How to Perform a Google Lock FRP Bypass: Tools and Steps Needed

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FRP lock bypass

Can you ever perform an FRP lock bypass? If yes, what are the tools you require to do so? Why would you need to do an FRP bypass tool?

More importantly, how to perform a Google lock bypass (FRP lock bypass)? Let’s find out!

The Functionality of Google Account Verification and FRP

Google Account verification is a security measure that is simple and effective. When you configure a new Android device, you should enter the Google account and verify your ownership. You should also click on a specific link sent to your email. All in all, the process is extremely simple.

When you configure an Android device using your Google account, the FRP feature gets activated automatically. As a result, your device will not be able to access by anyone even after a factory reset.

To access it, they should know the Google name and password used to set up the device. If someone steals your device, they cannot access the device and its data because of this security feature.

In a nutshell, FRP Lock is the abbreviation for Factory Reset Protection. This is a special security measure introduced by Android in order to prevent various fraudulent activities. This feature has been available in Android since its 5.1 version.

FRP lock allows only the original user of the device to access it and reset it. Although it is a really impressive security feature, some of us may need to perform an FRP lock bypass.

When Does FRP Become Useless?

FRP would be a very handy feature if someone has stolen your Android device. Whoever steals it will not be able to access the device’s features and data in it.

Nevertheless, what if you have sold the device to someone and the new owner doesn’t know the credentials? Or, what if you have bought a preowned device and you don’t know its credentials?

Also, what if you did a reset on the device and you have forgotten the credentials? Under such situations, FRP becomes a headache.

This is exactly why knowledge of performing a Google Lock bypass is handy for any Android user. But the process is not that simple regardless of the device.

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When Do You Need to Perform FRP Bypass?

Here’re some of the most common instances in which you may require to know how to bypass FRP lock.

  • You have purchased a locked secondhand Android and don’t know its credentials.
  • You have forgotten the original ID and password of your account.

If the Google account verification is failed, you cannot use the Android device. However, this article aims to teach you how to skip the verification to use the device.

Besides, I would like to know more about Techeligible and Albviral FRP Android 8.

Section 1. How to Perform FRP Lock Bypass on Samsung Phones

If your device is a Samsung Galaxy, you can bypass it easily using the FRP Bypass tool. This is a really powerful tool if you have performed a factory reset and are looking to do an FRP lock bypass.

This section will explain how to use this Samsung reactivation service in the step-by-step method.

01. Download FRP Tool on your computer and copy it to an external storage device. You can use USB Flash storage to do so. Now, reboot the mobile device you need to bypass and select the preferred language.

Then, click the “Start” or “Next” button. You will be asked to insert a SIM card into the phone. Just Skip this step to proceed.

bypass google lock with FRP tool
Skip "Insert SIM card"

02. Connect your device to the Wi-Fi network. Be sure to use a trusted network you have used before and press next.

Connect to Wi-Fi network

03. Next, you must click on the checkbox (select) in front of the user agreement. Then, you should press Next once again.

Agree the user agrement

04. Now, the Account Verification Window of Google will open up.

google lock bypass on Samsung Galaxy Phone

05. Get your OTG (On-The-Go) cable and connect it to the device. Be sure that you connect the flash drive to the same device. The file manager will be opened now, and you should look for the FRP Tool. It will be available with the extension of .apk. Select the file.

06. You can now see an option called “Development Settings” on the same device. Press the option called “Install” to proceed.

Install Development Settings

07. Now, simply open the installed App in the Settings section of the Android device you need to bypass. In this section, you will be able to find the option called “Backup and Reset.” Then, you can perform a “Factory Data Reset” on the device. To do that, you should click on “Erase Everything.”

Erase Everything

08. Now, the device will reboot. You will have to configure the setup just like every new phone. However, you will NOT want to perform a Google Account Verification at this stage.

Tenorshare 4uKey for Android Features

This section will explain another exceptionally powerful way to do an FRP lock bypass. This respective tool can remove four types of Android screen locks instead of one.

Before we know how to use this tool, let’s learn some of its features.

  • Tenorshare 4uKey for Android can bypass Samsung account & removes four-screen lock types, including Pattern, Password, PIN, and Fingertips.
  • It can remove the lock screen without necessarily affecting the data of the phone
  • You don’t need to have knowledge in coding or hacking to use this Unlock tool
  • This respective tool works perfectly for many leading Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy S, Note, LG, etc.
  • This special tool unlocks any Android device perfectly on Windows.

Step-by-step to Do an FRP Bypass Via Tenorshare 4uKey for Android

01. As the first step, you should download and install the software. Then, run it on the computer to open up its main screen. Then, click the option “Remove Google Lock (FRP)” on the main screen.

Tenorshare 4uKey for Android

02. Then, please select your Samsung phone operating system and tap Start to go on.

Select Android OS Version

03. In this step, you should read and confirm the notices below to proceed.

Confirm OS Version

04. And please wait for 4uKey to send the notification to your smartphone.

send a notification to your Samsung phone

05. Once your phone has received the notification, please follow the below instructions to continue the process.

Set up your phone

06. That’s it. Please restart your Samsung device, and then 4uKey will successfully remove the Google account from your phone. Now, you should have regained access to your Samsung device.

