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kodi on PS4

The next-generation consoles have opened the doors to both proving the best quality games and TV, and movie entertainment to the user.

PlayStation 4 provides a very large line of good quality games and HD video entertainment to the user with no hassle.

Kodi is an app you can download for PS4 to get a rich video experience with the gaming machine. Basically, it is an open media center that provides TV shows and movies of the highest quality to the user. Kodi for PS4 provides a much easier solution for your entertainment.

PS4 Kodi currently has millions of users despite not being on the PlayStation platform. There is the reason why that is Kodi provides a simple UI with an easier navigation system for anyone to just join in without getting confused. The app got so popular that fans of the app started asking for a version for the Xbox One and PlayStation 3.

The bad news is you can’t access Kodi on PS4. It’s not out yet; the team behind Kodi is working hard to make the app available on the PS store someday in the future.

But that doesn’t mean you just have to wait to experience a streaming experience from your PlayStation device.

This article will provide all the things you will need to have a perfect streaming service that will be interconnected to all your smart devices in your household. While this may sound exciting, it is.

In order to get to that point, you have to what that specific software is and what does it do? Then later, we are going to get to the section of the installation part.

What Makes Kodi for PS4 So Good?

Kodi on PS4

Kodi is an open-source media player that comes packed with a lot of features that will make your life much easier. The player was designed by using XBMC Foundation. The software is not restricted to only one type of field.

You can find different variations of the app on different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, and many more. That’s not it; the app even supports different platforms. You can install Kodi on PS4, Mac, and Android TV.

Unfortunately, you can’t access Kodi from your PlayStation, but don’t let that bring you down. While you may not experience Kodi on PS4 but there is a solid alternative that provides all the features from Kodi on your PlayStation 4.

One of the alternatives to Kodi is Plex. Here is why many PS users prefer Plex as their streaming app.

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Pick any great apps from any online store. What is the first thing that people notice upon launching the app for the first time? The interface. Every app has to find a perfect balance between informative and simple.

If one weighs more than the other, then the user experience will decline. Plex does this the best. The navigation menu is far more user-friendly. Anybody can open the app and will know what to do without getting confused.


If you don’t feel like searching, then there are categories of tags available for you on the front page. Users will also be allowed to filter the search results by title, years, actors, and many more. This is not only exclusive to only one section of the app.

You will have access to all of that from every page of the app. While the view might look the same from different platforms or devices, easier navigation will still be there to find you’re the right result.


The number one reason why many PlayStation users Plex over anything else is the reliability of the app offers to the user. The freedom to stream videos, pictures, music podcasts, and many things from the internet in one suitable place.

Plex on PS4 literally turns your gaming system into a multimedia setup box. You will not be bound to only play online files, as Plex gives the user access to their local files as well.


One of the reasons why you see a diverse amount of people from all over the world using Plex as their entertainment solution is the support of languages.

Plex supports many different popular languages from around the world. So, there is no language barrier separating the user from fully experiencing the app and its features.

You can’t download PS4 Kodi directly from the PlayStation store. But the development team behind Kodi is working hard to make that happen someday. Don’t let it upset you because there are plenty of ways you can install a Kodi-like app on your PS4.

Plex happens to be the best of those alternatives. If you want to enjoy the services like Kodi on PS4, then there are a few steps you need to follow to make that happen.

Benefits of Installing Kodi on PS4

Installing Kodi on your PS4 opens up a world of possibilities. Here are some of the key benefits you can enjoy:

  1. Expanded Media Access: Kodi grants you access to a vast collection of movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, and more. You can stream content from various sources, including local storage, network-attached storage (NAS), and online streaming services.
  2. Customization Options: Kodi allows you to personalize your media playback experience with different skins, themes, and add-ons. You can customize the interface to suit your preferences and enhance functionality.
  3. Centralized Media Library: With Kodi, you can organize your media files in a unified library. It automatically fetches metadata for your media, including cover art, descriptions, and ratings, giving you a visually appealing and informative media collection.
  4. Support for Add-ons: Kodi offers a vast library of add-ons that extend its functionality. These add-ons allow you to stream live TV, access online content platforms, listen to podcasts, and much more. The possibilities are virtually endless.
  5. Multi-Platform Availability: Kodi is available on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. By installing Kodi on your PS4, you can seamlessly integrate it into your existing media setup.

Prerequisites for Installing Kodi on PS4

Before we begin the installation process, there are a few prerequisites you need to fulfill:

  • A PS4 console with internet connectivity.
  • A computer connected to the same network as your PS4.
  • A USB storage device (optional, but recommended for ease of installation).

Now that we have the necessary prerequisites, let’s explore different methods of installing Kodi on your PS4.

