Snapchat Emoji Ideas (Exclusively for Friends) 2023


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Snapchat Emoji Ideas

Are you looking for some super-cool Snapchat emoji ideas to share with your friends?

You don’t have to look elsewhere because this article comprises plenty of them.

So, all you have to do is to read this article until the end and get inspired.


Snapchat’s basic emojis for best friends, notably the “streak,” are customizable with additional emoji ideas for specific friend-theme combinations.

There’s no shortage of instances on Snapchat, thanks to its large user base of more than 230 million people.

It’s understandable that friendly interactions frequently occur on a platform like Snapchat. Because of this, Snapchat emojis were developed to help you keep tabs on your social standing.

However, if the available emojis are starting to get under your skin, you can always build your own.

In fact, you may find plenty of emojis to serve as a source of motivation. Here are ten Snapchat emojis and themes to share with your closest pals, as suggested by our team.

Besides, creating a Snapchat face swap is simple, thanks to its “Lenses” feature. With it, just like its name suggests, you can simply swap the faces of friends.

List of Snapchat Friend Emoji Ideas to Impress Your Friends

Below is the list of Snapchat emoji ideas for you to consider if you want to impress your friends.

So, let’s go ahead and learn what they are.

#01 – Aesthetic


This list is catered the aesthetically-inclined individuals. This is specifically because such a crowd tends to appreciate the vintage filter and, ultimately, the rarity of things.

Because of how natural they are, you might feel comfortable using these beautiful emojis. So, if you enjoy an aesthetic way of life and identify with this value, this is a perfect choice.

Also, a random add on Snapchat can be fun and exciting for any user who is looking for new friends. Let’s see how to add random people on Snapchat simply.

#02 – Cute Emojis

Cute Emojis

As is common knowledge, adorable characteristics are invariably expressed in a diminutive form.

If, on the other hand, are you the type of person who enjoys cute stuff? And would you like to be motivated by some adorable emojis? If that’s the case, you’ll be able to experiment with the options in this set.

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#03 – Halloween Emojis

Halloween Emojis

If you are looking for some super-cool Snapchat friend emoji ideas, try this one as well.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Halloween”? It is the image of pumpkins with scary faces carved into them, isn’t it?

Consequently, this list of Halloween emojis contains all of the icons that are associated with Halloween.

It’s better to use these emojis for Halloween only. After which, the list must be reset to its original state.

#04 – Christmas Emojis

Christmas Emojis

The list of Christmas emojis is one of the best options that you might use on the Snapchat platform. Needless to mention that it is a cool idea.

Do you usually enjoy the days leading up to the new year? And do you wish to spend Christmas in your own unique style? If so, you have a few options.

You could also do the same via Snapchat, particularly with the people you consider to be your closest friends.

Therefore, if you use this list, the emojis of your closest friends will be transformed into red icons. All in all, this set of Snapchat friend emoji ideas is exceptionally cool and exciting.

#05 – Ocean Emojis

Ocean Emojis

This list was curated specifically for those of you who are drawn to ocean-related activities.

In other words, these Snapchat emoji ideas are perfect for those who have a passion for riding waves.

If you send your close buddies on Snapchat any of these surf emoticons, they will instantly become surfers.

On the other hand, there are a few icons of ocean waves that have been added to the list. You can use these icons in place of any Snapchat streak.

Therefore, you can substitute the icon of your Snap streak fire for one that depicts waves instead.

Other Snapchat Emoji Ideas 

These are some more concepts for Snapchat emojis, which are often referred to as emoji themes.

Since they are packaged as a whole set, you can use them all at once. You are free to make use of them in order to obtain many instances of the same hue constantly. 

However, they were carefully selected. That’s why they correspond to the hues that are the most popular across all social media platforms.

#01 – Pink & White Emojis

Pink & White Emojis

Well, this pink-white emoji theme is perfect for you if you enjoy bright colors. Also, they are ideal for conveying a sense of femininity on Snapchat.

As a matter of fact, numerous icons feature pink coloration somewhere on their surface.

Therefore, this emoji set can work with your use of pink apart from white. Well, both of these are considered to be feminine hues.

#02 – Green Emojis

Green Emojis

It is true that green is considered a bright primary hue. So, being around it can fill one with sentiments of excitement as well as contentment.