Remove Samsung FRP Lock via 4uKey for Android

That is how to bypass FRP on Samsung Android 6-10, and for Android 11, the steps are a little different, and we recommend you to watch the below videos:

Section 2. How to Perform FRP Bypass in Below Four Methods?

There are several ways to address this issue.

  • By disabling FRP;
  • By resetting the device (only for some devices);
  • Or by using a set of long steps (only for some devices);
  • By using a dedicated APK tool.

Method 01: Disable FRP and Perform a Google Lock Bypass

This can be the simplest method to avoid Google lock and gain access to an Android device. Please note that this method removes Google’s account from your device completely.

In addition to that, it removes apps like Gmail, Google Assistant, etc., from your device.

  • Tap on ‘Settings.’
  • Go to ‘Cloud and Accounts’ or ‘Accounts’ depending on the model of the device.
  • Tap on ‘Accounts.’
  • Tap on the respective Google account.
  • And tap on the option labeled ‘Remove Account.’
  • If prompted, agree to the verification to remove the account.

As a result of removing this account, you will not see the FRP lock. If you sell a preowned phone to someone else, be sure to do this. So, the buyer won’t need any access to your Google Account.

Method 02: Reset the Device to Do an FRP Bypass

If the previous option doesn’t work, you can try resetting the device to factory default. Then, while configuring the device, you will have to make some tweaks to the network connection settings.

  • First, you should perform a reset on the device. When you are on the ‘Google Account Verification’ page, reach the screen that shows ‘Wireless Network.’
  • Tap on the option ‘Add Network.’
  • Enter random characters in the field that says ‘Network Name’ or ‘SSID.’
  • Press and hold on to the text you have typed and get it highlighted. Then, tap on ‘Share’ on the popup menu.
  • Choose the option called ‘Gmail.’
  • Tap on ‘Notifications’ and then choose ‘App Settings.’
  • Choose the three-dotted icon located at the top-right corner and select Account.
  • Continue to settings. Then, if prompted for verification, select ‘Continue.’
  • When you are in ‘Settings,’ go-to ‘Backup & Reset’ and choose ‘Factory Data Reset.’
  • Now, you will see that the Google account is removed from the device with FRP.

Method 03: Use Setup Process to Perform a Google Lock Bypass

This method can be used to bypass the Google account during the setup process once the device is reset.

  • Perform a factory reset on the device.
  • Now, start configuring the device and reach the option that shows ‘Connect to Wi-Fi.’
  • Just tap on the text box for the Wi-Fi password.
  • Once the keyboard appears, press the space bar and hold it for a while.
  • Now, choose ‘English (US) Google Keyboard’ from the popup menu.
  • Return to the Wi-Fi connection screen and enter the Wi-Fi password.
  • Resume the setup process and reach the screen that asks for your Google Account info.
  • Tap on that text box and enter either your phone number or email address.
  • Tap and hold the @ symbol on your keyboard.
  • Choose the option labeled ‘Google Keyboard Settings.’
  • Now, tap on the three-dotted menu and choose ‘Help & Feedback.’
  • Tap on Search Google & send results from the keyboard.
  • Now, you will see a webpage. Press on any word on the page and hold it to see the menu.
  • Choose ‘Web Search’ from the menu and then go to ‘Google App.’
  • Search for ‘Settings’ from your web page.
  • Now, as a part of the autocomplete option, you should see the ‘Settings’ icon on the dropdown menu. Tap on it.
  • Then, choose the option ‘Backup and Reset.’
  • Tap on ‘Factory Data Reset.
  • Go through the configuration process again.
  • The ‘Skip’ option can be seen when prompted with the Google account verification. Just choose it.
  • After finishing the setup, you can use the device without the Google Account Verification process.

Method 04: Use an APK Tool to Perform a Google Lock Bypass

With this method, you will have to download a special APK (Android Package Kit). This APK is capable of bypassing the Google account. We should emphasize this as the most difficult method of bypassing a Google account.

  • Choose the APK you intend to use. You can choose APKs like FRPHijacker, FRP bypass APK, etc. In addition to that, you can do your own research to find different bypass tools.
  • Download the selected tool on a USB drive.
  • Connect the respective USB drive to the smartphone you intend to unlock using an OTG cable.
  • Install the APK on the smartphone through the USB device.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I bypass FRP without a computer?
    • Yes, but it depends on the specific device and its security measures. Some methods use OTG cables and USB drives, others might not.
  2. Is FRP Bypass legal?
    • Bypassing FRP is legal if you’re the device owner and you’re doing it to access your device. If it’s done with intent to access someone else’s information, it is illegal.
  3. Will bypassing FRP lock delete my data?
    • Generally, the data remains intact. However, it’s always better to back up your data when possible, as processes can vary.
  4. Does FRP bypass work on all Android devices?
    • Most Android devices can have their FRP bypassed, but the process can vary depending on the device model and Android version.
  5. What happens if I fail to bypass FRP lock?
    • If you’re unable to bypass the FRP lock, consider contacting the device’s manufacturer or a professional technician for help.


That’s it. As you would see, FRP bypass or Google Lock bypass is not a straightforward process. However, they can be very helpful when bypassing a Google lock arises.


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