What is Google Chrome Helper and the Mac Memory?

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What is Google Chrome Helper? What sort of impact does it make on your Mac? What’s the relationship between Google Chrome Helper and Mac memory? Let’s find out the answers to all those questions.

Google Chrome Helper is a special process that runs when you launch the browser. In fact, it operates between the browser’s embedded code and a server remotely. The default settings of Google Chrome make Google Chrome Helper run when you open the browser.

If you’re a Mac user who uses Google Chrome, you can occasionally observe Google Chrome Helper in Activity Monitor. As a result, your Mac will experience a variety of issues on your Mac without your knowledge.

With this article, we intend to explain all those issues and their solutions, so keep reading.

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Issues Associated with Google Chrome Helper

Although you are not aware, Google Chrome Helper can be the culprit behind various issues in your Mac. Before moving further, let’s take a look at the common issues that might be associated with Google Chrome Helper.

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01. Excessive Consumption of CPU Resources

One of the most common issues associated with Google Chrome Helper is excessive CPU consumption. In many cases, your Mac may come across malicious extensions that are poorly developed. When the system comes across such extensions, that will lead to excessive CPU usage.

In addition, your CPU can also experience strain due to poorly optimized websites. That means the CPU will have plenty of work to do when you load a poorly optimized website on Google Chrome. So, both of those issues can make your system work hard and slow down.

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02. Impact of Google Chrome Helper on Mac Memory

Just like in the previous case, Google Chrome Helper can also consume an excessive amount of RAM. In certain cases, you might notice that your Mac’s RAM is occupied heavily due to unknown reasons. If that is the case with you, it may be due to Google Chrome Helper’s functionality.

To clarify, Google Chrome has a plug-in setting that performs tasks per default configurations. These default settings can consume an additional amount of space on your system’s memory.

Eventually, it will strain your RAM and annoyingly slow your Mac. The same issue can also occur due to malicious or poorly coded browser extensions.

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03. Lagging Performance of Google Chrome

Another issue related to Google Chrome Helper is that it can make the Google Chrome browser run slowly. When the issue triggers, your Chrome browser will start to run annoyingly slowly.

When there are too many processes running in the background, the entire system will slow down. This can be really annoying, especially for mac users who expect better performance through their systems.

04. It Can Cause Your Mac to Overheat

Just open your activity monitor on the Mac system. You will see plenty of processes running in Google Chrome Helper.

Well, all those processes are running in the background, and you will hardly notice them. As a result, they will cause various issues in your system. One of those issues is overheating the Mac.

Gain More CPU by Disabling Google Chrome Helper

Now you have a good idea about ‘what is Google Chrome helper’ and its causes, let’s check the solutions. Just like any other Mac user, do you want to experience exceptional performance through your system?

If so, one of the best solutions you should try is to disable it. Will you experience any consequences as a result of disabling it? Yes, there are some minor issues.

For instance, after disabling Google Chrome Helper, you will experience some issues viewing flash content. That means, if you need to play a flash video or audio, you must select content.vtdecoderxpcservice.

It can be a minor issue in most cases for most users. With that said, let’s see how to disable it. Then, Google Chrome Helper on Mac’s memory issue will not bother you anymore.

In addition, if you are experiencing issues like this plugin is not supported in Chrome, here are the top solutions for you.

Method 1 (the Best Method): Use CleanMyMac

The best and easier method to disable Google Chrome Helper on your Mac is CleanMyMac. CleanMyMac is a third-party tool that comprises various features to optimize Mac systems.

With this tool, you can address a variety of issues that slow down your Mac. Eventually, it can bring back the optimal performance of your Mac. Well, let’s take a look at the steps to using CleanMyMac.

Run CleanMyMac X and navigate to the Optimization tab. Then, click ‘Launch Agents.’


A few Google “agents” are operating in the Mac background. Here you can disable or remove these small memory-eaters altogether. The performance of your Mac should go up.

Method 2 (the Complex Method): Manually Disable Google Chrome Helper

The above-mentioned option is indeed exceptionally easier when it comes to disabling Chrome Helper. However, those who still don’t want to use the respective software can use the following method.

It is a manual method that requires some complex steps to be taken. You must be prepared to take the harder route in this case.

