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Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery Review

Are you trying to recover your data, but no good? Read this Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery Review to know about a great data recovery tool.

It was the task of only professionals to recover messages and other kinds of data saved on smartphones until some recent years. Today, you will find different tools on the internet, in which users can use themselves without requiring any technical skills.

One such amazing tool is Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery Review. Many users like to discover more about this tool before setting it up and attempting to recover data.

In this Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery Review, we will discuss Dr.Fone (Android) and find out whether it is the best tool for recovering data on Android devices.

Part 1: What is Dr.Fone (Android)? How Does It Work?

Dr.Fone Data Recovery Android is a data recovery tool, which is brought out by Wondershare. This tool allows users to be retrieved deleted or lost files, including contacts, text messages, documents, photos, and other such files that have lost or gone missing.

To understand this recovery tool better, read about some main features of Dr.Fone (Android) in this Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery Review.

  • This tool can be employed for recovering data in several situations.
  • Dr.Fone (Android) is available for computers running on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.
  • This tool features a success rate of at least 80% when it comes to data recovery.

In this Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery Review, let’s see how this tool actually works. Dr.Fone (Android) is a quite straightforward tool that does not offer anything impressive.

Meanwhile, it is a data recovery tool for Android smartphones, which works in various cases. However, you need to note that this tool has a bit lower success rate than other recovery tools.


  • Very simple to use and comprehend the data recovery procedure
  • It even comes with a counterpart to recover data on iOS devices
  • It can recover data from the dead phone for you
  • This tool supports a variety of Android smartphones


  • Its data scanning procedure is a bit slow
  • Several recently released tablets and smartphones are not supported
  • Some of the features work just with rooted devices
  • It needs an expensive license to get the full version of Dr.Fone Data Recovery (Android)

Part 2: Potential Issues that Occur from Using Dr.Fone Data Recovery (Android)

In this part of Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery Review, we are going to discuss what issues might come up when you are using the tool. So, let’s find out what potential issues could occur from using this recovery tool.

2.1 Is This Tool Available for Free?

Most users wonder about whether this data recovery tool is available free or not. So, the answer is both yes and no. Dr.Fone Data Recovery (Android) comes with a free version.

However, this version is limited, where users would not be able to employ all the features. For getting limitless access, they will need to purchase a license. It offers different kinds of license options, which include:

  • One-year license: Allows data recovery up to 5 Android smartphones, costs $39.95 a year.
  • Lifetime license: Allows data recovery up to 5 Android phones, costs $49.95 a lifetime.
  • One-year business license: Allows data recovery over more than 6 Android smartphones, costs $63.92 a year.

While Dr.Fone Android is available for free, users will have to buy any of these licenses if they do not like limitations while recovering data.

2.2 Is This Tool Safe to Use for Android devices?

The creators and many users have reported that Dr.Fone (Android) is usually safe to use. While doing this Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery Review, we also found the same results.

This tool does not transmit data over the internet, which means that all of your data recovery procedures are carried out locally from the system. Moreover, scanning results also show that there are not any malware or viruses embedded in this recovery tool.

For people who are skeptical and do not want to put their data at risk, some methods enable them to block particular programs from transmitting traffic via your firewall. They can even disconnect Wi-Fi when they use Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery.

2.3 Possible Bugs that Appear While Using Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery

Now, in this Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery Review, it is time to know if there are any potential bugs you may come across while using this recovery tool. So, you might experience some bugs while using this tool.

Definitely, users would not notice them. However, it is worth mentioning these bugs, as several users found them. There is a good possibility that you will notice these bugs as well.

The tool is susceptible to becoming unresponsive or crashing and is unstable. Due to crashing problems, there is a possibility that your data can be damaged when the software changes. Also, the application does not have a great success rate. Most users have reported that the recovery of their data was unsuccessful.

Some users report that the tool’s free trial is not free, and it needs a license if you like to use it. Also, the scanning time of devices could be long, particularly if you have lots of data on your Android device. Sometimes, this recovery tool does not accept the generated license key.

So, troubleshooting a problem and looking for a solution is not easy, while data recovery is a crucial, urgent procedure. If you come across such issues and have no idea what you should do, the best option is to look for an alternative to recovery your data.

Part 3: Best Alternatives to Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery

In this Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery Review, we are going to discuss some of the best alternatives of Dr.Fone (Android).

As stated above, users can run into several issues while using this recovery tool. This could prevent them from getting back their data. It is better to use alternatives to this recovery tool, such as UltData.

UltData Android Data Recovery

After reading the Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery Review, you know about the various pros and cons of Dr.Fone Data Recovery (Android). It is important to go for a versatile tool that eliminates all those cons for keeping your files safe in every situation.

Thus, it is best to go with UltData for Android. This is an amazing free recovery tool that has various benefits and features. Here’s a guide for describing how this free tool lets you recover data hassle-free.

Step 1: Download Tenorshare UltData Android Data Recovery

In the first place, you need to download Tenorshare UltData and install the same on your Mac or Windows PC. Launch the program and connect the Android device using a USB cable.

Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery alternative UltData for Android

Step 2: Tap on ‘Allow’

Next, you need to turn on USB debugging for the device. After that, the recovery tool will detect the device. Now, you have to give your consent for switching on ‘Super User Access.’ Then, select the ‘Allow‘ tab and then hit ‘Next.’

Step 3: Select Your Files

Select the files that you want to recover. Now, the tool will begin scanning the deleted files after you have selected ‘Next.’

UltData for Android

Step 4: Choose ‘Only Display the Deleted Items’

Once the scanning process is over, the tool will show all the lost or deleted files. Choose ‘Only Display the Deleted Items‘ option to preview and continue. Once done, tap on the ‘Recover‘ tab.

UltData for Android

Now, you are all set to save your recovered files on the system or the device. Although UltData for Android is a free recovery program, this will offer you a great experience while retrieving all the lost data. It is a highly recommended option.


After reading this Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery Review, you should have a better sense of what Dr.Fone (Android) is.

This tool lets you recover lost or missing data from your Android device. However, there are some limitations to it. That’s why it is better to go with its alternatives.

In this Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery Review, we mentioned the amazing tool, which is Tenorshare UltData for Android. These tools are more reliable, where users can use them in several data loss circumstances hassle-free.


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