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DoctorUnlock.Net Review

Some people buy a new device from the Apple Store, but most people go to local dealers or online sellers to buy an iPhone.

Many people who buy a used device face the same problem, i.e., their device is locked. On finding this issue, they feel like there is nothing much they can do about it.

The only solution to their problem is to contact their seller to unlock the device. If the person is really genuine, he may help you. Otherwise, you are left alone with your dead phone.

If you are one of them, you need to use a reliable source like DoctorUnlock.Net. So, let’s move on to the DoctorUnlock.net review.

DoctorUnlock.net Review

On the internet, you will find various service providers who claim to unlock iPhones. It does not come up as a surprise to you that most of these service providers are nothing but a scam. By going for these services for help, you tend to pay more money than required.

So, we are here to help you in finding the best program to unlock a locked iPhone. Here, we have come up with a tool, which is reliable, fast, and in fact, really works. This interesting tool is DoctorUnlock.Net.

This service provider claims and delivers the optimal results for unlocking a device. So, let’s know about this unlock tool in great detail in the following DoctorUnlock.Net review.

Unique Characteristics of DoctorUnlock.net:

  • DoctorUnlock unlocks both iPhones and iCloud accounts.
  • Users can even remove a lock from the IMEI.
  • This program works for all iPhone models, including the latest iPhone.
  • The tool offers a legit solution without violating the T&Cs of Apple.
  • With DoctorUnlock, the iPhone IMEI number will be manifested as “SIM-FREE” from the activation database of Apple.
  • No chance of getting relocked with DoctorUnlock.Net.
  • It offers the cheapest price for unlocking a device.

Unlock Service from DoctorUnlock.net for iPhone

DoctorUnlock unlocks your device for real. It comes with a money-back challenge if it cannot unlock your device. On the other hand, the process that this tool uses to unlock a device is quite legit.

If you follow this method for getting rid of the passcode, you are definitely not going to face the same issue in the near future.

DoctorUnlock.net for iPhone

Moreover, DoctorUnlock allows you to sync your device with iTunes. One can even upgrade the device to the latest iOS version without locking the device again.

Not just that, DoctorUnlock offers its users a lifetime unlock warranty. It means if you lock your device in the future due to any reason, DoctorUnlock will unlock the device for free.

The best part about DoctorUnlock is that the tool does not use any hacking technique to unlock a device. It tends to deliver the unlocking process over the air. Here, you do not have to download or install any kind of software on your Mac or Windows PC to carry out the unlocking process.

To unlock an iPhone, DoctorUnlock unlocks the device by whitelisting the IMEI number from the database of Apple. Hence, their official unlocks will never relock again in the future.

That’s why DoctorUnlock is a lot different from other service providers on the internet. Unlike DoctorUnlock, other companies make use of a hacking procedure to carry out the unlocking process.

Here, these companies claim to unlock the device using jailbreaks. The worst part is that you will not receive your money even if your device gets locked again.

So, make a decision wisely while choosing a service provider for unlocking your iPhone after reading this DoctorUnlock.net review.

Unlock Service from DoctorUnlock.net for iCloud

DoctorUnlock does not work for iPhone lock but even unlocks iCloud accounts. If there is a lock on iCloud on your device, there is no need to worry. DoctorUnlock even helps you to unlock an iCloud lock.

To unlock the iCloud account, you just need to visit their website, enter your device’s IMEI number, and voila!

Wait for a few days to get in the activation instructions. So, there is no reason why you should not go for this cheap, fast, and reliable service.


After unlocking their iCloud account, users can create a new account for iCloud. In this way, they will be able to use their phones just like before. One can upgrade the iOS version in the same way once you receive any.

Once you unlock your iCloud account with DoctorUnlock.Net, you will never face the issue again. Just read the DoctorUnlock.net review.