2.1 Disable Google Chrome Helper using Terminal Command

There are two manual ways to resolve the Google Chrome Helper on Mac memory issue. Both methods are complex compared to the previous method (CleanMyMac). The first method is to use the terminal command and disable Google Chrome Helper.

Disable Google Chrome Helper using Terminal Command

In this case, you should launch ‘Terminal.’ You should use the spotlight search feature on your Mac to get it done. If not, you can access the same functionality through System Utilities. Regardless of the method, you choose to open ‘Terminal,’ you should use the following command.

Please note that you should avoid inverted commas. As a result of entering this command, the system will disable all the processes pertaining to Google Chrome Helper. That means even the background processes will be terminated.

2.2 Reset the Browser Settings

The next manual solution is to reset the settings of your browser to default configurations. You can follow the steps mentioned below and see if it works.

  • As the first step, you should locate the upper right corner of your Window and choose ‘Settings.’ This option appears in the form of three dots. Just click on this option.
  • You can then scroll down. You will find several options there. Choose the option labeled ‘Advanced‘ to move to the next level.
  • You can now go to the bottom of the screen. After that, you should choose the option ‘Restore Settings to Their Original Defaults.’ Then, you should confirm the process simply by clicking on the option ‘Reset Settings.’
Restore Settings to Their Original Defaults
  • You should wait for a couple of seconds now so the browser settings will get reset. As a result of this step, the background processes on Google Chrome Helper will be stopped.

By the way, let’s learn more about everything about Google Update.exe Service.

Tips to Optimize Google Chrome Helper

To optimize the performance of Google Chrome Helper and improve your overall browsing experience, consider the following tips:

  1. Keep Chrome Updated: Regularly update your Chrome browser to ensure you have the latest bug fixes, security patches, and performance enhancements.
  2. Enable Hardware Acceleration: Hardware acceleration utilizes your system’s graphics processing unit (GPU) to offload some rendering tasks from the CPU, resulting in improved performance.
  3. Manage Tabs and Extensions: Avoid opening an excessive number of tabs simultaneously, as it can strain system resources. Additionally, limit the number of active extensions to minimize the workload on Google Chrome Helper.
  4. Use Chrome Cleanup Tool: Chrome offers a built-in tool called Chrome Cleanup that can scan and remove any unwanted software or malware that may be causing issues with Google Chrome Helper.
  5. Consider Alternative Browsers: If you continue to experience persistent issues with Google Chrome Helper, you may consider trying alternative web browsers to find the one that suits your needs best.


Q1: Is Google Chrome Helper a virus or malware?

A1: No, Google Chrome Helper is not a virus or malware. It is a legitimate process that assists in various tasks to enhance the functionality of Google Chrome.

Q2: Can I disable Google Chrome Helper?

A2: While you cannot completely disable Google Chrome Helper, you can manage it by monitoring resource usage, updating plug-ins, and optimizing your browser settings.

Q3: Why is Google Chrome Helper using so much CPU?

A3: High CPU usage by Google Chrome Helper can occur due to factors such as multiple tabs or extensions, plug-in conflicts, or outdated plug-in versions. Monitoring resource usage and managing these factors can help resolve the issue.

Q4: Does Google Chrome Helper impact browser security?

A4: No, Google Chrome Helper enhances browser security by running plug-ins and extensions in separate processes, preventing them from affecting the core browser functionalities or compromising system security.

Q5: Can I use Google Chrome Helper in other web browsers?

A5: No, Google Chrome Helper is specifically designed for Google Chrome and is not available in other web browsers.


We hope now you have an answer to the question, ‘what is Google Chrome Helper.’ Whenever you use Google Chrome on a Mac computer, it can slow down due to various reasons.

One of the common culprits behind this issue is Google Chrome Helper. That is because various processes can get activated without your knowledge and use system resources such as the CPU. It can also affect your RAM. As a result, the system performance will go down significantly, making it an annoying experience.

According to our experience, the best method to resolve this issue is using CleanMyMac. Although CleanMyMac is a third-party tool, it features excellent reliability and safety.

In addition to that, CleanMyMac is packed with a variety of other features to optimize your Mac. In simplest terms, CleanMyMac is the best option to resolve the Google Chrome Helper on Mac memory issue. If you have further questions, please let us know.


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