How to Turn Off Screen Overlay on Your Android Device

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Have you encountered the issue of ‘screen overlay detected’ while using your Android device? You don’t need to be frustrated because plenty of other individuals experience the same issue.

Also, the Discord overlay not working issue is fixable regardless of how it is triggered. With that said, this article will explain how to turn off screen overlay on your Android device.

The reason for getting such a message on your Android device could be a floating app. As per our research, ‘screen overlay detected’ occurs, especially when you run a floating app. Generally speaking, this issue appears majorly on Motorola and Samsung devices.

In general, apps tend to request permission to use some aspects of your device. For instance, these apps ask for permission to use a camera, storage, location, microphone, etc.

Theoretically, an app can interfere with the display overlay of a device with this permission request. To interact with the respective dialog, you should disable the feature which causes the issue.

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How to Solve Discord Overlay Not Working

From this point onwards, let’s see how to fix the overlay issue related to Android.

Fix #01: Check If the In-game Overlay is Enabled

Here’s how to fix the Discord overlay not working issue. In fact, before trying all the other fixes mentioned in this article, it is better to try this method.

That means we should check if the in-game overlay is enabled as the first fix.

Mentioned below are the steps to do it.

  • Click on the gear button so you can access ‘Settings.’
  • Towards the left side of the display, you can find the option called ‘Overlay.’ Also, don’t forget to turn on the toggle next to ‘Enable in-game overlay.’
  • Now, on the left game panel, you should click on ‘Games.’ Ensure that you turn on the in-game overlay feature for the currently playing game. If it’s already turned off, click on the monitor button next to the game and switch it on.
  • If you don’t see the game on the list, you should run it and click ‘Add it.’ This will add the game to Discord.
  • Now, you can run the game as usual and see if the method has worked. However, if the Discord overlay not working, keep reading.

Fix #02: How to Turn Off Screen Overlay Through a Step-by-step Guide

Here is another method to fix the Discord screen overlay detected issue. In fact, this is a step-by-step method that can fix this issue. So, go through the steps mentioned below.

01. First, you should identify the apps permitted to draw on the screen over others.

If you are using a smartphone other than Samsung, here are the steps.

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on the magnifying glass icon located towards the top right-hand corner.
  • Then, type in the search term called ‘draw.’
  • You can now tap on ‘Draw over other apps.’
  • If not, you can choose the route ‘Apps > Draw over the apps.’
Apps > Draw over the apps

If you are using a Samsung phone, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Choose Applications and select Applications Manager.
  • Press on More and go-to apps that can appear on top.
apps that can appear on top

02. Check the permission of the app

As mentioned before, apps require different types of permissions to function correctly. If the permissions were not given, floating buttons would not appear on the other screen overlays.

Well, at this stage, you should identify the problematic app and deny it temporarily. So, those apps will not be able to draw on the screen temporarily.

Mentioned below are some of the points about how to distinguish the app that causes issues.
  • If you see an app bubble on the screen, that might be the problematic app. You should either hide the respective app bubble or disable it to resolve the issue.
  • Do you have an app that will likely cause color or brightness changes on the screen? If so, that might be the case behind the screen overlay issue. For instance, you can consider Clean Master an app that can create trouble. So, if you see such an app (Clean Master in particular), disable it.
  • If you don’t find a particular case, you should disable every app and see if it works.
Check the permission of the app

03. Relaunch the app

Now that the above tweaks are done, it is time to relaunch the app and see what happens. In this case, you should try launching the app once again.

If everything is perfect, you will see that the app requests permission without experiencing the above-mentioned issue.

Regarding Samsung users, some say that they have experienced the issue due to a one-handed keyboard. So, to resolve the issue, all you have to do is to deactivate the aforesaid feature.

To do this, you should go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Advanced features.’ After that, choose the option called ‘One-handed operation.’

04. Get the screen overlays reactivated

Now that you have resolved the issue with ‘Discord overlay not working,’ it’s time to reactivate screen overlays. Otherwise, the apps you have disabled in the previous process will not start again.

