Ways to Empty the Recycle Bin & How to Recover Files

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By Jason

We commonly delete some unwanted files to free up disk space since the system runs so slowly and your patience is about to run out.

The items removed from the Windows computer are not gone. They are saved in the recycle bin in their original state.

So you still have a chance to recover the files unless you empty the Recycle Bin, which will result in data loss. Of course, you can use the Recycle Bin to store files that seem to be useless at this stage.

However, the space is limited once it is over the size of the rated space; the content would be automatically deleted to release the space for the new one.

This is why your files are missing since you never perform any operation of emptying the recycle bin.

Part 1. How to empty the Recycle Bin

Step 1. Click on the icon for recycle bin.

Right-click on the recycle bin, and then you will see a dialogue box come up to you.


Step 2. Choose the “Empty Recycle Bin” option

Select the option of “Empty Recycle Bin” in the dialogue box.


Step 3. Operate emptying the recycle bin

As you see the dialogue box of “Delete Multiple Items,” you can press “YES” to process further. And it will display a progress bar that shows the progress of the removal process.

And then, your files in the recycle bin will be deleted one by one as the process moves further. It may take a few minutes to carry out this process, given the size and number of the files and the running state of the system.

You should notice that files can also be retrieved, although the recycle bin has deleted them permanently.

Part 2. How to restore files after you empty the Recycle Bin

To retrieve permanently deleted files, you need effective recovery software. Recoverit Data Recovery is one of your best choices.

It can help restore files from the computer or other removable devices, such as flash disks, memory cards, digital cameras, etc. The deletion may be caused by formatting, a corrupt system, or similar situations.

The Wizard Mode Recovery tool is designed for the beginner and can be used without difficulty. You can do the process according to the prompt shown on the desktop and enter some text as you will be required.

The Mode Recovery tool is designed for professionals considering their technical expertise. You will obtain higher technology experience and support by choosing this mode.

To allow this software to solve your problem in the field of data recovery, you should download the version of Recoverit Data recovery, which is suitable for windows, then install it on the computer and start it.

The most important thing you should pay attention to is that don’t install this kind of software on your hard disk since the data on it may be missing.

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Part 3. Recover the data with Wizard Mode

Step 1. Choose wizard recovery Mode

After the wizard is installed successfully, you can use this software. You are only asked to answer two questions, then press the “Next” button to process further. Then perform the other tasks according to the prompt.

Step 2. Select the type of files which should be recovered

At first, you should select one or more file types since you want to restore them. Of course, if the lost data is in different documents, you can select all types you like, such as videos, documents, audio, emails, photos, and so on.

Step 3. Select the position of your lost files

After you have selected the file type, you need to make sure where your documents disappeared. And select the right position; for instance, if you lost files from the recycle bin, then mark the recycle bin.

Of course, there are many possible places, such as your desktop, “My Documents,” “Disk C,” and so on. But, if you can’t identify the location, just select Computer.

Step 4. Press on the “Start” button to begin the data recovery

Press on “Start” to begin the recovery process. You should notice two options on your desktop, one is Raw file recovery, and the other is Deep scan.

Selecting the Deep scan option will retrieve the lost data on your computer according to the file format. And the option of Raw file recovery will help you receive lost files caused by various reasons. Of course, you can select to ignore these options, as you know how you deleted the files.

Step 5. Restore the lost files

If you choose the “All files” option mentioned in step 2, the list displays the files according to the category, such as database, archives, video, audio graphics, email, and so on.

All of these files can be previewed before you choose to recover them. You can preview the files of Excel, PDF, PPT, RAR, and photos such as JPG, PNG, or TIF. Even if the program is underway, you can also check the data.

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Part 4. Some knowledge about Recycle Bins you should know.

The Recycle Bins is a garbage collection container like any other bin. But it is unique in its digital features, and the things it collects are files that can be recovered.

If you empty files accidentally, you can also get items back using the data recovery tool. Sometimes, you would find the files disappear suddenly because the storage space of Recycle bins is limited.

If you throw any new files in them, the old ones will be deleted automatically without warning. But don’t be nervous, since you can also restore them.

If you can’t find the icon of Recycle Bins on the screen, that is to say. It is hidden for some reason. You can get it back without any obstacles by following the right steps.

What’s more, if you want to change the style of this icon, the dialogue box of the Change Recycle Bin icon will give you a hand.