Cellunlocker Review & Its Best Alternative Solution

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Cellunlocker Review

Cellunlocker is a web-based service that can unlock customers’ mobile phones across the globe. This tool has become incredibly popular among smartphone users in the recent past.

Their unlocking process is pretty simple as it is handled through email. Their automated online system can unlock all smartphones regardless of the brand and model.


The success rate of this web-based service is impressive too. They boast that they can unlock almost all phones (99% of them) without trouble. Their online tool is powerful enough to handle brands like HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Apple, Blackberry, etc.

In addition to that, their service is available in over 180 countries across the globe. This service is becoming famous worldwide because of its convenience and fast service. The users don’t need to download any software or take their device into a physical store to unlock it.

Instead, they can get their phones unlocked at their convenience. Their affordable rate and the exceptionally fast turnaround time are other reasons behind their popularity. Cellunlocker further claims that no one else can do it if they cannot unlock a phone.

The Mechanism of Cellunlocker

Cellunlocker utilizes unique technology to unlock the smartphones of various brands and models. They have smart technology to recognize the appropriate unblock codes for any smartphone from leading carriers.

Once Cellunlocker locates the phone, you can provide the phone’s carrier, country, and IMEI number. If you don’t know the IMEI number, you can get it by typing *#06# on the same phone. If not, the IMEI number is available on the phone’s backside. You can use either method to find the IMEI number on the phone.

You should be redirected to a new page now that you have entered the necessary details. On this page, you will see basic information, such as their charge amount. In addition to that, they will also give you an estimated turnaround time.

You should then provide your contact information and make the payment to proceed. You will then get the unlock code through an email along with the unlocking instructions for your device. And it would help if you remembered that this information would be sent to you within the estimated time.

However, if you have a device not covered by Cellunlocker, you should refrain from placing an order. For instance, if your device doesn’t match a country or brand mentioned in their list, you shouldn’t order it. Cellunlocker is an automated system, and therefore, you cannot expect refunds upon failure.

How Much Does Cellunlocker Charge?

The amount Cellunlocker charges may vary depending on your phone model, carrier, and the customer’s country. In general, the popular phone models cost significantly less compared to rare phone models. Also, a phone under a career like AT&T can cost substantially less than a carrier like Verizon.

Once you provide the model number and the smartphone’s carrier, Cellunlocker will show you the cost. After making the required payment, you will get your unlock code within the turnaround time. You should also know the turnaround time may vary depending on the phone model and the carrier.

In general, Cellunlocker doesn’t provide refunds upon failure. However, you may be able to request a refund upon meeting the following requests.

  • You have a valid IMEI number, a supported carrier, and a listed phone model. But all the attempts failed.
  • You should provide proof (in the form of a video) that your attempts failed.

You are not eligible for a refund if the unlocking process fails due to a hard-locked phone. Also, if you have tried other unlock codes with the same device, you will get a refund.

If you are a USA-Based customer, please read the following.

Cellunlocker can no longer unlock any purchased smartphone after January 26th, 2013. That is because of legal concerns.

In the United States, unlocking newer phones purchased after the date mentioned above is illegal. The customer should get approval from the respective service provider to get Cellunlocker service.

But, if you are from Canada, the Cellunlocker is still available for any phone. You can visit their website and check if your country is available on the list provided.

Pros of Cellunlocker

Here is a list of pros associated with Cellunlocker.

  • This powerful online tool is capable of unlocking almost all phones (with a success rate of 99%).
  • It supports customers from over 180 countries.
  • The unlock codes they provide come with 95.5% accuracy.
  • The interface of their website is very simple.
  • Ordering and checkout are simplified.
  • It supports the PayPal payment system.
  • You can expect a full refund if it fails after following all the instructions.

Cons of Cellunlocker

  • It doesn’t unlock phones purchased in the USA after January 2013.
  • Their refund policy is very strict. They even request you to send video proof of the unlocking process to make a refund.

What is the Best Alternative to Cellunlocker?

Is Cellunlocker the only way to unlock your mobile phone? Not at all. There are several alternatives to Cellunlocker. This section of the article explains the best options you can consider.

#1: DoctorSIM Unlock Service

One of the best alternatives to Cellunlocker is DoctorSIM. A renowned software development company offers this special tool. This special tool can unlock over 1000 smartphone models from hundreds of network providers.

Once the phone is unlocked with DoctorSIM, you can use it with any network across the globe. In addition to that, this tool unlocks your phone without ending the phone’s warranty.

Cellunlocker alternative - DoctorSIM

Features of DoctorSIM Unlock Service

Here is a list of features associated with the DoctorSIM unlock service.

  • It can unlock your mobile phone within three simple steps
  • It is an extremely fast, safe, and a permanent solution
  • Supports more than 1000 phone models and hundreds of network providers across the globe
  • Customers from more than 60 countries can enjoy this service

The unlocking process using DoctorSIM is exceptionally more straightforward. You should first select the corresponding phone icon from the list. Then, you should choose the brand of the phone you are using. All the leading phone brands are supported by this special tool.

Now, you should fill out the information such as email. Then, you can proceed to the ordering page. Once the order is placed successfully, DoctorSIM will send you an unlock code for the respective phone.

They will also provide the required instructions to make it easier for you. The entire process of unlocking is simple, even for a novice user. You don’t need to be a programmer or an expert to unlock phones anymore, thanks to DoctorSIM.

#2: DirectUnlocks

DirectUnlocks is another convenient and impressive tool designed particularly for iOS devices. This service is an exceptionally user-friendly one, and it can unlock iPhones without much trouble.

To use this Cellunlocker alternative unlocking service, you don’t need to jailbreak the respective iOS device. All you need to know is the IMEI number of the respective device. In addition to that, this service ensures that you get the unlock code within 48 hours.

To obtain this service, you should select the “Buy Now” option in the navigation panel. Then, you should provide the model of your iPhone. You will then be required to provide the phone’s IMEI number in the given space. Also, you are required to provide a connected network.


After providing all the required information, you will be guided to the checkout page. You can then make the payment as required and wait to receive the unlock code.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Cellunlocker a reliable platform for unlocking devices?

Yes, Cellunlocker is a reliable platform, but it might be costly and occasionally slower than alternatives like DirectUnlocks.

2. How does DirectUnlocks compare to Cellunlocker?

DirectUnlocks typically provides faster service at a more affordable price compared to Cellunlocker.

3. Can I unlock my device on my own using these services?

Yes, both platforms provide codes that users can use to unlock their devices without technical expertise.

4. How does customer support compare between Cellunlocker and DirectUnlocks?

Both services offer excellent customer support to guide users through the unlocking process.

5. Is there a significant difference in the range of devices supported by Cellunlocker and DirectUnlocks?

No, both platforms support a wide range of devices, including popular models like iPhones, Samsung, and LG devices.


Well, that is it about Cellunlocker and its best alternatives. You can consider using any of the tools mentioned in this article without any issues.

We strongly recommend you avoid random tools that may not deliver the results. Also, stay away from unlocking methods that may damage the device.


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