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No AMD Graphics Driver Is Installed

“Hello experts, I get a message saying No AMD graphics driver is installed. Strangely, this error appears even though I have already installed those drivers. I guess that the drivers are installed properly, but why do I get that error? Please help me out!”

If you are in the same situation as the above user, you will find this article to be helpful. We explain everything related to this matter and how to overcome it with a couple of easy steps. So, go ahead and keep reading.

Have you already received an error message with the text “No AMD graphics driver is installed on Windows 10“? If so, you are not alone at all. There are many other users who experience this error due to various reasons.

No AMD Graphics Driver Is Installed on Windows 10

Some get this message even after installing the drivers for their AMD graphic cards. No matter what reason you get the message, it is always possible to fix it.

So, in this article, we will explain how to address this error.

Solutions to Fix the No AMD Graphics Driver Is Installed on Windows 10

To identify the nature of this error, you can go to the Device Manager option. Then, you can see the option “Display Adapters,” among many other devices listed below. You can expand it by clicking on it. Then, if you see your AMD graphics with an exclamation mark (yellow), that indicates an error.

In other words, that indicates an error related to the graphics driver. With a couple of easy steps, however, you can get it fixed and use your computer as usual.

Display Adapters

Consider several different steps if your computer gives a “no AMD graphics driver is installed Nvidia” error. However, you won’t need to use all of them; instead, try the first solution and move to the other.  

PS: if you are experiencing the Video_Dxgkrnl_Fatal_Error, here are the best fixes.

Method 1: Update the Drivers

This is the first solution to try if you notice the “no AMD graphics driver is installed on Windows 10”. This error can emerge if the respective driver is corrupted, infected, or missing. So, the best approach is to update the drivers and see if it works.

On top of that, it is always better to practice keeping your drivers updated all the time. Such an approach will prevent you from experiencing various errors. Please follow below simple steps to update drivers on your system.

Important: Please note that there are two main options to use when it comes to updating drivers. You can either update those drivers manually or do it automatically if you prefer convenience. Anyway, we will explain both of these methods so you can choose the most appropriate option.

Option 01: Update Drivers Manually

First, let’s learn how to update your drivers manually. Needless to say, this method might take some time and effort compared to the automatic method.

Just follow up below the simple guide if you want to update the drivers successfully.

01. First, you should press both the “Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously to wake the “Run” utility up. After that, enter the text “devmgmt.msc” in the box provided. You can then hit the “Enter” key or press “OK” to proceed. That will open a new window labeled “Device Manager“.  


02. Now, please click the “Display Adapters” and perform a double click. That will expand the respective list and display the available drivers.

03. Now, please perform a right-click on the driver related to the AMD Graphics. You will see a popup menu. You should choose the option called “Update Driver” to proceed. Then you will see another window with different options.

Choose the message that says “Search Automatically….“. Then, you can follow the instructions displayed on the screen to complete it successfully.

Update Driver to fix No AMD Graphics Driver Is Installed on Windows 10

However, in some cases, you may see that Windows doesn’t find any updates for the driver. In that case, please visit the official website of AMD.

Then, you should download the most recent drivers for your AMD graphics card and get them installed. Once the installation is completed, you can restart the PC and see if the error is gone.

Note: You should be very careful when downloading drivers manually through online sources. Some websites may offer drivers with malicious codes in them, and they will cause various troubles in your system. So, be sure to visit official websites only.

Also, here are the top best APUs for gaming and a comprehensive guide on WIA Driver for your reference.

Option 02: Use Driver Easy to Download Drivers Automatically

As mentioned before, this is the second and most convenient method to download drivers. In this case, you can rely on a professional application like Driver Easy to get it done.

With this specific application, you can easily download the most accurate drivers from trusted sources. That will eliminate the risk of downloading malicious codes on your computer. Also, it saves plenty of time thanks to its efficiency.

