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Apple Watch Charging Screen Snake

Are you experiencing the Apple Watch charging screen snake error and are annoyed with it?

If so, you’ve landed on the correct page as we explain how to overcome this issue in this article.

So, let’s find out how to do it.


The Apple Watch snake screen is a term used to emphasize the charging cable displayed on the device screen. This charging cable appears with a lightning symbol.

And when this graphic appears on your Apple Watch, the device will not turn on. In fact, this error is often regarded as the “Snake of Death” among many individuals.

In general, this error appears when the battery of the device is very low. As a result, the device might even fail to display its time (it works on “Power Reserve“).

Usually, this situation can emerge if your device is not charged for a very long period. If not, you can see it if you have just taken it out of the box.

Solutions to Try if You See Apple Watch Charging Screen Snake error 

If you are troubled by this issue and looking for a solution, here’s how to fix it.

There are different solutions to try so you can see which method can solve your situation.

01. Charge Your Apple Watch

Charge Your Apple Watch

The obvious first solution you should try is charging your Apple Watch. As mentioned before, the Apple Watch snake screen appears when the battery is drained out completely.

So, to come out of this situation, you should try to charge it completely and see if it works. In this case, you are supposed to plug in your Apple Watch to its charger and let it charge. At this stage, your device might display the snake-like graphic until it is charged.

You should know that this snake-like screen will appear for a pretty long time. Some users say that they waited for about four hours until this screen disappeared. So, you can try the same (leave it for about 6 hours plugged into the charger). Eventually, it might be switched on.


Please note that it is better to keep the Apple Watch connected to the charger until it is charged. You can even leave it overnight and see if it changes. On the other hand, if it takes a very long time to charge, see if the watch is overheated.

If your Apple Watch’s battery is damaged, just unplug it so you can prevent worsening the situation.

Very Important

Let’s assume that the Apple Watch snake screen has a red color lighting symbol. That means your device is not getting any power. So, there’s no point in keeping the device plugged into the charger.

However, if the lighting symbol appears in green, you can keep hope; the power is being sent. All you need is to be patient at this stage.

A Bonus Solution

A user says that he succeeded using a pretty interesting method. According to that user, he let the battery of the Apple Watch depleted entirely. Then, he charged the device using a cheap, slow charger.

In fact, the user has tried the cheapest charger on the market. We don’t say that this method will work all the time for all the users. However, if you can afford to buy a cheap charger, you may give it a try with some hope.

02. Use a Different Charging Cable

Use a Different Charging Cable

In some cases, the problem may relate to the charger itself. If your MagSafe charger has some defects, you should not expect it to charge your Apple Watch properly.

Well, your charger can get damaged by accidental drops, dampness, and due to many other reasons.

So, if you have another Apple Watch, you can simply try to charge it using your charger. This will confirm if the respective charger is working or not.


We always encourage our readers to use original Apple accessories. That will minimize the potential errors your devices may experience over time.

If the issue is related to the charger, you have no other option than to purchase a new one. You can purchase it online or offline as you wish.

03. Ask for a Replacement

If there’s nothing wrong with the charger and you cannot find out the issue, what can you do? The next resort you can rely on is taking your Apple Watch to the nearest Apple Store.

If your device is under warranty, you can even ask for a replacement from Apple. Before that, however, they will check what’s actually wrong with your device and offer a solution.

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What Are the Causes of the Apple Watch Snake Screen?

Well, for those who wonder why they see an Apple Watch charging screen snake, here’s a must-read section.

As we mentioned before, an entirely depleted battery is the main cause. An empty battery will never be able to boot your device’s OS.

That said, here are the reasons for your Apple Watch battery to deplete completely.

  • You have left your Apple Watch unattended and uncharged for a considerably long period.
    • Let’s assume that you have shut down the device. Even then, its internal battery will function and power the device for the most basic functions. For instance, it will keep the device’s date and time updated all the time. But if you don’t charge the device for a long time, the battery will run out of power. When it doesn’t have enough power even to keep the date updated, Apple Watch charging screen snake can arise.
  • You have just purchased your brand-new Apple Watch with zero power in its battery. This can happen if your device has been stored for a pretty long time before your purchase.
  • Your Apple Watch is exposed to direct sunlight for a lengthy period, with or without your knowledge. Such a practice can make your Apple Watch battery more heated than its usual temperature. As a result of overheating, the battery’s ability to retain power will reduce considerably. When the battery doesn’t charge anymore, you will have to go for a replacement.

Preventive Measures to Consider

There are several preventive measures you can take to avoid this issue.

● Charge Your Apple Watch Constantly

Make sure that you charge your Apple Watch constantly without leaving it uncharged for lengthy periods.

● Don’t Expose It to Hot Sunlight for Prolonged Times

Sunlight can make your device’s battery overheat and reduce its ability to retain power.

● Use Genuine Apple Accessories

Make sure that you use a genuine Apple charger to charge your Apple Watch.

● Plug It into a Reliable Power Source

Make sure that you charge your Apple Watch using a reliable, steady power source.

By the way, here, we will figure out why my Apple Watch battery drains so fast and what measures you can take to improve the battery life of your Apple Watch.


When you see the Apple Watch charging screen snake, you don’t have to get frustrated at once. The issue can be simpler than you assume.

For instance, it might happen if you have left your Apple Watch uncharged for a long period. In that case, you may be able to resolve the issue simply by charging it for some time.

However, in case of a physical defect, you may have to go for a replacement. The same applies to the defective charger as well.

Do you know any other method to get this issue fixed? Please keep us posted.


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