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Time-Lapse Software

Are you looking for the best time-lapse software? All kinds of vistas modify as time passes.  Subsequently, outdoor scenes look different throughout the day. This makes it impossible to capture the day’s beauty in its entirety in a short video or a single shot.

That’s why you need timelapse software to depict the passage of time at a specific location. This lets you create a sequence in the video suggesting that a specific time amount has actually passed by.

Here, we will talk about the best free timelapse software available out there.

Best Time Lapse Software Present on the Internet

For creating a time-lapse video, users can employ two different ways of recording footage. They can either take photos or record videos at a precisely set intervals. No matter what approach you follow, you need the right equipment to perform the task.

Meaning that users need timelapse software for ensuring smooth movement of the camera. Also, they need a camera setup and an intervalometer, which can record videos or take pictures over an extended time period.

Along with that, users need a video editing tool that allows users to process the video footage. With such an editing tool, users can also control the playback rate of their videos. Now, have a look at the best free timelapse software. Using them, users can easily produce amazing time-lapse videos.

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#1 Best Time Lapse Software – Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is the best time-lapse software for Mac and Windows PC. This video editing tool lets you produce time-lapse videos effortlessly. However, the actual instructions users need to follow depend on the footage they use to create time-lapse videos.

YouTube video

If users decide to make time-lapse videos out of still pictures, they should ensure that they have enough footage. This is because the video you are producing should have 20-30 frames per second.

This is why users need 30 to 24 pictures for every second of their time-lapse videos. They need to arrange all the pictures on the timeline of this tool before they start adjusting the duration.


Choose all the timeline pictures placed in the tool’s timeline panel. For this, right-tap to access the ‘Duration Setting.’ After that, set the input duration to 0.01 seconds for every picture. Tap ‘OK‘ to move further.

Next, users will find that the length of every time-lapse picture has changed to just a brief second. Tap on ‘Playback‘ present in the ‘Preview‘ tab. Here, you can check your time-lapse video.

Filmora Best time-lapse software

In case users are creating a time-lapse video of video files, they have to double the playback rate.  This final result will depend on the footage quality they have recorded.

Also, they must perform everything they can to capture the videos or pictures properly. This is quite important to ensure before they begin editing their videos. If you wonder how to make a video louder, this tool is your best choice.

Besides, let’s figure out how to add an Old Film Effect to a video and how to slow down a video on iPhone.

#2 – iMovie

iMovie is another amazing timelapse software available for free. This software is compatible with both iOS and macOS.

Although it is not the best time-lapse software for Mac, it does not mean you cannot employ iMovie for creating a time-lapse video. For creating time-lapse videos with iMovie, users have to arrange the picture on its timeline.

After arranging the pictures, users need to modify the duration to 0.1 seconds. This can be from the ‘Clip Information‘ panel.

By doing this, users can play their time-lapse videos for ten frames per second. If you want to speed it up, export the video that you have just created and import the same into iMovie.

Now, choose the option of ‘Custom‘ from the Speed menu. Using this option, users can choose their video clip’s playback speed.

YouTube video

Creating time-lapse videos in this tool is quite a slow procedure. Thus, you need a lot of time and patience if you are dealing with lots of video clips or pictures. Otherwise, it is the best free timelapse software for iOS and macOS.

#3 – Movavi Video Editor Plus

If you are looking for a way to speed up your video, then you need Movavi Video Editor Plus. This is the best free timelapse software that lets you shoot a time-lapse video.

In case you have a 20-minute video, it is pretty easy to perform the time-lapse effect on it with Movavi. To add this effect, users just have to speed up their clips.

For creating a time-lapse video with Movavi Video Editor Plus, download and install it on your system. This tool works perfectly well with both Mac and Windows PC.

Once installed, launch this best time-lapse software on the system. To begin with, users have to import their footage.

Steps using Movavi Video Editor Plus

For importing your file, click on ‘File Import‘ and then select ‘Add files.’ After that, users have to choose the video they like to modify. Once selected, tap on ‘Open,’ and the video will appear in ‘Media Bin.’ Select the video from there and drag the same onto your timeline.

Movavi Video Editor Plus

Now, speed up your video to create the time-lapse effect. To perform this action, double-tap on your clip from the timeline. Under the ‘Clip Properties‘ tap, there is a ‘Speed‘ slider. Drag this slider to accelerate your video. Use ‘Preview’ to ensure you select the perfect speed.

