How to Fix the Mac Stuck on Apple Logo Issue Easily?


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Mac Stuck on Apple Logo

Is your Mac stuck on the Apple logo? Learn here why this problem occurs and how you can fix it. Apple is a company that always stays ahead in the industry.

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This company delves into tech territory that only a few companies risk venturing to. So, Apple is the one that sets some standards for all to follow.

When it comes to incredible performance and simplistic designs, Mac systems are pretty exceptional. However, these computers are not immune to issues like ‘Mac stuck on Apple logo.’ This error is something that many Mac users struggle with.

Users can be met with the issue unexpectedly. This becomes even worse when users are not tech-savvy, as they will be left clueless about how to fix it.

However, there is nothing to worry about as we have come up with some easy solutions. Also, learn why this issue occurs in the first place. So, let’s read how to fix this Mac issue!

Is your Mac stuck on the Apple logo? There can be various reasons why you come across this issue on your Apple screen. When your system turns unresponsive, you could be dealing with the following scenarios:

Reasons Why Mac Stuck on Apple Logo

1. Complications Made by Updates

Sometimes, your Mac is stuck on the Apple logo after you update the macOS. Updating the macOS can lead to this issue are not necessarily slim. You can face this issue when your system drivers are not compatible with a new update of macOS.

2. Faulty Applications

Also, some apps may be incompatible with the new macOS after upgrading the system. These apps may function normally in the beginning, but they start misbehaving after rebooting.

Thus, these applications end up damaging your MacBook’s boot process entirely. As a result, your Mac gets stuck on the Apple logo (how to fix iPhone stuck on the Apple logo).

3. Misuse of the Power Button

Mostly, the ‘Mac stuck on Apple logo’ issue occurs due to actions performed by the user. If anyone or you press the power button discriminately to shut down the MacBook.

Thus, you can damage the macOS, freeze your Mac screen, or put the same in the boot loop. So, it is always recommended to shut down your system through the appropriate procedure.  

4. Old Batteries

However, it is not always the user who is responsible for the stuck issue on Mac. In some cases, you face the Mac stuck on Apple logo issue when the battery’s life approaches an end. At that time, its capacity starts diminishing quickly. It usually happens if the batteries are quite old.

When you update your system, your batteries can drain completely before they can end all the processes and shut down properly. So, your MacBook runs a freezing risk throughout the startup process.

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Part 2: Different Solutions to Resolve The ‘Mac Stuck on Apple Logo’ Issue

So, you know now why your Mac gets stuck on the Apple logo. Now, it is time to learn about effective solutions for fixing this issue. There are various solutions available out there. If one solution does not work, then the next one definitely will.

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The first thing that you can try to fix ‘Mac stuck on Apple logo’ is to force shut down the system. This is because no keys respond when your system gets stuck or freezes completely. So, this is an assured way to come out of this frustrating state your MacBook is in.

The force restart process employs hardware, i.e., the power tab, for shutting down all the software. Also, it will be great if you disconnect your peripherals from the system before restarting it. This is because, many times, conflict happens in the system when you connect certain peripherals simultaneously.

While doing so, your mouse should be the one component that needs to be attached if it is a MacBook. For Mac systems, you should connect the keyboard and mouse only. It is not at all complicated to shut down your MacBook.

Step 1: First, press the power tab from the right side of your keyboard. So, this will shut down your MacBook. This will take just 5 seconds or so.

Step 2: After a while, press the power tab to reboot the MacBook. Hopefully, you will no longer face the ‘Mac stuck on Apple logo‘ issue. If no luck, then look at the following solutions.

Restart Mac to fix Mac stuck on Apple logo

Booting your system in safe mode helps in troubleshooting issues. This safe boot feature is primarily intended for such purposes. This makes it quite possible for users to scan the disk. Thus, they get to know if they are dealing with file system problems.

Also, the safe boot offers a platform that allows the alteration of the aforementioned issues. This safe boot was specially designed as a preventive against software problems related to Mac.

Step 1: Here, you need to do more complex things than just pressing the power tab. If your MacBook is switched off, then switch it on by pressing the ‘Shift‘ tab.

Step 2: After you see the Apple logo on your screen, release off the ‘Shift‘ tab.

