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Do you want to recover data from a dead phone (Android & iPhone)? It is possible. When your phone is dead, the only thing you worry about is your precious data.

Most users save significant data on their smartphones, including videos, photos, contacts, messages, WhatsApp messages, and much more.

So, if your Android or iPhone dies, it could be a big issue if you have not created any backup on your smartphone.

Is It Possible to Retrieve Data From a Dead Phone?

Now, you may be thinking about how to recover data from a dead phone. It is possible to recover data from a dead phone using professional data recovery tools.

These professional tools, like UltData (Android Data Recovery) or UltData (iPhone Data Recovery), let you recover messages, contacts, videos, pictures, and more.

Now, see how effective these methods are and how they work to retrieve your lost data.

Points to Remember Before You Proceed

Before recovering data from a dead phone, you must know about certain things.

Here are some points that you should know before proceeding further.

#1 – What Does a ‘Dead Phone’ Signify?

A dead phone is when your smartphone does not show any logo, boot up, or other signs. This device remains black even after attempting to power up the phone multiple times.

Also, it does not respond when you charge your Android phone. So, in simple words, your Android device died.

When your device becomes dead, all the data on it is gone. And this is something that nobody wants to happen to them.

#2 – Is There a Method to Recover Data from a Dead Phone?

You can recover data from a dead phone with the help of several methods. When your phone dies, the internal memory remains unharmed.

If you like to retrieve those significant files efficiently, you can use a professional UltData Android Data Recovery tool.

This professional tool for recovering data comes with advanced features.

#3 – What Should Users Do to Reduce the Data Loss if the Phone is Dead?

To reduce the data loss to the least on Android devices, users have to switch it off and not start it again.

Provided your device’s internal memory is unharmed, you can easily recover data from the dead phone’s internal memory.

So, if you try rebooting your device repeatedly, things will turn worse.

It is time to discover different methods to recover lost data after your device dies.

In the following sections, you will find different ways of data recovery on both iOS and Android devices.

Recover Data from Dead Phone by UltData for Android

So, if your phone has become dead, recover data from a dead phone with a professional data recovery tool called UltData (Android). This tool offers the best and easiest method to fix the data loss issue.

UltData (Android) is designed especially for getting back all the deleted or lost files from Android devices, including the dead ones.

The data recovery program supports the recovery of multiple files, such as messages, WhatsApp messages, attachments, call logs, contacts, videos, photos, documents, and audio.

Even if the Android device is broken or dead, Tenorshare UltData (Android) can get back your lost data again effectively and securely.

Users can trust this application completely as its developer, Tenorshare, is an advanced, professional software provider.

Why UltData Is The Best for Android Data Recovery?

  • Recover Data Quickly: Users must click and just wait to return all the lost data to their Android tablets and smartphones in minutes. It can recover Samsung Galaxy’s lost data.
  • Selective Recovery: Users can preview the files and thoroughly examine the found data. After that, they can choose only the required items to recover.
  • Works in Every Data Lost Scenario: Irrespective of what situations caused the loss of data on your device, this tool helps you retrieve wanted files effortlessly.
  • Simple to Use: You do not need any technical skills to use this professional tool. Recovering data with this data recovery tool is so simple.
  • Highly recommended by various well-known technology sites, like TechRadar, MacGeneration, Macworld, etc.

Steps to Recover Data from Android Dead Phone:

With UltData (Android), users can recover lost data from a dead phone in just a few clicks. This tool is so easy to use and recovers data quickly.

Go through the detailed steps for recovering data from a dead Android tablet or phone with the data recovery software.

Step 1: Download UltData (Android)

First, users have to download and install UltData (Android).

Once installed, launch this program on your computer.

Next, select the ‘Recover Lost Data’ tab on the right.

Tenorshare UltData (Android)

Step 2: Connect Your Device to the Computer

Now, users must choose the right model and name of their Android device from the list.

After confirming their device information, they must connect it to the system.

Then, put your device in ‘Download Mode’ through the on-screen steps.

Connect Your Device to the Computer

Step 3: Recover Your Data

Choose the types of files you like to retrieve, and the application will start scanning for your device.

After that, select the scanned files you want and tap on the ‘Recover’ tab to retrieve them easily.

Recover Your Data using UltData (Android)

UltData (Android) allows users to save all the retrieved data on their computers in several readable formats. These formats can be taken as backup data.

The files can be copied easily if you are planning to buy a new smartphone and want them stored on that new device.

Other Methods to Retrieve Data from Android

The perfect way to protect the data on your device is to create a backup at another location.

So, if your smartphone becomes dead, restore your important data from the earlier created backup to have a great day.

There are two methods to recover data from a dead phone if you have a backup. These methods work for retrieving data from a dead phone.

However, there are several limitations to using them.

Method 1: Restore Data from Dead Phone with Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is a useful utility that can create a backup of Android devices and store all the essential data.