If you have turned off all the apps, it would be better only to turn off the apps carefully. In this case, you can consider turning on the apps that you actually want to use.

05. Go to safe mode

If you see that the above steps don’t give you the expected results, try this additional fix. However, this method wants you to boot your device in safe mode and manage the app permissions accordingly.

However, before performing this issue, you should remember the troublesome App and address the issue. For instance, if you notice the issue is related to WhatsApp, just remember it or note it down.

  • Press the power button on the device first. Now, on the popup prompt, you must press the power button and hold the Power Off option.
  • After holding the option for a couple of seconds, you will see another prompt comes out. This option will ask whether you need to enable Safe Mode.
  • Select OK, and the device will reboot to Safe Mode.
  • When the device is booted, you should go to the Settings option. Then, select the Apps option.
  • In this section, you should scroll down and find the app that gave you the screen-related issue. Choose the app and select Permissions.
  • You should enable all the permissions on the page dedicated to the Permissions the app demanded earlier. And once all these things are done, you should reboot the device.

As you might see, solving the issue using the above-mentioned methods is a pretty complex process. However, there is no better solution than these to address these issues as of this writing.

We know how confusing and annoying it is to experience the screen overlay detected issue. So, even if the process mentioned earlier is complex, you should give them a try.

We have also noticed that this issue with new Android versions is not as annoying as with older versions.

There are App-based Solutions to Address the ‘Screen Overlay Detected’ Issue

Like any other aspect, several apps can resolve this issue for good. Nevertheless, it is needless to mention that such a solution requires you to download an additional app on the device.

Some apps may even display ads on the screen, which can be annoying. So, we suggest you try the manual methods before moving to the next option.

If the manual options (which we have mentioned before) don’t work, you can opt for these methods. After all, it is absolutely worth trying any of these methods and getting rid of that annoying screen issue.

Button Unlocker

Button Unlocker is one of the most popular apps to rectify the screen overlay issue. This app is capable of unlocking the install button that is behind the overlay error.

After activating this app on your device, you will see that a message is prompted. As per this message, it asks for permission to draw over the other apps. Granting such permission is compulsory to override the issues caused by those troublesome apps.

Suppose you have activated the Button Unlocker; you can try the activities previously hindered by the overlay. After trying the fixes, all those apps are working fine now; you are good. You will no longer experience any issues related to that. Even if errors occur, the app will look after them.

Alert Window Checker

Alert Window Checker is another useful app that can identify the apps causing screen overlay errors.

After installing and activating the Alert Window Checker, it will display a set of options (menu) for the apps. Also, it will notify whether or not they are using overlay permission. If they do, you can choose the respective troublesome apps and get rid of them.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Why do I keep getting the “Screen Overlay Detected” error?

The “Screen Overlay Detected” error typically occurs when an app is trying to access permissions or settings but is hindered by another app’s screen overlay. This issue can arise due to chat heads, screen filters, accessibility services, or screen recording apps, among others.

Q2. How do I find the culprit app causing the screen overlay issue?

To identify the app causing the screen overlay problem, pay attention to apps that provide floating elements or adjust screen settings. Start by closing all running apps and then follow the steps mentioned in the guide.

Q3. Can I permanently disable screen overlay for all apps?

While it’s not advisable to disable screen overlay for all apps, you can revoke the “Draw over other apps” permission for individual apps. This helps prevent conflicts and ensures the smooth functioning of your device.

Q4. Will turning off screen overlay affect the functionality of other apps?

Disabling screen overlay for a specific app will only affect that app’s ability to draw over other apps. The functionality of other apps will remain unaffected.

Q5. How can I prevent screen overlay issues in the future?

To prevent screen overlay problems, keep your apps and device updated, minimize background apps, avoid installing similar apps with overlay features, and exercise caution when granting permissions to new apps.


So, that’s exactly how to turn off screen overlay or resolve screen overlay-detected issues. You can go through the steps above and get back to us if you have further questions about them.

Also, if you know better and more convenient solutions to this error, please comment below. Other readers who experience the same issue will be happy to know your opinion.


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