Installing Kodi on PS4 using Plex Media Server

You will need an app that functions the same as Kodi; you can enjoy ultra HD TV shows and movies by just simply downloading an app called ‘Plex.’

When it comes to offering functions, Plex works the same way as Kodi. How are you going to do that? Don’t worry; we have you covered.

Installation Procedure

  • The first step is to open your PlayStation control.
  • Once you are in your PlayStation control store, select PlayStation Store.
Open Playstation Store
  • In the PlayStation store, you are going to see plenty of options on the screen, such as TV shows, movies, Sony rewards, and the search bar on the top of the page.
Search on Playstation Store
  • Here, you can do two things to get Plex for your PlayStation. Either by filtering it to Popular Option or using the search bar to search for the app Plex.
Popular Apps on PS4
  • When you find the app, just hit download. The option will be there on the Plex page.
  • The download can take some time to finish. If you have slower internet, then goof off with your phone while the download gets completed.
  • Once you see the completion of the download, you don’t have to install it manually; the PlayStation will auto-install the software.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully installed Plex on your PS4. Now you are ready to enjoy Plex on PS4. Just hang on a little bit to experience the ultra-quality of your favorite shows.
  • You can open the Plex app through the Start and TV Video Section.
Start Plex on PS4

Setting Up Procedure

If you are in this section, then you must have crossed the desert of installation. Here things are much easier. Just follow these steps to get your app ready.

  • Upon launching the app, the first thing you are going to see is ‘Adding User’ information. Which is a common thing to see nowadays from every software?
  • Here, you see log in with your pre-existing account or sign up with a new one. Go with new if you are just starting your journey with Plex, or hit existing for a welcome home experience.
Add User on Plex
  • Here, a code will get made, and the app will give you a link. Just open the link, then it will direct you to their Home Page.
  • Now, all you have to do is enter the code; then, you are going to get a notification ‘App linked’ from the Plex app.
  • You might get an error message saying, ‘App cannot be able to connect to the media server.’ There is no reason to freak out.
  • Just take out your smartphone, go to Google Play and then download the Plex for Android app.
Install Plex for Android
  • Once the app is downloaded, sign in to the app with your Plex account.
  • Just one last step, go to the Settings menu and enable the Show camera roll media. Advertise as the server, Network discovery.

Whew! The technical part is now done; it is time to experience what it can offer. If you followed every step mentioned above, you would have a Plex on PS4 and on the phone, which will work just the same as Kodi for PS4.

If your PlayStation and your smartphone are connected to the same network, then you can access all the videos and media files on your PS4 through your smartphone.

Besides, regarding the issue of NAT Type failing on PS4, click to fix it now.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter any issues during the installation process or face connectivity problems, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  1. Ensure your PS4 is connected to the same network as your computer: Both your PS4 and computer should be connected to the same network for seamless communication.
  2. Update your PS4 and Plex/Steam Link apps: Ensure that your PS4 firmware, Plex app, and Steam Link app are up to date to avoid compatibility issues.
  3. Check firewall and antivirus settings: Adjust your firewall and antivirus settings to allow communication between devices. Some security software may block network connections required for the installation process.
  4. Restart your devices: Restarting your PS4, computer, and router can often resolve minor connectivity issues.
  5. Seek help from the Kodi community: If you encounter specific issues related to Kodi, visit the official Kodi website or community forums for guidance and support.


FAQ 1: Can I install Kodi on a PS4 without using Plex or Steam Link?

Yes, while using Plex or Steam Link provides convenient methods, you can explore other options as well. For example, you can install Kodi on a separate device, such as a Raspberry Pi or Android TV box, and use it in conjunction with your PS4.

FAQ 2: Is it legal to install Kodi on PS4?

Yes, it is legal to install and use Kodi on your PS4. However, it’s essential to note that Kodi itself is a neutral platform, and the legality of streaming specific content depends on your local copyright laws and the sources you use.

FAQ 3: Can I stream live TV on Kodi through my PS4?

Yes, Kodi supports various live TV add-ons that allow you to stream live television channels. You can explore the available add-ons and configure them within Kodi to access live TV content.

FAQ 4: Will installing Kodi on PS4 void my warranty?

No, installing Kodi on your PS4 does not void your warranty. Kodi is a legal and widely used media player software.

FAQ 5: Are there any alternatives to Kodi for PS4?

While Kodi is a popular choice, there are alternative media player options available for PS4, such as Plex, Emby, and Universal Media Server. These platforms offer similar functionality and can also enhance your media streaming experience.


Kodi has long been the favorite of many communities on the internet. Using Kodi on the PS4 machine doesn’t sound like it will happen any time soon.

Plex seems to be a great alternative to the PS4 Kodi and puts a lot of great stuff on the table.

Instead of waiting, give Plex a try. Simplistic UI and user-friendly navigation might sway you away from Kodi for a little moment.


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