But this method works only when you have already created backups with this utility.

Follow the instructions below to restore your precious data files with Google Drive.

Steps to Retrieve Data from Android Through Google Drive:

If you use Google Drive, then this is the best method to retrieve lost data.

Follow the steps below to carry out this task.

Step 1: Log into Your Account

First, you need to log into the Google account on your smartphone.

Once done, you will be able to see a list of devices that you have previously used.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Restore’

Now, choose the device that you like to retrieve files.

Then, tap on the ‘Restore’ tab to transfer all your data to the new Android device.

Limitations of Using This Method:

  • Even if users choose the option of Google Drive, there is just the restricted cloud storage that they can use to store the data, which is quite insufficient.
  • Users require another device to copy and transfer the retrieved data from the dead device.

Method 2: Recover Data from Dead Android Phone Using Computer

Recover Data from Dead Phone Using Computer

This is another effective method to recover data from a dead phone.

Here, you must regularly create manual backups on your device’s system.

If you have created a copy of the essential files on the system, transfer these files if your smartphone breaks down.

Steps to Recover Data from Android Devices Through a Computer:

If you regularly create a backup of your important files on your computer, then follow the instructions given below to retrieve your files.

Step 1: Locate Your Data

Firstly, you need to examine your computer to find the exact location of your backed-up data.

Step 2: Select the Data

After that, confirm and select the files you want. Next, transfer these files to the new device.

Limitations of Using this Method:

  • This method is not perfect for recovering data from a dead phone. Here, you have to create a backup of the device beforehand. Unfortunately, no one would have planned to get their device crashed on a specific date. So, you would not have a recent backup. Also, you do not like spending hours and hours keeping your device plugged into the system just to create a backup regularly.
  • Users require another device for copying and transferring the recovered files from the broken Android smartphone.

Recover Data from Dead iOS Devices by UltData for iPhone

To recover data from a dead iOS device, you can use UltData iPhone Data Recovery.

This tool lets you recover data from a dead phone, such as contacts, pictures, notes, messages, videos, and more.

Depending on the situation, it features two recovery methods.

The first way to recover files is through iTunes backup, and the second one is through iCloud backup.

Method 1: Recover Data from Dead Phone Using iTunes Backup

Usually, one cannot scan a dead phone successfully. However, if you created a backup of your device earlier through iTunes, you can access those files with the help of iTunes backup.

Open the iPhone Data Recovery program. Then, switch to the ‘Recover Data from iTunes Backup File‘ tab from the home interface.

Choose the iTunes backup file and look for the backup. Once scanned, you must restore contacts, photos, and messages from the dead smartphone.

Recover Data from Dead Phone Using iTunes Backup

Method 2: Recover Data from Dead Phone Using iCloud Backup

If you have an account on iCloud and have created a backup, you can recover data from a dead phone using the iCloud backup.

Switch to the ‘Recover Data from iCloud Backup File’ tab from the iPhone Data Recovery home interface.

Now, log into the iCloud account. After that, choose the iCloud backup file for downloading it. Next, you can view all the files on your dead device and retrieve them.

Recover Data from Dead Phone Using iCloud Backup

Fix Your Dead iOS Device Using Tenorshare ReiBoot Simply

For fixing a dead iOS device, it is better to use a free iOS stuck utility tool called ReiBoot.

Using this iOS system repair tool, users can fix all the dead problems related to iPhones, such as the white Apple logo, black screen, red iTunes icon, and reboot loop issues.

Tenorshare ReiBoot

When your device restarts, it will return to its normal state. If you have lost anything, recover your lost files from the device.


Q1: Can I recover data from a completely dead phone?

Yes, there are methods like using custom recovery modes or seeking professional data recovery services that can help retrieve data from completely dead phones.

Q2: Is it necessary to have a backup to recover data from a dead phone?

Having a backup significantly increases the chances of data recovery. However, there are still methods available to recover data even without a backup.

Q3: How long does the data recovery process take?

The data recovery process duration depends on various factors such as the extent of damage, the size of the storage, and the recovery method used. It can range from a few minutes to several hours.

Q4: Are data recovery software solutions safe to use?

Reputable data recovery software solutions are generally safe to use. However, it is important to choose trusted software and follow instructions carefully to avoid any potential risks.

Q5: Can I recover deleted data from a dead phone?

Yes, in some cases, it is possible to recover deleted data from a dead phone using specialized data recovery methods or software. However, the success rate may vary depending on various factors.


So when talking about how to recover data from a dead phone, creating a backup is a very good habit.

However, if you have not created a backup for the important files when your device becomes dead, you can recover data from dead devices using Tenorshare UltData (Android). This application lets you recover deleted or lost data on any Android device.

To recover data on an iOS device, use the Tenorshare UltData (iPhone).

If you want your device to be normal, fix your dead iOS device with Tenorshare ReiBoot.

So, download these applications based on your OS and try out their amazing features for free!


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