Boot Mac to Safe Mode

Step 3: Once your MacBook shows off its main interface, go to ‘Spotlight‘ present on the interface’s right side. Enter “disk” in the search column and then choose the ‘Applications: Disk Utility‘ option from the listed ones.

Step 4: From there, you need to tap on the ‘Macintosh HD‘ tab. Here, it is possible that you may see more disks than just one. However, you just have to select the startup drive. This is the one where the primary system files are. Do not select the external drive with media files and other things.

Boot Mac to Safe Mode

Step 5: Under the ‘Disk Utility‘ section, you will see a button called ‘First Aid.’ Tap on this tab and then hit ‘Run‘ to initiate a check on your disk. This will scan all of the disks and confirm problems if it detects any.

Step 6: Now, your MacBook will restart normally. The ‘Mac stuck on Apple logo‘ will be fixed by now. Otherwise, look for the other solutions listed below.

Method 3: Fix the ‘Mac Stuck on Apple Logo’ Issue by Resetting the PRAM/NVRAM

If you have no idea, MacBooks come with a small amount of memory. However, this memory plays a big role when it comes to the functioning of your system. The PRAM (Parameter RAM) and NVRAM (Non-Volatile RAM) constitute this small memory.

The NVRAM and PRAM work together, featuring some storing particular settings for the smooth functioning of your MacBook. They perform things like sound volume and display resolution.

As this memory needs to be active perpetually, even turning off the MacBook does not clear NVRAM or PRAM. These two always stay functional and active due to the capacitors that are affixed to your system’s motherboard. So, they both are quite useful.

Unfortunately, these two memory units can be damaged too. After tampering with the settings, your MacBook may face some issues, and only ‘zapping’ or resetting can resolve them. To do so, you need to press some keys.

Find the instructions below:

Step 1: Firstly, you should switch off your Mac.

Step 2: After that, press the ‘Command,’ ‘P,’ ‘R,’ and ‘Option‘ keys simultaneously and quickly.

Fix the Issue by Resetting the PRAM NVRAM

Step 3: Keep on pressing these keys until you hear a start-up sound on the system.

Step 4: Now, you can release the keys.

Now, your MacBook will start to function normally. However, readjust your settings from the ‘System Preferences‘ once your MacBook restarts.

Method 4: Fix ‘Mac Stuck on Apple Logo’ by Resetting the SMC

Another important component of the MacBook is the SMC. Nevertheless, this could be a reason behind the Mac being stuck on the Apple logo problem.

Here, SMC refers to the ‘System Management Controller,’ which controls low-level system operations. These functions include a response to presses to the power button, battery, keyboard backlighting, thermal management, etc.

So, resetting the SMC can fix various issues, including Mac being stuck on the Apple logo. This even rectifies power-related and hardware issues.

To fix the stuck issue, follow the:

Step 1: Firstly, switch off the MacBook.

Step 2: Next, connect the power adapter to your system.

Step 3: Keep pressing the ‘Power,’ ‘Control,’ ‘Option,’ and ‘Shift‘ tabs together.

Reset SMC to fix Mac stuck on Apple logo

Step 4: Release all the keys simultaneously. That’s it!

Method 5: Try Running Disk Utility in the Recovery Mode

If the ‘Mac stuck on Apple logo’ issue persists, try running the Disk Utility. This option has the strength to resolve various iOS issues, including the frozen screen.

Step 1: Press the ‘Command‘ and ‘R‘ keys together to reboot your system.

Step 2: Release the tabs immediately when the Apple logo appears.

Step 3: Open ‘Disk Utility.’ Next, choose ‘Continue.’

Run Disk Utility In Recovery Mode to Fix Mac stuck on Apple logo

Step 4: Tap on the tab ‘First Aid.’

Method 6: Try Running Apple Diagnostics

Apple diagnostics is capable of accomplishing tests on the hardware of your MacBook. Before 2013, Mac systems employed Apple Hardware Test (AHT) in place of Apple Diagnostics.

These tests regulate what hardware components might be at fault. They provide appropriate solutions to the problems.

To fix ‘Mac stuck on Apple logo,’ you should perform the following steps:

Step 1: Ensure all peripherals are disconnected from the MacBook except your keyboard.

Step 2: Switch off the system.

Step 3: Now, switch on the system by holding the ‘D‘ tab.