Movavi Clip Properties

If you want, you can also add music to your video. For this, open the ‘File Import‘ option and tap on ‘Add Files.’ Next, select the appropriate melody or song. Also, users can choose a track from the song library.

Add Music to your video

So, this is how you can create a time-lapse video with the best time-lapse software. If you are satisfied with the outcome, tap on the ‘Export‘ tab.

When the new window opens, enter the name of your file and choose the output folder, format, and quality. Eventually, tap on the ‘Start‘ tab. You will look for the video in that particular folder.

Movavi Best time-lapse software

So, you know how to make time-lapse videos by speeding up the footage. Below, you will find the guide for creating time-lapse videos from pictures.

#4 – VirtualDub

If you are looking for the best time-lapse software for Windows, then VirtualDub is. This timelapse software is available for free for Windows. This video editor is primarily used to batch-process AVI videos and BMP image files.

Although VirtualDub does not provide a lot of editing tools, the batch-processing feature of this tool makes it perfect. So, if you are looking for the best free timelapse software, this is what you need.

YouTube video

The procedure of creating a time-lapse with VirtualDub is highly technical. This is because you need to ensure that every image that you like to use in the time-lapse video is of the same size.

Also, users need to set up the frame rate, compression, aspect ratio of the video manually. This needs to be done before you apply the same to all files that you import into this timelapse software.

So, you have to be familiar with the editing process of VirtualDub. Only then will you be able to create your time-lapse video.

#5 – GoPro Quik

GoPro Quick is the best free timelapse software for creating a time-lapse photo shot using GoPro. This editing tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems.

GoPro cameras provide you with a plethora of options for capturing video footage. Later on, you can convert the footage into a time-lapse video. For this, you surely need a GoPro camera.

YouTube video

Not just the camera, but you also need some other equipment, such as rotating camera mounts, some memory cards, or extra batteries. All these tools are important for capturing time-lapse footage effortlessly.

GoPro Quick comes with all the features you need for organizing a large number of photos and videos. It even lets you create a time-lapse video.

This best time-lapse software lets you incorporate panning effects into the time lapses. This stimulates the camera movements. GoPro Quick is a nice tool for content creators and filmmakers who record footage with different GoPro camera models.

#6 – Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is the best time-lapse software for Mac systems. This professional tool will cost you around $299.99.

By controlling your file’s playback speed, you can simply import them into a project in FCPX. Then, you just need to place the videos or photos on the timeline and choose them.

YouTube video

After that, users need to head to the submenu called ‘Retime‘ that is present in the Modify menu. Choose one option from Fast, Custom Speed, or Blade Speed. Users have to tweak the particular settings depending on the option they go with.

However, the primary goal is to speed up your footage enough to suggest a fast time passage.

To find the perfect playback speed for your time-lapse video, keep trying out different values. So, this is how you can create a time-lapse video with this time-lapse software.

#7 – Adobe Premiere Pro

If you are looking for the best time-lapse software for Windows, then go with Adobe Premiere Pro.

However, this tool works for both macOS and Windows. Although it costs you about $20.99 each month, it is one of the best video editors out there.

YouTube video

When it comes to producing time-lapse videos, it is significant how you capture and organize your photos. In order to create a perfect time-lapse, users need to sort all the pictures numerically.

After that, they can import the same into this timelapse software. While doing so, users need to ensure that they select the checkbox present next to ‘Image Sequence.’

Now, the program will generate a time-lapse video automatically from the pictures. So, you get to add the video file to your timeline rather than lots of still pictures. This timelapse software offers a wide range of editing tools.

These tools can be used for simulating camera movements, performing color correction, or controlling the playback speed of your video.

The procedure of producing time-lapse videos with this program is not complex at all. However, you should be aware of every step of this editing process to go through it effortlessly. So, use this best free timelapse software for creating your next time-lapse videos.

#8 – LRTimelapse

This tool is another best time-lapse software. LRTimelapse comes with a free trial. The subscription plan for this timelapse software starts at $99.000. This tool is compatible with both Windows and macOS.

YouTube video

Before you turn your photos into a time-lapse video, you have to edit the time-lapse pictures taken from the camera. LRTimelapse is designed especially to reduce the number of time users spend editing the footage.

This is because this best free timelapse software lets you process every photo in the Adobe Lightroom application. After that, this tool allows users to import the edited photos into the project of LRTimelapse.