As a result, there’re plenty of people who favor the color green, which is known as nature’s color. This is true, particularly for those who follow a vegan diet.

For the postings that people make on a daily basis on the social networking platform, this’s a superb hue. That is why this set of emojis is used pretty frequently.

So, you’ll provide your closest Snapchat buddies with some creative emoji ideas if you use this theme.

#03 – Blue Emojis

Blue Emojis

Have you ever stopped to consider the meaning behind the sky’s signature blue hue?

Because of a phenomenon referred to as “Raleigh Scattering,” there is a small amount of electromagnetic radiation. That brings the appearance of water waves. This creates an excellent appearance. 

As a consequence, the color blue may be seen everywhere when one looks up at the morning sky. 

Basically, these Snapchat friend emoji ideas bring beautiful blue color to your Snapchat profile. 

#04 – Purple Emojis

Purple Emojis

Well, the color purple is associated with a sense of spirituality, wisdom, and romanticism. Use this beautiful emoji theme if you’re the type of person who is smitten with the color purple.

You will be able to enjoy it sprinkled across their surroundings. You probably acquired the streak emojis with a friend.

If that’s the case, you’ll be pleased to know that this theme has a purple firework emoji as well. All in all, this purple emoji theme is an excellent choice.

#05 – Cat Face Emojis

Cat Face Emojis

The caricature of a cat in the form of an emoji is an impressive option. You might use it to communicate your remarkable feelings. It gives the impression that you are laughing so hard if you send these emojis. 

Do you enjoy using cat emoticons? If so, you can use this set so that it appears near your closest friends on Snapchat.

Also, you may want to know more about the best emoji apps.

Changing Streak Emoji

Now that you know several good Snapchat emoji ideas, let’s learn how to change your streak emoji.

If you want to change the streak emoji, you are supposed to go to the “Chat” page. Then, you should go to the three-dotted icon and tap on it.

After that, you should open the page dedicated to emojis. Select the streak so you will be able to change it.

The good news is that it is possible to change other emojis with this specific method too.

● Open the Chat Page on Snapchat

Open the Chat Page on Snapchat

As the first step, you should go to Snapchat’s Chat page. You can do it using your mobile device.

After that, you can tap “Three Dots,” located on top of the screen. You will see a popup menu with different options.

● Visit Emojis

Visit Emojis

In the appeared popup, you should tap “Customize Best Friends Emojis.” Then, you will see a new page. Just see all the default emojis assigned for best friends.

● Select Streak and Change It

Select Streak and Change It

Now that the page is open, tap the “Snapstreak” emoji so you can change it as you wish. Select any emoji from the newly appeared page.

Please note that the snap streak will disappear if you stop activities with your friends within 24 hours.

As the final step, to get your default emojis, tap “Reset to default,” which is found on “Emoji.”

FAQs: Your Questions About Snapchat Emoji Ideas Answered

1. Can I customize emojis on Snapchat?

Yes, you can! Snapchat allows you to customize your Friend Emojis, reflecting the relationship you share with your Snapchat friends.

2. How do I change the default emojis in Snapchat?

You can change your default emojis by going to Snapchat settings, then ‘Manage’, and selecting ‘Friend Emojis’.

3. What do different Snapchat emojis mean?

Different emojis represent different things on Snapchat. For instance, the yellow heart emoji means you and the other person are each other’s best friends, while the red heart means you’ve been each other’s best friends for two weeks.

4. Can I use multiple emojis together?

Absolutely! You can use multiple emojis to convey complex feelings, celebrate occasions, or just to add an extra dash of creativity to your snaps!

5. Are Snapchat Emoji Ideas good for personal chats only?

Not at all. Snapchat Emoji Ideas can be used for both personal chats and Snapchat stories. They add a fun, creative touch to any content you share.

6. Can I use the same Snapchat Emoji Ideas repeatedly?

While you can, it’s always more engaging to mix things up. Using different emoji combinations keeps your Snapchat game fresh and interesting!


So, those are the best Snapchat friend emoji ideas you can have. As you can see, those emojis are very beautiful and attractive.

So, if you want to add some glamor and excitement to your Snapchat activities, these emojis will be helpful.

Do you have other questions pertaining to Snapchat? If so, please let us know. We will attend to those queries at our earliest.


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