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bypass google account without otg

Imagine that you purchase a pre-used Android device, which comes along with the activated home screen. You can still access the Google Play Store when purchasing the Android phone.

However, you come across a problem in the device, and you perform the factory reset to overcome the problem that you are facing.

You will need to gain access to the FRP to overcome the problem in such a situation. This is where you need to try the way of OTG to overcome the Google verification screen you see on the computer. That’s where we thought of sharing some practical solutions to bypass Google accounts without OTG.

Google verification issues that you face will not be something unique to you. You can find lots of Android smartphone users who might be coming across this issue. This is a feature that is available in Android devices to enhance security.

Hence, you will not be able to overcome it. Most people use the OTG method to overcome the problem they face.

However, you should not follow this option any longer. That’s because the OTG method will not work in the recent versions of Android. That’s why we thought of providing you with three practical solutions to overcome this problem.

Make sure that you follow these steps and overcome this problem on how to bypass Google accounts without OTG. Make sure you follow the options in order and ensure that you end up with effective results at the end of the day.

Method-1: Use an FRP Removal Tool to Bypass Google Account Without OTG

When you want to bypass a Google account without OTG, you can think about using a professional FRP removal tool available to get the job done. A large number of such tools are available for you to consider as well.

Among those different tools, Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is one of the most effective tools available to consider. It can provide effective results to you by overcoming the validation, and you will fall in love with what you receive.

The best thing about using this tool to get the job done is that you don’t need to have a Google ID or a password to get the job done. Hence, you will not have to worry about anything. You need to remove the barrier with the help of Tenorshare 4uKey for Android.

If you have a Samsung device, you are guaranteed to end up with positive results with the help of this tool. That’s because you can get complete control of the device. You will end up with effective results at the end of the day.

If you are still not confident, you can go ahead and get your hands on the trial version. Then you can test the features and proceed with the paid version.

Features Available to Consider in Tenorshare 4uKey for Android.

You will be able to get the best possible results from it with the help of these features.

  • During the FRP lock removal process, you don’t need access to OTG.
  • You will be able to get your old or new Google account of the device if you bypass the FRP lock.
  • And you can completely overcome Google account verification or FRP with the help of it. On the other hand, you will be able to access it without the password of the Google account.
  • You can stop the previous owner of the Google account from blocking or tracking your device.
  • And you will be able to gain complete access to the Google and Android device with features such as Google Suite and Google Play Store.

These are outstanding features, and they can end up with excellent results using them.

Just Follow Up to Bypass Google Account Without OTG with the Help of the Tool

  • 1. As the very first step, you must download Tenorshare 4uKey for Android from the internet. You need to download it to the PC. Then you will be able to open the application and select the ‘Remove Google Lock (FRP)‘ function.
Tenorshare 4uKey for Android
  • 2. Connect the Android phone to your computer with the help of a USB cable. Choose the Android version of your Phone.
Tenorshare 4uKey for Android - Select OS Version
  • 3. 4uKey is sending a notification to your Android device; just tap on “View” to process.
send a notification to your Samsung phone
  • 4. Now, follow up on the on-screen instructions to set up your device.
Set up your phone
  • 5. After that, 4uKey will remove the FRP lock successfully for you.
Remove Samsung FRP Lock via 4uKey for Android

These are all the steps that you need to follow and use 4uKey for Android.

PS: click here to learn more about how to perform an FRP lock bypass.

Method-2: Using The Method of Sidesync to Bypass Google Account Without OTG

Here are the steps for bypassing FRP without OTG using the SideSync method.

1. You should move to the smartphone’s welcome panel and select the language.

2. Then, you need to connect the device to the Wi-Fi network & move back into the Verifying account section.

Using The Method Of Sidesync To Bypass

3. You should now download SideSync. This application should be downloaded from the Samsung website to the computer.

4. Now, you must connect the Android device to the computer with the help of a USB cable.

5. The next step is to select the Chrome Browser. Along with that, you need to enter the Open with Screen.

6. You should accept terms & conditions as you can see on the screen and configure Chrome.

configure Chrome

7. Now, you enter within the search bar.

8. As the next step, you must open the Samsung Folder. Then you need to choose “Samsung Bypass Google” and confirm by hitting the “OK” button.

Using The Method Of Sidesync To Bypass

9. You must return to your next screen and click OK. Along with that, you can get into the Galaxy Apps.

10. You must agree to the terms you can see before launching App Searcher. You should now enter ES File Explorer and look for the application.

Bypass Google Account Without OTG

11. You need to click on Install and get signed into the Samsung account.

12. You should again click on Install and choose “Accept and Download.”

Using The Method Of Sidesync To Bypass

13. You must enter Open ES File Explorer.

14. Next, you must select Download from the folders available. Then you will be able to install Samsung Bypass Google App.

Using The Method Of Sidesync To Bypass

15. You should then go to Settings, Click on Unknown Source.

Using The Method Of Sidesync To Bypass

16. Upon accessing Developer settings, you should accept installations.

17. You need to launch the Bypass app.

18. Click on Backup and Reset to reset the device.

Bypass Google Account Without OTG Using Sidesync

19. You have successfully removed the FRP lock on your device.

Besides, get to know how to reset your Android password.

Method-3: Bypass the FRP without Using OTG with OEM Unlocking Method

OEM unlocking methods can also help you in performing this task. Here are the steps you need to follow to bypass your Google account without OTG and ensure you complete the job with positive returns.

1. As the first thing, you need to boot the device. Then you need to pick the preferred language.

2. The next step is to connect the device on top of a Wi-Fi network.

3. You will be prompted to enter the email address. Then you will be able to tap the box and locate the keyboard.

4. You should now tap the “@” button and hold it until the gear icon appears in front of you.

5. You should now be able to pick Google Keyboard Settings. Once you get there, you must tap on top of the three different vertical dots that you can see in the screen’s upper right area.

6. The next step is to click the “Help and Feedback” option. You will also need to click on the “Settings” that you can see on the screen. Then you can hit on the search icon.

7. You must again hit the “Settings” menu and then look for the queries related to the device setting.

8. Then, you need to scroll down until you see the option About Phone or About Device. You must then tap the build number seven times, and you can enable developer options.

9. You must return to the “Settings” and open the Developer Options.

10. Then you should allow the “OEM Unlocking” & go back.

bypass google account without otg with OEM Unlocking

11. Restart the device.

12. Connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi and add a Google account.

It is also important to keep in mind that this process can void your warranty on the device. Hence, you should only proceed with caution.


  1. Can I bypass Google account verification without losing my data? Some methods, like using Google Account Manager, may allow you to bypass verification without losing data. However, other methods, such as factory reset, will result in data loss.
  2. Is it legal to bypass Google account verification? Bypassing Google account verification can be considered a violation of the terms of service. It’s important to understand the potential risks and consequences before proceeding.
  3. Will I void my warranty if I bypass Google account verification? Some methods, such as installing a custom ROM, can void your warranty. Always check your device’s warranty terms and conditions before attempting any bypass methods.
  4. Can I get support from my device manufacturer if I bypass Google account verification? Device manufacturers may not provide support for devices that have been tampered with, including those that have undergone Google account verification bypass.
  5. What should I do if I’m unable to bypass Google account verification using the methods mentioned in this article? If you’re unable to bypass verification using these methods, consider reaching out to your device manufacturer or a trusted professional for assistance.


From the information we have provided above, you can easily conclude that using the Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is the best and easiest method to bypass FRP without OTG.


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