Moreover, this application for Mac and PC allows users to fade out and fade in time-lapses. Not just that, but users can also adjust the white balance across the sequence they are creating. Plus, it lets you remove the unnecessary flickering effect.  

This timelapse software enables users to export their videos in high resolutions like 8K. Thus, it is a perfect tool for all photographers and filmmakers looking for powerful post-production time-lapse software.

#9 – Panolapse

When it comes to a free tool, we have to say that this best free time-lapse software has a portfolio. Therefore, it is unsurprising that we are recommending this timelapse software.

The one thing that everyone admires about this tool is its ability to add rotational panning to a time-lapse video. Earlier, to introduce this sort of motion, users would need to employ a motorized track. This track is used to move the camera around.

However, this method is limiting because the motorized tracks are not flexible.

Panolapse time-lapse software

Now, Panolapse will act as the motorized head and employ 3D perspective correction. Therefore, the rotation plan seems natural. The tool offers another amazing feature called RawBlend.

This feature enables users to compile many frames flawlessly. It is achieved by balancing out color, contrast, exposure, and other image attributes in every frame.

Plus, there is another feature related to RawBlend called Deflicker. This feature adjusts every frame’s brightness level. This eliminates the flickering that is usually observed while switching between different frames.

Also, Panolapse comes with the auto exposure function. This feature comes in handy when you have to shoot videos in regions where the light changes rapidly. Additionally, this tool is perfect for creating panoramas. One can save the final time-lapse video in various file formats like MOV, MP4, and JPG frames.

#10 – SkyStudioPro

SkyStudioPro is another best free time-lapse software for Windows. This timelapse software works perfectly well with a webcam or other capture tools. The best thing about this best time-lapse software is that it is available for free.

SkyStudioPro time-lapse software

When it comes to its features motion detection is the most amazing feature. This detection feature enables your camera to start recording immediately on detecting movement. Also, it immediately slows down the time-lapse. Thus, it is easier for you to discern the moving object.

Also, the tool can be used for making stop motion videos due to its SkyStudio Video Compiler. Here, users need to manually take a series of snapshots. After that, they can be compressed into a time-lapse video with this compiler.

SkyStudio also features a night vision mode. This mode lets you lower the frame rate while shooting at night to enhance the video and image quality. The program can make videos at any frame rate and any size. Also, this timelapse software can support two video devices at the same time.


Q1: Can I create timelapse videos with my smartphone?

Absolutely! Many timelapse software options mentioned in this article are available for Android and iOS devices, allowing you to create timelapse videos directly on your smartphone.

Q2: Do I need an expensive camera to capture timelapse sequences?

Not necessarily. While a high-quality camera can offer better image resolution and dynamic range, you can still create impressive timelapse videos using a smartphone or a basic digital camera.

Q3: Can I add music to my timelapse videos using these software tools?

Yes, most of the timelapse software options mentioned in this article provide the ability to add music or audio tracks to your videos. Check the features and capabilities of each software to find the one that suits your requirements.

Q4: Are these software options suitable for professional use?

While the software mentioned in this article is primarily aimed at enthusiasts and hobbyists, they do offer powerful features that can produce professional-grade timelapse videos. However, for advanced or complex projects, professional software options may be more suitable.

Q5: Where can I find tutorials or guides to learn more about timelapse video creation?

You can find a wealth of tutorials, guides, and online resources on platforms like YouTube, photography websites, and dedicated timelapse communities. Exploring these resources can help you learn new techniques and enhance your timelapse video creation skills.


The most important part of creating a time-lapse video is to make preparations. The video clips or photos that you like to include in your time-lapse video should be perfectly captured. This is important for depicting the time passage seamlessly.

Furthermore, the video editing program you select should offer all the tools that you will need for producing a looking professional video.

Here, we have listed some of the best time-lapse software available out there. With these timelapse software options, you can easily create time-lapse videos hassle-free.

If you are looking for the best time-lapse software, then it is suggested to go with Wondershare Filmora. It is better to use a professional tool for producing the best videos. iMovie is the best free timelapse software. However, it has its own disadvantages.

Another amazing tool that you can use is Movavi Video Editor Plus. So, these are some reliable options that you select for producing a time-lapse video.

Now, download any of these professional video editing tools and make some amazing time-lapse videos effortlessly.


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