DoctorUnlock.net Review – Benefits

  • Unlock iPhones automatically over the air by simply connecting to a Wi-Fi network.
  • DoctorUnlock works for all iOS versions higher than iOS 7. For lower versions than iOS 6, one can unlock the device using iTunes.
  • With this program, all features like Contacts, Wi-Fi, Facetime, 4G, 3G, iMessenger, Phone, etc., work without any restraint.
  • Users can sync or restore iTunes and upgrade to iOS without getting locked again.
  • DoctorUnlock offers a 100% money-back challenge if it cannot unlock your device.
  • With DoctorUnlock.Net, users receive a lifetime unlocked warranty.

DoctorUnlock.net Review -Trustworthiness

It is really hard for users to trust the services of an unlocking tool like DoctorUnlock.Net. This is so because one can find lots of scams like this on the internet. One of the scammers includes people on eBay who are completely a joke.

These people try to lure users in with cheap unlocking codes for around 5-10 dollars. They send an email to users while demonstrating to them how to jailbreak an iPhone.

The hilarious part is that people usually receive outdated unlocking codes and PDFs for jailbreaking the device. I know all these things because they happened to me.

I bought a code for iPhone 7 on eBay from one of the service providers but received a PDF for iPhone 4. Sadly, it was no good asking for my money back. So, it totally proved a waste of money and time for me.

Trustworthiness of DoctorUnlock.Net

After carrying out a bit of research for real unlocking services, I came across DoctorUnlock. DoctorUnlock is different from other services available on the internet. The best way to find the truth about DoctorUnlock is to check its reviews on Google.

It will appear on top every time you look for a reliable unlocking service provider. You can check lots of reviews on sites like TrustReviews, TrustPilot, Bloggers, and many more.

Users can check ratings for this tool on TrustPilot.com. Over this site, DoctorUnlock has received 9.3 ratings from the overall 10. There are real reviews from verified customers in the form of videos too.

This indeed proves that this company is not a part of scammers in any way. You can go for this impressive tool without thinking more about its reliability or trustworthiness. DoctorUnlock.Net would not disappoint you when it comes to unlocking iPhones or iCloud accounts.

Price of DoctorUnlock.net

DoctorUnlock.net comprises a different price range for different models of iOS devices. As you know, every device requires a distinguished way of unlocking it, and hence, prices vary.

The price for unlocking a device through this software depends on the iOS version and iPhone model. If your iPhone is under contract, a normal unlocking service will not work for you.

In that case, you need to pay an additional fee to unlock your device. Everything is there on its official website. Read everything in detail before you set out to put your money at stake.

Price of DoctorUnlock.net

For further details on prices, you can directly check prices on the official website of DoctorUnlock.net. Here, you will also find other relevant details.

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  1. Is DoctorUnlock.net reliable? Yes, DoctorUnlock.net is a reliable and legal service for unlocking iPhones and removing iCloud Activation Locks.
  2. How does the unlocking process work? The process begins with you providing your iPhone’s IMEI number. Once you’ve paid, the unlocking process starts and you’ll be kept updated throughout.
  3. Can DoctorUnlock.net remove iCloud Activation Locks? Yes, DoctorUnlock.net can remove iCloud Activation Locks, allowing you to use a second-hand iPhone without any restrictions.
  4. How is the customer support at DoctorUnlock.net? The customer support at DoctorUnlock.net is excellent. The staff is responsive and knowledgeable about the services.
  5. Are there any cons of using DoctorUnlock.net? The only potential downside is that the unlocking process can take a bit of time. However, the service is guaranteed and permanent.


That’s all for the DoctorUnlock.net review! If you own a locked iPhone or iCloud account, DoctorUnlock is a great option to consider. This program is not a scam in any form but a real one.

To be sure about everything, just read all terms and conditions for each and every network on the official website of DoctorUnlock.Net before carrying out a payment. Try out this amazing tool, and you will not be disappointed!

If you are still confused, you can carry out your own research and then find the ultimate solution for unlocking your device. Eventually, your search for a good unlocking program will end at DoctorUnlock.Net.


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