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Forgot PDF Password

Those who forget the PDF passwords often think they have lost access to the respective file forever.

However, the truth is otherwise. In other words, you can access a protected PDF file even if its password is forgotten. Yes, you can access a locked PDF file regardless of the complexity and the length of the password.

The purpose of this article is to guide you through the practical methods of accessing a locked PDF password.

Part 1: An Introduction to PDF Password Protection

Adobe Acrobat comes with a special feature to encrypt PDF files with a password. This feature becomes incredibly handy for protecting PDF files easily.

Once protected, the respective PDF file cannot be viewed or edited by any person unless they know the password.

This sort of measure is specifically handy when you deal with files that have sensitive information. So, many individuals use this feature today when they create PDF files with important information.

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Using a Password to Protect a File from Opening

As mentioned before, you are required to enter the respective password to open a PDF file. This specific password is often known as the document open password.

Whenever the password protection feature is enabled, no one can open the file without the exact password. What if you forgot your PDF Password?

Using a Password to Protect a File from Editing

If a document is secured with an edit protection password only, you can open it without entering a password. However, you cannot edit the same if you don’t know the password.

You will have to enter the password whenever editing the respective PDF document is required. This password is applied to protect the format of the PDF document and prevent potential edits done by strangers.

Also, you cannot comment on the PDF file, which is protected using this type of password.

Using a password to protect a file from editing

Part 2: Two Methods to Try if You Forgot PDF Password

Suppose that you forgot the PDF password (be it to open or edit). What can you do about it?

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of this guide is to explain what to do in such situations. Any user will try a variety of methods to get rid of this situation, but only a few succeed.

With that said, the methods we mention in this article are proven to be effective and successful. So, your endless, tiresome search ends here; continue reading and learn what to do.

Below we explain two professional methods if you forgot your PDF password.

2.1. Use PassFab for PDF and Unlock the Forgotten Password

Those who forgot the PDF passwords can rely on PassFab for PDF for various obvious reasons. In fact, this tool is considered to be one of the best password recovery tools in the industry.

PassFab for PDF can crack it easily, regardless of the complexity and length of the password. It takes a very short period for PassFab to crack the respective password.

Many individuals consider PassFab for PDF as a one-stop solution when it comes to dealing with PDF files. Apart from recovering passwords, this powerful and versatile tool can copy, enable print, and even edit PDF files.

Reasons to Choose PassFab for PDF

Below are the reasons why you should choose PassFab for PDF.

● It Features Four Attack Types to Recover PDF Document Open Password

PassFab for PDF comes with a very smart algorithm. Thanks to this smartness, it can analyze all the possibilities individuals may use as passwords. PassFab puts all the passwords into four categories and utilizes four attack mods to crack them.

Based on the complexity, these different methods are utilized to unlock the encrypted files. Because of such an approach, PassFab for PDF has a better possibility to recover the password quicker and easier.

● One-click Operation to Get Rid of the Password Restriction

One of the most user-friendly features linked with PassFab is its one-click operation to crack passwords. It can remove password restrictions within seconds when you Forget your PDF Password, thanks to this powerful feature.

● Excellent Speed

This special tool features an excellent speed to check passwords and crack them with ease. Compared to the other tools of its kind, PassFab for PDF features a greater speed. Also, the success rate of PassFab for PDF is very impressive.

● Superb Compatibility

PassFab for PDF is compatible with all versions of PDF applications, including Adobe Acrobat. So you don’t have to worry about the tool’s compatibility. In the simplest terms, you can use it with any type of PDF file.

All of the above points are important for any user who wants to crack PDF passwords easily. PassFab for PDF is ranked as the best option, specifically because of the above characteristics. Now that you know the ability of this powerful tool.

Let’s learn how to use it. In fact, using PassFab for PDF is a very simple process. To make it easier, we explain the process in step-by-step mode. The steps are explained to get rid of both “Open Passwords” and “Edit Passwords.”

How to Unlock “Document Open Password” Using PassFab for PDF

When you Forget PDF Password, before everything else, you should download PassFab for PDF and install it on your computer. Then, you should launch the same on your computer to proceed to the rest of the steps.

After launching the application, you will be able to see the main interface on the screen. On this screen, you will be able to find an option called “Recover PDF Open password.” Click on it to proceed.

Passfab for PDF

Now, you should add the protected PDF file to unlock it. Then, you will see three attack types to crack the password of the protected document.

To make it clearer, Passpwer gives you a short description related to each of those attack types. To proceed, you should choose the attack that perfectly describes your situation.

