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your device isn't compatible with this version

Many Android users have encountered the issue that their device isn’t compatible with this version error.

This notification usually pops up while downloading a few Android applications on your device from the play store. Multiple reasons why a particular application won’t run on your device.

Incompatibility does not necessarily mean that your Android device has some technical problems. The application developer may have some problems, such as geo-restrictions.

Some applications are launched for particular countries. If you live in a different country where the app hasn’t been launched, you might face an incompatibility error.

If you also face the issue that your device isn’t compatible with this version, stay tuned till the end of the article to find solutions to fix this issue.

Reasons for Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version Error

Play Store by Google is the original application to download various applications. It is the most trusted source for Android devices to install applications.

A few third-party apps allow you to install applications on your Android device manually.

However, these third-party sources may not be secure and can damage the performance of your mobile device.

Before we look for solutions, it is essential to understand the issue that your device isn’t compatible with this version.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Update Your Android OS Version

The first reason is a very ordinary one for getting a notification, such as your device isn’t compatible with this version while downloading applications. It is because you might not have updated your Android version.

There might be a possibility that you are operating on an old Android version and, therefore, you are receiving such notifications.

You need to ensure that the app you download is compatible with your current Android version.

Make sure to update your Android versions as soon as they are available on your device.

2. Hardware Not Supported

Another important cause for the issue “Your Device isn’t Compatible with this Version,” is the application you are downloading is not compatible with your device’s hardware.

Sometimes, device manufacturers choose other hardware parts and different chipsets, which are not so popular.

Sometimes, application developers are involved in optimizing their apps for well-known chipsets.

This particular reason can lead to incompatibility errors for certain applications on your Android device.

3. Availability of New Devices

One of the biggest reasons for the issue your device isn’t compatible with this version is the availability of multiple latest devices.

Almost every month, new devices are launched in the market with better specifications and features. Application developers are expected to level up with every new model.

However, app developers can’t make the application run smoothly on Android devices. This leads to the developers focusing more on compatibility with a few devices.

A few devices are termed incompatible to save themselves from negative criticism for fear that the application doesn’t work. Multiple applications can run perfectly on your Android device even if the Play Store shows an incompatibility error.

The companies are busy manufacturing new models and devices rather than providing frequent updates for old Android devices.

Everyone doesn’t have the luxury of purchasing a new device every month. Companies should start focusing on fixing the bugs and issues of older devices.

If you are one of those, who can’t afford new devices now and then, keep on reading this article to find multiple solutions to fix your incompatibility issue.

4. Identify the Real Cause

You might still wonder why Google Play Store shows Your Device isn’t Compatible with this Version error. To find out the actual cause, go to Google Play Store on a laptop or PC.

The web-based Play Store shows the issue similar to your mobile but also gives you extra information.

After clicking on the error, you will see a list of devices attached to the same email address for the Google Play Store.

You can see a list of reasons for incompatibility issues for any application.

A few reasons are the low operating system version and country restrictions.

The Solution to Fix Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version Error

If you feel that the reasons mentioned above are not fit for the issue, your device isn’t compatible with this version; then there may be some bugs and problems in your device.

7 Best Methods to Fix the Your Device Not Compatible Issue

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Method 1. Clear Cache and Data

  • Stop running the Google Play Store application in your Android phone’s background.
  • Tap on ‘Settings’ on your Android device.
  • Select ‘Application Manager.’
  • Find ‘Google Play Services’ and tap on it.
  • Select the ‘Clear Cache’ option.

After you finish all these steps, start your play store application again. The “your device isn’t compatible with this version” should be solved now.

Method 2. Uninstall Google Play Store Updates

There might be a chance that the above solution doesn’t solve your device isn’t compatible with this version issue. Don’t worry; we have got another method for you.

  • Launch ‘Settings’ on your Android device.
  • Select ‘Application Manager.’
  • Look for ‘Google Play Store’ and tap on it.
  • Select the ‘Uninstall updates’ button.
  • Tap the ‘OK’ option.

This method will erase the latest updates of your Play Store application and possibly fix the issue.

Method 3. Uninstall Google Play Services Updates

If the second method doesn’t work for you, try this one. This will fix your device that isn’t compatible with this version issue.

  • Launch ‘Settings’ on your device.
  • Choose ‘Application Manager.’
  • Look for ‘Google Play Services’ in the listing of applications.
  • Tap on ‘Uninstall updates.’
  • Click the ‘OK’ button.

Don’t get confused between method 2 and method 3. In method 2, we told you to uninstall updates from the Google Play Store.

However, in method 3, we ask you to solve the issue by uninstalling updates from the Google Play services application.

Method 4. Install SuperSU

Your Android device must be connected with the installed SuperSU application to fix the “your device isn’t compatible with version” error.

  • Download and install the ‘Market Helper’ for apk files.
  • Open the Application on your device.
  • Select options from the list to copy any recent device from the Android device.
  • Select the ‘Activate’ option.
  • Allow permissions to the Application.
  • After some time, you will notice a message, ‘Activated successfully.’
  • Open the play store application.
  • Download and install any application.

If you receive a notification that this application is not accessible in your region or country, download and launch a VPN application from the Play Store.

Now, connect to the VPN and try to install the same application.

Method 5.

Method 5 is the most preferred method to solve your device that isn’t compatible with this Version issue.

You can try these steps if they are executed on your device by a manufacturer.

