How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android Internal Storage

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By Jason

Pictures are a portal to the best memories. We click pictures to record those memories and store them on our mobile phones. They can be easily shared and transferred to anyone we want to with just a click.

But sometimes, they get deleted accidentally. Has this happened to you also? Did your little cousin delete them while playing games on your phone?

The best way to prevent such a mishap is always to have all the data backed up on your phone. But if you haven’t done it and whatever may be the reason, dr.fone has got you sorted.

In this article, you will get to know about a few tips and simple instructions you need to follow to recover the files which you deleted from your Android device’s internal storage.

The best part is that you can do it in a smooth and easy manner. So read on to know more about it, and you will get to know how to recover deleted photos from Android internal storage.

Part 1: Things you need to keep in mind before you start recovering deleted pictures from the internal storage of your Android device

You should surely know them if you want to know how to recover deleted photos from android internal storage.There could be many reasons for losing precious data on your Android phone.

A corrupt firmware, bad update, malware attack, or a virus, are few of the causes which could be the reason for your phone’s data being deleted. Many a time, even we delete them accidentally from our Android phones. Whatever the reason may be, you can now recover all the deleted pictures from your device’s internal storage.

But before you proceed and get to know all about this recovery software to recover all deleted pictures from your Android and its usage, you need to know a few things beforehand.

Follow these steps to learn how to recover deleted photos from android internal storage and recover all deleted pictures from your Android’s storage in the best way possible.

1.  The first thing you need to do is to keep your phone away and stop using it. Do not make use of any application, click pictures, or videos, or play video games. Once you have deleted something from the internal memory of your android device, it doesn’t get removed from the phone storage immediately.

Instead of that, the memory which was allotted to that file gets available. This means that unless you don’t overwrite any new thing on the store it once occupied, you will be able to recover it without difficulty.

2. You need to act promptly. Find an application for data recovery and use it as soon as possible. This prompt action will surely let no data be overwritten on the internal storage of your device. If you are also looking for how to recover deleted photos from Android internal storage, then you can try out dr.fone to solve your problem with great ease.

3. Do not restart your phone many times to be able to retrieve data back. This might cause undesirable and unexpected effects.

4. Do not reset your device. Once you have factory reset your device, you will not be capable of making data recovery.

5. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should always opt for trustworthy software for data recovery. If the software is not good enough, it might be harmful to your phone and will not do any good.

Part 2: How to recover deleted photos from Android internal storage

In case you’ve accidentally deleted your photos, then don’t worry as we can help you in this case. There is a great program, namely dr.fone – Data Recovery (Android), which lets you recover your deleted photos from the internal storage of your Android device quickly and easily. This is the world’s first data recovery software.

Additionally, you can also restore other types of data using dr.fone – Recover (Android), such as messages, audio files, videos, documents, etc. Plus, you don’t have to spend any extra time learning about this software or how to use it since you can easily and quickly use it, whether you are a beginner or an expert in this area.

With dr.fone Data Recovery (Android), you can restore your data with just a single click. It is extremely easy to use and will fix your worry with just one click. It’s the number 1 software for Android tablet and smartphone recovery. Its various features are mentioned below in detail:

Unique features of dr.fone – Data Recovery (Android)

  • It is the number 1 Android tablet as well as smartphone recovery program all over the world.
  • It allows you to recover all your data from your Android tablet and mobile device, recover call recording, and even recover data from broken Android by scanning them directly.
  • You can preview and then selectively restore whatever data you want from your Android through dr.fone.
  • Support a wide variety of file types, such as Whatsapp, contacts, photos, messages, videos, audio, documents, and much more.
  • It works on more than 6,000 Android phone models as well as several Android operating systems.
  • It is available for both Windows and Mac computer operating platforms.

Get dr.fone – Data Recovery (Android)

Now, let us look at the steps as to how you can recover your deleted photos from your Android device.

Step 1: Download and install this software on your PC. Once it is installed, run this picture recovery software on the computer. After that, choose ‘Data Recovery‘ feature. You will now be able to see a window below.


Step 2: Now simply connect the Android mobile device to your computer. Be sure that your phone is charged well and its battery percentage is more than 20%. If the USB feature isn’t enabled on the device, then you will be able to see below a window.

If it is already enabled, then you need to skip this particular step. After your device is successfully connected, you will be able to see a window of the recovery software at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Once you see the window below, check the ‘Gallery.’ After that, click on the ‘Next‘ tab and continue. If you want to check other types of files too, at the exact time, you will be able to check them.

You will be able to see two models or types of scans. So, choose the one you want. It is recommended to try out “Scan for Deleted files” first.

It works in almost every situation. If it doesn’t work for you, try out the “Scan for all files.” Click on “Next” to carry on with it. The scan is a little time-consuming process so have a little patience.

You are just one step away from knowing how to recover deleted photos from Android internal storage. This tool can also recover data from Android SIM card.

Step 4: Once the scan is finished, you will begin to see all the data found in the results from the scan, one after another. If you want to recover photos from your device, choose the “Gallery” tab, and you will be able to open and see them.

Now you can simply check all the items which you want to keep. Once you have checked, chose the “Recover” tab to save them. You will now recover all the files, and your problem is solved. You now know all about how to recover deleted photos from android internal storage.

To conclude:

Each one of us has a lot of pictures and videos stored on our smartphones. But as discussed earlier, due to various reasons, they might get deleted. Later we would want to get them back and might feel sad about it.

But due to a few amazing software, you now know how to recover deleted photos from android internal storage. One such great All Samsung Recovery software is dr.fone. You already know about its easy use and application.

No matter what the reason is, you will now get back the important pictures that you once accidentally deleted. Isn’t that an amazing thing? So do check out dr.fone – Android Recover and make the most benefit out of it.

You should also recommend it to your family and friends so that everyone can benefit from the useful and fabulous dr.fone. Tell them about how to recover deleted photos from android internal storage & retrieve deleted texts on Android without a computer and help them in solving such problems easily.

After all, who doesn’t feel sad about losing some great pictures of the best memories?