Recover PDF Password with Passfab if you forgot pdf password

Now, you will be able to see a button labeled “Start.” Click on it to proceed, so the program will start to recover the password immediately. When the respective tool has been done with recovering, you will see that it appears on the screen.

Once it is displayed, you should write it down or put it in a notepad. You can use this password to access the PDF file without facing any troubles at all.

Recover PDF Open password

2.2. How to Unlock Document Edit Password

There is no shortage of software that promises to remove restrictions from protected PDF files. With the assistance of these methods, you can access the file with no restrictions.

In this section, we will explain a free method to unlock a document edit password using Google Drive.

This is completely free, and you don’t have to worry about paying anything to use this method. Also, it is a reliable tool that is recognized by many across the globe.

So, follow the steps mentioned below and unlock the PDF permissions using Google Drive.

As the first step, you should log into your Google Drive account using your credentials. Then, you should click on “New” so you can upload the PDF file, which is already protected. If not, you can even click on “My Drive” and upload the protected file to unlock it.

Once the upload is completed, please click on the small settings icon (Gear icon). It is located in the top-right corner of the screen. Then, you should click on “Settings.”

After that, choose the option “Convert uploaded files to Google Docs Editor Format.” It can be seen in the pop-up menu on the window.

How to unlock document edit password

After that, just right-click on the file you have already uploaded. Then, from the popup menu, you should choose the option called “Open with – Google Docs.”

After that, go to the “File” option, which is located in the top-left corner. Then, choose the “Download As” option – “Microsoft Word.” That will eventually create a Microsoft Word file containing the same content in the locked PDF.

How to unlock document edit password if Forgot PDF Password

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Part 3. How to Open PDF Files Not Opening When You Forgot PDF Password?

In some cases, you will come across situations in which you cannot open PDF files. If you are facing the same type of issue, you should read this section of our article.

In fact, there are plenty of reasons for PDF files to become unopenable. For instance, if you are using an older version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, you cannot open them.

Also, you cannot open PDF files that were not created using Adobe packages. Sometimes, PDF files can get damaged or become corrupted, and as a result, the files cannot be opened. Regardless of how your PDF file has become unopenable, knowing how to open it would be handy.

So, mentioned below are the steps you should follow to open those PDF files. In this section, we explain 04 practical methods to overcome them.

Solution 01: Check the Settings of Adobe Reader

  • First, launch the Adobe Reader application on your PC.
  • Then, go to the “Edit” menu on the top menu bar.
  • You should now search for the option “Preferences” and click on it.
  • Now, you should press “Security (Enhanced),” located on the popup menu.
  • After that, make sure that the option called Sandbox Protection is unchecked.
  • Now, click “Yes” so you can confirm the changes.
Check the settings of Adobe Reader

Solution 02: Check for Errors or Damages in Your PDF

In many cases, you cannot open a PDF file because it is damaged when you receive it. If that is the case, you should contact the person who sent it to you.

Then, you should ask him/her to resend a fresh file once again, probably through a different medium.

Besides, if you wonder what to do when you can’t print a PDF, just read more.

Solution 03: Address if You Have Any Issues Associated with Adobe Reader or Acrobat

Sometimes, the issue can relate to Acrobat or Adobe Reader. In such cases, you should go to the Help menu on the program window and choose Repair Installation. Then, click Yes so the application will be repaired.

Solution 04: Update the PDF Application

  • Launch Adobe Reader or Acrobat.
  • Choose Help and then go to Check for Updates.
  • Now, the program will check for potential updates.
  • If there are updates, install them.
  • Now, reboot the computer.
Update the PDF application


Q1: Can I recover a complex password using brute-force attack?

Yes, it is possible to recover a complex password using a brute-force attack, but it can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. It is recommended to use advanced PDF password recovery tools or other methods for complex passwords.

Q2: Are online PDF password recovery services safe to use?

While many online PDF password recovery services are safe to use, it is essential to choose reputable and trustworthy services that prioritize security and privacy. Be cautious when sharing sensitive documents online.

Q3: Can I recover a password-protected PDF file without any clues about the password?

Yes, you can still attempt to recover a password-protected PDF file even without any clues about the password. Methods like brute-force attack, dictionary attack, and mask attack can be effective in such cases.

Q4: Is it legal to recover passwords for PDF files I don’t own?

Attempting to recover passwords for PDF files that you don’t own or have permission to access may be considered illegal or unethical. Always ensure you have the right to access the files you are trying to recover.

Q5: What should I do if none of the password recovery methods work?

If none of the password recovery methods mentioned in this article work, you can try contacting the creator of the PDF file and explain your situation. They may be able to provide assistance in accessing the file.


If you forgot the PDF password and are still not able to recover it, just contact us. We will see what we can do for you.


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