Also, this particular method demands your Android device be embedded.

  • Go online and look for a similar model number of any recent device launched by the Android device manufacturer.
  • Look for a model number of the device, which is accessible in your region.
  • When you find the model number, copy it exactly the way it is.
  • Go to Google Play Store.
  • Download the ‘ES File Explorer’ Application.
  • Install and open the ‘ES File Explorer’ Application.
  • Find the ‘Tools’ part of the Application.
  • Enable the ‘Show hidden files’ and ‘Root Explorer’ features.
  • Find a file with the name ‘System’ below the page name ‘/’
  • Find ‘build.prop’ file.
  • Rename ‘build.prop’ file to ‘xbuild.prop’ file.
  • Copy the file that you renamed.
  • Paste it into the SD space of your device.
  • Open the file on the ‘ES note editor’ Application.
  • As soon as the file opens, write the model number that you have copied in step number 3 after the below-mentioned commands:
Fix your device isn't compatible with this version
  • Enter any recent Android version after:
    “ro.build.version.release=” field
  • Save changes.
  • Go to the ‘/’ page and choose ‘System’ file
  • Look for a file named ‘xbuild.prop.’
  • Rename ‘xbuild.prop’ file to ‘build.prop.’
  • Copy the file and paste it into SD storage.
  • Now, assign ‘read’ permissions to ‘group,’ owner,’ and ‘other,’ ‘write’ permissions to ‘owner,’ and ‘execute’ permissions to no one.
  • Save all the changes.
  • Reboot your Android device.

After all these steps, try downloading applications from the Play Store.

This method will fix the “your device isn’t compatible with this version” error.

If you get a message, ‘this application is not accessible in your country,’ download and launch a VPN application and retry downloading the applications.

Method 6. Root Your Device

The last method to solve your device that isn’t compatible with this version issue is to update Android OS.

Nowadays, old devices do not get enough updates. People go on to buy new devices to escape this problem.

However, if you don’t want to buy a new Android device, try to root your device.

Root your Android device, launch custom ROMs, and use the latest Android Operating System (OS).

The process of rooting may break your Android device permanently.

If your device cannot run the latest operating system, your device will encounter multiple issues.

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Method 7. Try Yalp App Store

Sometimes, the application you are downloading may not be accessible in your region.

Therefore, it shows a notification “your device isn’t compatible with this version.”

To solve this issue, you can download an application called ‘Yalp,’ similar to Google Play Store.

The Yalp Store app allows you to download an application from the Google Play Store as apk file. It saves downloaded apk files to your default location on your device.

Yalp has several features, including filtration of applications, white/blacklisting applications for updates, and browsing categories.

Yalp Store

The significance of Yalp is to be independent and small. Yalp has features similar to the Google Play Store, such as running, listing, and installing/uninstalling local applications.

This application is safe, secure, and reliable. You can download it without worrying about data loss or any damage to your device.

Features of Yalp
  • Install applications from Play Store without the use of the Google Play Store
  • Download updates from Yalp as soon as they are released
  • The design and UI of Yalp are very simple
  • Download applications without having a Google account
  • Filtration of apps, such as apps with advertisements and paid applications
  • Download apks and install updates from Google Play Store without installing the GMS suite or Gapps
  • Enable ‘Unknown sources’ in ‘Settings.’

Preventing Compatibility Issues

To prevent encountering compatibility issues in the future, consider implementing the following preventive measures:

1. Keep Your Device Updated

Regularly update your device’s operating system and applications to the latest versions. These updates often include compatibility improvements and bug fixes, ensuring smoother performance and reducing the likelihood of compatibility errors.

2. Check System Requirements Before Installation

Always review the system requirements specified by the software or application developers before installation. Verify that your device meets the requirements to avoid compatibility issues from the start.

3. Install Verified Applications

Whenever possible, download and install applications from trusted sources, such as official app stores or reputable websites. Verified applications are more likely to be compatible and reliable, reducing the risk of encountering compatibility errors.

4. Regularly Clear Cache and Data

Periodically clearing the cache and data of installed applications can help maintain their optimal performance. It also reduces the chances of compatibility issues caused by conflicts or corrupted data within the application.


  1. Q: Why am I seeing the “Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version” error? A: This error message indicates that the software or application you are trying to use requires a different version of the operating system or has specific system requirements that your device does not meet.
  2. Q: How can I fix the compatibility error? A: You can try updating your operating system, checking system requirements, verifying device and application compatibility, clearing cache and data, reinstalling the application, or contacting support for further assistance.
  3. Q: Can an outdated operating system cause compatibility issues? A: Yes, an outdated operating system may lack the necessary components or functionality required by the software, resulting in compatibility errors.
  4. Q: What should I do if none of the troubleshooting steps work? A: If the issue persists, it is recommended to reach out to the application’s support team or the device manufacturer’s customer support for personalized assistance.
  5. Q: How can I prevent compatibility issues in the future? A: To prevent compatibility issues, keep your device and applications updated, check system requirements before installation, install verified applications, and regularly clear cache and data.


The above methods are enough to fix your device that isn’t compatible with this version error.

These solutions will surely resolve this error. Before attempting any method, make sure you find the correct cause of the issue.

Analyze the issue deeply and then go on to attempt any method. If your device still shows this error, go to the nearest mobile store in your locality, and seek expert guidance.


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