on your computer. It can be done in Windows as well as on Mac. In the following sections, we intend to explain these methods separately.

What is a PDF?


PDF is the abbreviation for Portable Document Format. In simplest terms, it is an open file format widely used to exchange documents as e-documents. PDF files can contain forms, documents, images, and even web pages easily.

Also, the content in PDF files will be displayed accurately on any device without any issue. You can open a PDF file even on a smartphone without affecting the content. So, if you share your documents in the form of PDF, the recipients can open them conveniently.

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Firefox Save as PDF on a Windows 10 PC

In this part, let’s explain how Firefox saves as PDF on a Windows 10 PC. Before everything else, you should launch your Firefox web browser. Then, go to the respective web page you intend to save.

Once the web page is fully loaded, click on the “Hamburger” icon. It is the icon with three horizontal lines located in the top-right corner, and you can find it easily. In that menu, please see an option called “Print.” Click on it.

Firefox Save As PDF on Windows

As a result, you can see a window that displays the Print Preview page. Just click on the option called the “Print” button. It can be found in the top-left corner.

Now, another dialog box will open with the “Print” title on it. On that dialog box, select the option called “Select Printer.” This option directs you to choose a printer to output the respective web page. Then, go to the option called “Microsoft Print to PDF.”

Now, just click on the option called “Print” to proceed.

Microsoft Print to PDF

Another window will pop up now. It will have the title “Save Print Output As.” Just choose a specific location or a folder so you can save your PDF file there. Now, enter a name for the file to save it. Then, click on the button labeled “Save.”

Save Print Output As

That’s it. The respective file will be saved in the form of a PDF file at the given location. So, whenever you like it, just locate it and open it as you do with other files.

With this method, you will be able to save web pages and refer to their content later on. You don’t need an internet connection to reopen those web pages because they are saved on your local drive.

In fact, a similar type of technique will work with other web browsers as well. In that case, please navigate to the “Microsoft Print To PDF” option as the respective printer. Then, just pick the desired location to save the file, and you are all set to go.

Firefox Save as PDF on a Mac

Are you using a Mac and want to learn how to save Firefox as PDF? Well, this section is just for you, then. Just like you did in the previous method, launch your Firefox browser as the first step.

Then, you should go to the page you intend to save in the form of a PDF file. When you are there, find the hamburger icon (that appears as three horizontal lines). Just like in Windows, the icon can be found in the top-right corner of the screen.

Then, you should see a list of options appearing on the screen. Just select the option called “Print” to proceed.

Firefox Save As PDF on Mac

A new dialog box for the “Print” function will appear now. Now, you should observe the dialog box and find a small drop-down with the title “PDF.” It can be seen in the bottom-left corner of the window. Click on that option and select the option called “Save As PDF” from the appearing list.

Save As PDF

Now, you will be directed to a dialog box that lets you save the PDF file. Just enter a file name as you wish for the respective PDF file.

After that, you should choose a destination to save the file. Then, select the option called “Save,” and that will save the PDF file in the desired location.

Save PDF File on Mac

Once the respective web page is saved in the form of a PDF, you can open it anytime. You don’t need an internet connection to open it again. One of the most interesting things about macOS is that it lets you save PDF files with many applications.

As long as the application is compatible with print functionality, you can save documents as PDF files. You need to find the “Save as PDF” option within its “Print” dialog box. Then, choose a location, and you are good to go.

Advantages and disadvantages associated with PDF file format

Here are some of the most notable advantages and disadvantages associated with PDF file format.


  • The format of PDF is exceptionally popular. In fact, PDF files can be opened on pretty much all devices, no matter what the OS is.
  • Viewing a PDF file is just a walk in the park. Your computer has Adobe Acrobat Reader as a preinstalled application to view PDF files easily. If not, you can simply use any web browser to open those PDF files.
  • PDF files are lightweight. They don’t take much space, be it your local drive or the Cloud space. This happens due to the large number of image compression algorithms associated with PDF file formats.
  • PDF files allow you to customize the security settings as well. For instance, you can apply a restriction to a PDF file so no one can print it. In addition to that, it lets you insert an electronic signature into the document as an authentication.
  • PDF files always maintain their original shape no matter on what platform you open them. For instance, the fonts used in PDF documents won’t be changed even if you open them on a different device. That means even artwork can be saved in the form of a PDF.


  • You cannot edit PDF files freely.
  • Editing PDF files is difficult compared to other file formats. That is because you require special applications (which are paid applications) to edit PDF files.
  • Adding or removing text from PDF files is difficult because the content is saved as images.


Firefox’s “Save As PDF” feature empowers users to effortlessly convert web pages into PDF documents. With the ability to save web content for offline access and easy sharing, this functionality enhances the browsing experience.

Whether you want to save an online article, an important reference, or a webpage’s layout, Firefox offers a convenient way to create PDF files directly from within the browser.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I convert multiple web pages to PDF at once using Firefox? No, the built-in “Save As PDF” feature in Firefox allows you to convert web pages to PDF format one at a time.

2. Are the hyperlinks in the web page preserved in the resulting PDF? Yes, the hyperlinks within the web page are retained in the converted PDF file, allowing you to navigate through the document.

3. Can I annotate or add comments to the saved PDF using Firefox? No, Firefox’s “Save As PDF” functionality focuses solely on converting web pages to PDF format. To annotate or add comments, you may need to utilize a PDF editor or other dedicated software.

4. Is the “Save As PDF” feature available on all versions of Firefox? Yes, the “Save As PDF” feature is available on all recent versions of Firefox, including desktop and mobile versions.

5. Can I customize the layout of the saved PDF document? While Firefox provides some basic print settings for customization, the layout of the saved PDF document largely depends on the original web page’s design and structure.


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