HML Meaning, Two Ways to Described and Its Uses


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HML Meaning

HML is, in simplest terms, an internet acronym that has been gaining some sort of popularity recently. It is true that HML is not as popular as some acronyms you see online today.

Nevertheless, you can see this respective acronym on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you wonder about the HML’s meaning and its uses, you are reading this correct article.

HML Meaning

Basically, HML can be described in two ways. Most importantly, you should remember that HML doesn’t have any relationship with the term HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).

So, it is simply an internet abbreviation that has emerged within social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Practically, it would be pretty difficult for any person to decode a message when the acronyms aren’t clear. So, we recommend our readers to go through this article until the end and get to know it. In the end, you will be able to learn what these acronyms actually are.

Through that, you will be able to interpret your idea in a clearer, better, and an attractive manner. Well, learn the meaning of the abbreviations and apply that knowledge to real-life textual conversations.

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HML Meaning #1: Hit My Line

The phrase “Hit My Line” can be used as an alternative catchphrase to requests like “Call Me.” Also, it can be used to interpret “Text Me.” Basically, it is a way of saying something like “keep in touch” using a text or a phone call.

The word “hit” represents the term “text” or “call” accordingly. On the other hand, the word “line” represents the respective phone number.

HML Meaning #1: Hit My Line

In fact, the term HML is widely used as “hit my line” when you want someone to call you. If not, when you want someone to text you. As you might have already realized, HML is a cool way to ask someone to get in touch.

Although HML is not an abbreviation you can use in a formal conversation, as a casual message, it’s great. So, you can consider using this abbreviation for your friendly chats with your friends.

Here are examples of using HML with the meaning of “Hit My Line” in your messages.

  • “Hey bro… if you are free this evening, just HML.”
  • “HML right after you leave the exam hall.”
  • “Have something exciting to tell you…, just HML when you are free!”
  • “HML when you can spare a minute for me.”
  • “She’ll never HML bro… she is really mad at me after last night’s incident.”
  • “Got some booze… HML when you are free!”
  • “Gud Nyt… HML first thing in the morning.”

As you might see, there are plenty of options to consider when using the term HML. In fact, you can use it whenever you need someone to call you back or text you back.

However, as mentioned before, we don’t think it is a good idea to use HML in formal/official emails.

Just keep it between you and your closest buddies as an informal internet abbreviation to keep things cooler.

HML Meaning #2: Hate My Life

Well, HML has two meanings, as we mentioned earlier. We have already discussed the meaning of “Hit My Line.”

Now, let’s take a look at the other HML meaning as well. In fact, despite being used under the same abbreviation, the terms are significantly different from each other.

The first phrase is used to make things cooler between friends. And there is no sorrow or dullness included in that. But the term HML is used to define “Hate My Life” as well during conversations.

As you might notice, this is not as fun as the previous phrase we described. In fact, in this case, the term HML is used to express something emotional and sensitive. If you have experienced something really bad and you feel like fed up with your life, you can use this.

If truth to be told, people use the term “Hate My Life” to exaggerate if they experience something bad. They actually don’t hate their lives, but they simply regret something that has happened or did.

In other words, “hate my life” is a phrase that is used to express negative emotions. Well, such events can occur in our lives sooner or later, although we don’t really like them.

In a way, saying “Hate My Life” out louder is a good way to release your anger and sadness.

HML Meaning #2: Hate My Life

Assume that you said HML (hate my life) to one of your closest buddies. Then, that will definitely be the start of a new conversation.

They will try to soothe your pain and share their feelings with you. Probably, they will even offer you a solution that you were never aware of. So, don’t be afraid to express your honest feelings to your buddies, as they can help you out emotionally.

HML can also be considered the exact opposite of LML. In this case, LML stands for “Love My Life.” As long as you release your honest thoughts, you are likely to get relief. Blowing off your steam should be the most appropriate approach other than retaining it in your mind.

Just like the previous phrase (Hit My Line), the phrase Hate My Life is to be used in the text. Once a text containing HML is received by a buddy, he or she will start to converse with you. They will try to say how to overcome your sorrow.

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Here are some phrases you can use with the abbreviation HML (HML meaning “Hate My Life.”

  • “Terrible cold and fever… cannot meet you guys today… simply HML”.
  • “Oh… my car is broken down once again… this was the first day of my new job dude… HML big time”.
  • Why me? I am just another suspect to her… HML… can’t tolerate this anymore…
  • I feel like I did the worst thing ever yesterday… you know it, bro… HML…
  • That #$*& bird pooped right on my shoulder early in the morning… just one more reason to HML…

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How to Decode HML Meaning Correctly?

Suppose that you have received a text containing the abbreviation HML. How do you decode it? Meaning how do you know if the sender has meant “Hit My Line” or “Hate My Life“?

In fact, identifying HML meaning is mandatory before you reply. Sending the wrong reply to a heartbroken person at the wrong time can be devastating. So, you can simply ask a couple of questions yourself to define what it exactly means.

In simplest terms, HML in the context of “Hit My Life” is a request. That means the respective person is requesting you to call him/her back. So, just check if the text with the abbreviation HML depicts a demand for action.

As long as it sounds like a demand for some action, that might be the “Hit My Line” phrase. For instance, if someone says, “bro, HML when you are free!”, It has no clue of sorrow or pain. When you are free, you should hit his line, and that’s it.

Also, are they talking about a situation (future or present)? For instance, if the text says, “can you HML before night?” it should be “hit my line.” The sender expects you to get in touch with him within a specific time. So, there is nothing related to “hate my life” in this case.

Do they mention anything negative or heartbroken in their texts with the abbreviation HML? If so, the meaning of the abbreviation is “Hate My Life” rather than “Hit My Line.”

When someone describes a negative experience they have undergone, they will use HML as “Hate My Life.” In fact, it is a matter of using your common sense rather than thinking of the rules.

Also, do you know that someone is really frustrated, annoyed, or angry due to a certain event? And, did you receive a text message saying HML and some other negative or aggressive words? Then, there is a greater chance for the HML to “Hate My Life” rather than “Hit My Line.”

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However, there is no obligation to call the sender back after seeing HML, regardless of the remaining contents.

That means, even if the sender means “Hate My Life,” by using HML, you can call him/her. That is to make him OK. Well, that’s it about the HML meaning and its uses.


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