Driver Easy is designed with the ability to recognize all the malfunctioning drivers on your system. Once installed, it can perform a complete scan on your operating system to find the faulty drivers. Then, it will search for the most appropriate drivers from the official websites to move forward.

After that, the application itself will download all those drivers without leaving any guesswork for you. In a nutshell, Driver Easy is an app that keeps guesswork and risks away while saving plenty of time.

With Driver Easy, you can experience two methods to download drivers. You can download drivers for free or with the pro version. With the free version, it is always possible to download the drivers for free, one by one.

However, if you go for the pro version of the same, you can download drivers with two clicks. That means it downloads all the drivers from the official sources of the manufacturer. Also, their pro version comes with a money-back guarantee as well (for 30 days). On top of that, you get full support.

How to use Driver Easy if No AMD Graphics Driver is Installed 

First, you should download Driver Easy on your PC and get it installed following the on-screen instructions.

After that, launch Driver Easy on your PC to see its main interface. After that, you should press the button called “Scan Now” to proceed. Then, you will see that a scan is carried out. It will detect all the problematic drivers on your PC.

Driver Easy

Now, if no AMD graphics driver is installed in Windows 10, it will be marked with a flag. Please just click the “Update” button located next to it. Driver Easy will download the correct version of the driver automatically. In fact, you can accomplish this task by using the free version of Driver Easy.

If you want to update all the drivers at once and update them, click on “Update All.” That will update all the drivers on your system. However, to perform such an action, you should have a Pro version of Driver Easy.

Fix No AMD Graphics Driver Is Installed on Windows 10 with Driver Easy

Method 2: Go to Safe Mode and Uninstall the Faulty Driver

Here’s another method to try if no AMD graphics driver is installed on Nvidia on your PC. In this case, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

01. Boot your PC in Safe Mode.

02. Now, go to Device Manager and choose “Display Adapters.” After that, perform a right-click on AMD graphics. Then, please click on “Uninstall” and proceed.

03. Now, you should see a confirmation message. Just confirm the option and press Uninstall.

Go to Safe Mode and uninstall the faulty driver

04. You can reboot your computer and see if no AMD graphics driver installed on Windows 10 is persisting.

05. If you see no success, you can try to clean and install the drivers once again.

Method 3: Get MS Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Patch Installed

Mentioned below is how to perform this solution.

01. Go to Control Panel and choose the option called “Add/Remove Programs.”

02. Now, you can find Microsoft Visual Studio 2005; just uninstall it.

03. After that, download MS Visual C++ 2005 SP redistributable patch. Choose the file based on the version of your OS.

04. Now, you can restart your PC so the changes will be applied.

05. Then, you can update the drivers.

That’s it!


  1. Q: Can I use Windows Update to install the AMD graphics driver? A: Windows Update may install a generic driver for your AMD graphics card, but it is recommended to download and install the official driver from AMD’s website for optimal performance.
  2. Q: How often should I update my AMD graphics driver? A: It is advisable to check for driver updates regularly, especially when experiencing issues or when new game titles are released. Updating every few months is a good practice.
  3. Q: Can I use a driver update utility to update my AMD graphics driver? A: While driver update utilities exist, it is generally recommended to download and install the driver manually from the official AMD website to ensure compatibility and avoid potential issues.
  4. Q: Why is it essential to back up my data before resetting Windows 10? A: Resetting Windows 10 removes all installed applications and files, so backing up your data ensures you don’t lose any important files during the reset process.
  5. Q: How can I prevent the “No AMD graphics driver is installed” error in the future? A: To prevent this error, regularly check for driver updates, avoid conflicting programs, and ensure your computer’s antivirus software does not interfere with the driver installation process.


Experiencing the “No AMD graphics driver is installed” error can be frustrating, but with the right solutions, you can overcome this issue and restore your AMD graphics card’s functionality.

Try the methods outlined in this article, from reinstalling or updating the driver to performing a clean boot or seeking professional assistance. Remember to always keep your drivers up to date to prevent similar errors in the future.


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