An Existing Connection Was Forcibly Closed by the Remote Host

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an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

Have you recently been facing the “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” error on your system? This problem usually happens when you try connecting with any remote host, and the process fails.

After going through the various complaints and grievances reported by the users, we looked into the issue and carved out the best solutions.

An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

Be patient and read the article.

What Are the Reasons Behind this Error?

The lack of a physical presence characterizes the remote computer. This means that the only way to access this computer is through a computer network. The computer that hosts the network for the particular remote computer is called the Remote Host.

The user that operates the remote computer through the network is called the Remote Client. This is a great feature and revolutionizes computing processing.

However, the host and client connection has recently been facing errors.

But Before We Begin, Let Us Also Take You Through the Causes That Are the Potential Problem-Makers so That You Do the Fixing Better:

  • Disabled cryptography – If you have not noticed that the feature of Cryptography is disabled on the machine you are using, it will hinder the machine from using TLS 1.2, and it will get the application back to TLS 1.0 usage. This auto depreciation triggers the error.
  • The usage of TLS 1.0 / 1.1 – If the application uses TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1 for operation and storage, there is a high chance that the depreciated TLSs are causing the error. The right type of TLS to be used is TLS 1.2, while selecting the right protocol to be used by the application.
  • Faulty socket implementation – There are some cases where a specific socket implementation becomes the reason behind the lost connection error. The associated .NET application that causes the implementations might have got some bugs and become the troublemaker.
  • Lost code – Some users working with the Entity Framework also faced the error. This was caused by a specific line of code that was lost, causing trouble in the operation of the application.
  • An older .NET Framework – In some cases, the “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” error was being caused. The reason was the .NET framework being disabled. Some system tasks need the latest framework version installed on the PC to run properly. If the condition is not fulfilled, then they cease to function.

Five Best Methods to Fix the Connection Error

Pick any of these solutions per the issue causing the error.

Besides, here, you will figure out what is the ETD Control Center.

Method 1: Enable the Cryptography

One of the prime reasons you have seen the error message saying, “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host,” is that TLS 1.2 is prohibited from running on the machine.

This hindered the Cryptography from being operational thereby and caused the problem. A logical solution is to enable Cryptography, which will potentially solve the issue.

Below is the series of steps that you need to follow to enable the Cryptographic operation:

1. Press the keys Windows + R together to launch the prompt of the Run Dialogue box.

2. Enter the command regedit. Now hit the button to enter.


3. Navigate down and then find the address:

4. Look inside the right pane, and if you don’t find any value like “SchUseStrongCrypto,” then you will have to find this address:

5. Again, look through the right window pane and hit right-click over the option of “SchUseStrongCrypto.” Then enter the number 1 as the value of the data being entered.

Enable the Cryptography

6. Lastly, click on the option OK to save the changes you made successfully.

Now go back to the operation you were running previously and see if the error is gone.

Method 2: Force Launching the Usage of TLS 1.2

It might not have come to your notice, but the application you have been trying to run might have experienced certain changes in its configuration.

Sometimes the user settings of any application are set at TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1, while the correct option should be TLS 1.2.

This change can become the reason for the error “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.”

This method will deal with the error by changing such system configurations and setting it to TLS 1.2. Follow the steps given below:

1. Navigate and find the root folder of the particular website. Now hit a right-click over the file with the name global.asax.

2. Select the option of View Code from the given list.

3. Find the option of the method named ‘Application_Start‘ that must be in the next window pane. The line of code that we give you down below needs to be added in the particular method:

Force launching the usage of TLS 1.2

4. Save these changes that you made.

Go back to running the previous operation and see if the method has removed the error.

Method 3: Change the Socket Implementation

A faulty socket implementation is another probable reason why the error “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” has been creating trouble with the program you wanted to operate.

Sometimes, any glitch or bug that might have affected the socket implementation related to the program happens.

This hinders the program’s concerning elements from running smoothly, and the error, as mentioned earlier, is the result. In this method, we sought to configure and set up a new implementation, which will be different from the previous one.

Follow the steps we give below:

1. Before starting the process, check properly and ensure that the class StateObject is available to you. The code “public byte[] buffer = new byte[1024], public Socket socket;” should be there too.

2. Make a call over the function named “Receive (Socket s)” and then call in the mentioned code “void ReceiveCallback(IAsyncResult ar)

Once you have successfully implemented this code, go back, and see if the error remains. It would probably be solved by now.

If it is not, move ahead with the next methods that we give you for dealing with the error “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.”

Method 4: Add the Command Lines (for the Users of Entity Framework)

If you have been a user of the Entity Framework, then there might be a possibility that a particular line of code must have been left out.

We aim to deal with this issue in this method, where we will add the missing line of code to fix the final host error issue.

Follow the steps below to do so:

1. Open the file named ‘.edmx.’ on your system. You will find a file named ‘‘ below the previous file. Open it.

2. Now open the file named ‘.context.cs‘. In the associate constructor, you need to enter the line of code that we give you below:

Once the command runs successfully, go back to the application you were trying to open and see if it has gone error-free.

Method 5: Update the .NET Framework

Many elements need to operate nicely for any application to run smoothly. The .NET framework is one such component, and you need to have the latest version of this framework installed on your PC to ensure the proper functioning of the related applications.

Therefore, this method will deal with installing the updated version of the .NET framework from the right website.

Follow the steps to do so:

1. Open Microsoft’s official website to download the setup of the concerned framework. Finish the download and begin to install the setup properly.

2. Find the .exe file in the setup and open it to execute it. This will begin the process of installing the framework program.

Update the .NET Framework

3. Keep following the instructions as they appear on the screen for installing the application properly on the PC that you are using.

Now go back to run the program that you were previously trying to. See if this method successfully removes the error “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.”


1. Why does the error message “An Existing Connection Was Forcibly Closed by the Remote Host” occur?

This error message occurs when a remote host terminates the connection with your device abruptly. It can happen due to network issues, misconfigurations, or security measures implemented by the remote host.

2. How can I update my network drivers?

To update your network drivers, visit the manufacturer’s website, locate the appropriate driver for your network adapter, download it, and install it following the provided instructions.

3. Can antivirus software cause the connection termination?

Yes, overzealous antivirus software can misinterpret network traffic and forcefully close connections. Try temporarily disabling your antivirus software to check if it is the cause of the issue.

4. What is DNS cache, and why should I clear it?

DNS cache is a temporary storage of DNS records on your computer. Clearing the DNS cache can resolve conflicts and connection issues by forcing your system to fetch fresh DNS information.

5. What is TCP/IP stack, and why should I reset it?

The TCP/IP stack is a set of protocols that enables communication over the internet. Resetting the TCP/IP stack can resolve network-related issues by restoring the stack to its default state.


The error “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” hampers the connection between the server and the client. We hope that the solutions helped rectify the error and eliminate it.


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