Step 4: Next, a grey-colored screen will come up asking for the language. Select the language and let Apple Diagnostics check your MacBook.

Try Running Apple Diagnostics

Step 5: After some minutes, detected errors, along with potential solutions and reference codes, will be pointed out there, if any. These codes help when you go to Apple Support/Retail Store for help.

Step 6: Once done, either select ‘Shutdown‘ or ‘Restart.’ Or else press ‘S‘ to shut down and ‘R’ to restart the system.

By the way, if you are bothered by the “cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified” error on your Mac, here are five solutions to fix it easily.

Part 3: Recover Your Data from Corrupted Mac by Creating Bootable Media

If everything fails, then look somewhere else to resolve your issues. Do you know anything about a data recovery tool? Such tools are capable of retrieving your lost data.

Recoverit Data Recovery is such an effective tool. This program was designed to recover all data types, such as documents, audio, music, photos, etc.

Recoverit can even scan corrupted drives efficiently and quickly. Also, it scans drives featuring virus attacks or their files deleted mistakenly.

This tool can recover files from flash drives and digital cameras to memory cards and recycle bins. Check out below how it works!

Step 1: Launch Recoverit and select the ‘Recover from Crash Computer‘ option from its home interface. Then, tap on ‘Start.’

Recoverit Data Recovery

Step 2: Next, select the mode that you like to employ for creating bootable media. Two options are available, which are CD/DVD or USB. Choose one and then select the ‘Create‘ tab.

create bootable media

Step 3: After that, choose ‘Format now.’ This will format everything on the device that you connected.

Recoverit Format Now

Step 4: The process will take some time. Ensure that you do not eject or remove the media during the writing process.

Creating bootable media

Step 5: After creating the bootable media, you will come across a stepwise guide. This guide will help you in recovering your data from the crashed system.

Create bootable media completely

Part 4: Recover Your Data from Corrupted Mac Through Bootable Media

Now, learn how you can recover your data from the corrupted system through bootable media. Use that bootable drive for booting into the computer. When it is off, connect a USB to the MacBook. After that, power on the computer. Listen for the chime sound and hold down the ‘Option‘ tab.

Performing this will provide you access to the ‘Startup Manager‘ of your MacBook. Release off the ‘Option‘ tab once you check it. After that, enable it to identify any drives with bootable content connected to your system.

Use the pointer to select the USB drive. Double-tap on it, and the computer will begin booting from the USB.

Now, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: To recover your Mac’s lost files, choose the drive from where the lost files are. If you could not locate the drive, refreshing your list could assist.

Recoverit Data Recovery

Step 2: Find the lost files when performing an all-around scan on the chosen drive. One can pause the scanning process in between when you perceive anything uncommon.

Recoverit Find the lost files

Step 3: In the next window, you will see all the recovered files. Choose and find the data using its preview feature. With Recoverit, you can preview both videos and images. Tap on ‘Recover‘ to retrieve the files.

Recover files using Recoverit


Q1: Why is my Mac stuck on the Apple logo during startup? A1: Your Mac may get stuck on the Apple logo due to various reasons, such as incompatible software, hardware conflicts, or corrupted system files.

Q2: I’ve disconnected external devices, but my Mac still won’t boot. What should I do? A2: If disconnecting external devices didn’t resolve the issue, try resetting the SMC, booting in Safe Mode, running Disk Utility, or reinstalling macOS.

Q3: Will reinstalling macOS delete my files? A3: Reinstalling macOS may not delete your files, but it’s always recommended to have a backup of your important data before performing any major system changes.

Q4: How do I contact Apple Support? A4: You can contact Apple Support by visiting Apple’s official website and accessing their support section. They offer various contact options, including phone support and live chat.

Q5: Can I fix the Mac stuck on Apple logo issue myself, or should I seek professional help? A5: You can try the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article to fix the issue yourself. However, if you’re not comfortable or the problem persists, it’s advisable to seek professional help from Apple Support or an authorized service provider.


So, these are some methods to fix the ‘Mac stuck on Apple logo‘ issue. All these methods are quite effective and useful. Try them one by one until the issue gets resolved successfully.

However, if you lose the files on your MacBook in a worst-case scenario, then recover your files. With Recoverit, users can recover their lost files hassle-free.


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