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Some of our readers have mentioned that their YouTube comments are not showing. Are you reading this article because you have faced the same issue?

Well, continue reading this article and learn how to get it fixed.


YouTube comments not showing

It is true that Google Chrome has become an incredibly popular browser across the world. Needless to say, we all use browsers for at least a couple of minutes every day. We use a browser to access different types of content, including entertainment, education, work, and so on.

However, Google Chrome behaves with a specific characteristic when it plays YouTube. In fact, in certain cases, YouTube comments are not showing on the Chrome browser for some reason. As long as you don’t want to read comments, that won’t be an issue for you.

However, for many other users, invisible comments can be an annoying issue. Interestingly, the “YouTube comments not showing” issue is limited only to the Google Chrome browser.

So, as the most basic issue, many users tend to use a different web browser instead of Chrome.

What Makes YouTube Comments Not Showing?

There are only a couple of reasons behind invisible YouTube comments on Google Chrome. In the majority of cases, the issue can trigger due to a third-party addon installed on Chrome. However, there are two other causes behind this issue and let’s get to know about them better.

Besides, let’s learn more about why YouTube is not working, there was an issue signing you into YouTube.

● The Cookies on Your Browser Make YouTube Comments Not Show

One of the most common reasons behind the “YouTube comments not showing” issue is cookies. According to many reports, the cookies that are saved by YouTube itself on Chrome can cause this error. You may already know that Cookies are saved by all websites.

This is required to store the browsing habits of users. Respective websites will utilize that information to make it a better browsing experience for users.

In simplest terms, cookies are necessary to provide you with an enhanced user experience. With that said, you can fix this issue by cleaning the browsing history on Chrome.

● The History of YouTube Makes YouTube Comments Not Show

In some specific cases, the issue “YouTube comments not showing” can appear due to the history of the browser. In general, all browsers tend to store the history of the sites that are visited.

As a result of storing history, users can access those sites without much effort. However, it can eventually lead to some problems, including “YouTube comments not showing” in your Chrome browser. If that is the case, the best move is to delete the browser history.

● Due to a Third-party Addon

We tend to install many addons on our browsers to accomplish various tasks easily. However, these add-ons can conflict with the regular functionality of the app. This is particularly true with the add-ons that are installed through third-party sources.

In many cases, a “YouTube comments not showing” error can appear due to those third-party add-ons. The only way to solve this issue is by uninstalling those troublesome third-party apps.

Now you have a basic understanding of the causes behind the issue, let’s learn how to fix it. In fact, we explain several methods to get rid of this error so you can succeed. Read all those instructions carefully and learn how to get it done.

Solution 1: Clear the History and Cookies of Your Browser

If you see that YouTube comments are not showing, the most fundamental solution is to clear the history cookies. As we explained above, your browser saves cookies and history to give you a better browsing experience.

When it comes to cookies, they are used pretty much by any website today. Those cookies contain your browsing habits and preferences. When you visit the same website, your preferences will be extracted through the cookies and loaded easily.

However, the same feature can end up causing various troubles. So, just try to clear the cookies as the first solution if your YouTube comments are not showing.

In addition to cookies, browser history can cause various troubles, including invisible YouTube history. You can address this issue simply by clearing the browsing history. In fact, we suggest our readers clear both the history and cookies at once.

But you should also remember that the entire browsing history will be gone after this action. It will not contain any URL you have visited before.

Also, the login passwords for websites and online accounts will be deleted. Have that in mind before clearing the browsing history and cookies.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to clear cookies and browsing history without any confusion.

Here are the steps to clear history and cookies on your Chrome browser.

  • Launch the Chrome browser on your PC to begin.
  • Now, you can see the “More” button, which is located in the top-right corner. In fact, it is represented by a three-dotted icon.
  • Now, from the drop-down, you should choose the “More Tools” option to proceed. Then, you should select the option called “Clear Browsing Data.”
Clear the History and Cookies of your browser
  • You will see a separate dialog box with options like “Browsing History” and “Cookies.” Be sure to tick all those options.
  • As the next step, you should select the option “All Time” from the drop-down. However, if you don’t need to delete the entire browsing history, you can specify a particular period. But we strongly suggest you clear “All Time” data if you want to experience better results.
Clear the History and Cookies of your browser
  • Then, you should launch YouTube once again and check if you can see the comments.

Solution 2: Disable the Third-party Addons You Have Installed on the Browser

It is true that third-party add-ons have become very useful and also offer extra functionality. However, in many cases, these add-ons can become more of a trouble than helping you.

In that case, the only solution is to get rid of those add-ons. Once the add-ons are removed from the browser, the browser will function in its default mode.

One of the most common types of add-ons used is ad-blockers. These add-ons are used to block the ads that pop up when you open websites. Interestingly, many users who have used ad-blockers say that their YouTube comments are not showing.

So, first, it is better to uninstall the ad-blockers you have installed. If you don’t have any ad-blockers, uninstall the other add-ons.

Mentioned below are the steps you should follow to get rid of add-ons on your Chrome browser.

  • First, you should launch your Chrome browser in Incognito mode. This option will allow you to use the browser without any add-ons. By default, there will not be any add-ons in your browser. The settings will remain the same unless you change them manually.
  • So, be sure to check if all the addons are disabled in Chrome’s incognito mode. To check that, go to “More” and choose “More Tools.” Then, go to “Extensions” as well.
Disable the third-party addons you have installed on the browser
  • Now, you should ensure that you go to the page labeled “Details” of each and every addon installed. After that, scroll down the page and see if the option called “Allow in incognito” is disabled. If it is enabled, make sure that you disable it. If not, the Chrome browser will open with add-ons even in its incognito mode.
Disable the third-party addons you have installed on the browser
  • Now, you should launch the Google Chrome browser in incognito mode. If it works, the problem is related to one or more of the add-ons. In that case, you should proceed to disable the addons installed in your browser. Then, to identify the troublesome addon, you should enable them one by one. Whenever YouTube comments do not show after enabling a particular addon, that is the culprit. In that case, you should uninstall it permanently. You can launch Chrome once again and enjoy YouTube with comments now.


  1. Why are comments not showing up on my YouTube video? Comments might not show up due to various reasons such as spam filters, privacy settings, age restrictions, or technical issues.
  2. How can I see hidden comments on YouTube? You cannot see hidden comments unless the uploader decides to unhide them or modify their settings.
  3. Why can’t I see comments on YouTube on my phone? This could be due to outdated app versions or issues with the device’s cache. Try updating the app or clearing the cache.
  4. Are YouTube comments public? Yes, unless the uploader disables them or sets the video as “Made for Kids,” YouTube comments are public.
  5. How can I restore the comments section on my YouTube video? You can restore comments by adjusting the settings of the video to enable comments.

The Bottom Line

Well, what if YouTube comments do not show even after trying both the solutions above? In that case, you will have to seek an alternative. You can consider an option like Restoro Repair Tool to accomplish this task without any hassle. The specialty of this tool is that it thoroughly scans the repositories of the system.

Then, it can replace the corrupt and missing program files that are required for the system to run smoothly. In fact, this tool has shown a greater success rate in pretty much all the cases we have tried.

If YouTube comments are not showing due to corrupted system files, Restoro can fix them without leaving any errors. Moreover, Restoro will optimize your windows system so it will perform smoothly.

So, that’s what you should do when YouTube comments are not showing. Do you have any other doubts related to this matter? You can comment below so our team will attend to them at their earliest.


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