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TextNow Number Finder

You probably would want to know about the TextNow number finder and how you can use it to trace a TextNow number.

You may also wonder about how text messages help in tracing the information of anyone. There are several ways to track someone’s cellphone details. However, you may need their other credentials for this purpose.

You can contact TextNow team operators anytime for that purpose. They may let you know whether a particular mobile number is from the TextNow number finder or not.

They have strict privacy policies and maintain the confidentiality of our customers. Owing to this, they are not allowed to share the identity of their users.

What is the TextNow Service?

TextNow contains similar features to WhatsApp, Signal, and Skype but it’s not like them. It’s, however, an application that includes phone services. It helps in sending and receiving calls through Wi-Fi without any charges.

That means that you don’t have to pay for calling and messaging services. But you need to have an internet connection through which you can access to one anyone from anywhere. TextNow provides data as well to facilitate its other services.

You can get the entire plan for just $39.99, and all the services will be provided to you without any limit. Although the information one gets is still fresh.

TextNow application has become quite famous due to its free calling feature. The application contains lots of advertisements. Because of that, they can provide free services to their users.

If you can deal with these advertisements, then there is no issue. It will be easy for you to enjoy the services of this application like millions of people are using.

If you don’t like these advertisements, you can choose the premium plan of TextNow, which is a paid service. TextNow provides lots of options as well as data subscriptions.

But, these advertisements can also harm your device. Due to this, we suggest you use Avast Antivirus Apk and Zolaxis Patcher software.

This software will help you safeguard your smartphone from any risk. The risk may include fraudulent spyware and applications coming from other sites.

Why Should I Use TextNow?

You may be paying for the monthly recharge balance of your phone for calling and messaging. In such a case, TextNow can be the best application for you to avoid unnecessary expenses.

You can now make a call without paying any charges by using an internet connection. You can contact anyone from anywhere around the world through this TextNow application. The best thing is that you will not be wasting any additional money.

However, you could use the TextNow number for business purposes. Let’s say you have an outdated device that functions and operates from home only. You also want to keep apart your personal and professional life.

You can use the TextNow number as your professional number in this case. This way, you will receive all calls relevant to your business work only. You will also avail the benefits of the free-calling service.

This is the simplest and most efficient method if you no longer want to use your home landline.

Also, if you want to link your landline with your Android or iPhone to reuse an old mobile number, for this, no extra money will be charged because you already have a phone, and TextNow is freely available.

How Can We Identify the Users of the TextNow Number Without a TextNow Number Finder?

The TextNow customer service center will not support you much. Contacting them won’t help much.

So, instead of that, you can view the profile of the number you want to trace on the TextNow application. If that user has submitted all the details, you can easily contact them through that.

Presently, there is no defined way to trace down someone by using their TextNow number. Although many tactics may work that you can use.

PS: if you wonder if can textfree number be traced, this guide is just for you.

To find out the details of the user of the TextNow number, select the search option. Next, add the number of that user.

After that, click on the search button. Then you can see the actual user information such as his name, email, residential address, city, etc.

Besides, let’s figure out how to check and monitor the call history of mobile numbers.

2. Make Another TextNow Account

Another alternative in the absence of a TextNow number finder is to create a new account. You can receive a new phone number by simply opening a new TextNow account.

With the help of that, you can text the user you want to trace. All you need to do is make an interesting and meaningful story in which the user can show their interest.

You can share amazing experiences or develop a positive relationship with that user. This way, you can get a chance to know more about them.

3. Observer TextNow Number

Following are the methods through which one can get access to the TextNow number:

  • You might not know that person, but you could find that using his account information. This also includes the user’s first and last name.
  • If the user has provided their correct email address, you can get an overview of them.
  • You can try to remember if you ever received any call from that number and can also go through your call logs. It is possible you received a call from that number earlier.
  • You can also go through your text messages in the inbox. This will help you find out if you have ever received any message from that person in the past.
  • IP information can also be used to trace the individual. However, no one is allowed to get access to it without any prior legal permission.
  • The TextNow application is not allowed to share any with the users any details. These details include IP address, email id, device information, call logs, text details, and many more.
  • You can access this information if you are a certified legal commissioner. Or if you are a state law enforcement officer to whom the court ordered the right to access the information. Only then are companies bound to share details with you.

4. Install TextNow Number Finder – SpyForMe

There are many TextNow Number Finder tools available presently in the app market. However, SpyForMe is one of the most considerable and widely used TextNow Number Finder software. One of its highly appreciated features is that of TextNow verification.

Trusting other people is quite difficult in this online world. If you are getting scam calls then this tool helps you identify those people.

Here is the process through which you can find out the identity of the TextNow number user.


Steps to Access Someone’s TextNow Number:

TextNow number is widely used by users because it’s available without any cost. Also, no one can access these numbers easily. But with the help of the TextNow number finder – Spyforme forum and by following certain steps, you could easily figure out the identity of the user.

Take the below-mentioned steps to access someone’s TextNow number:

  1. To begin with, input the TextNow number in the search bar and then click on the “View” option.
  2. The site will get access to the user’s data and respond within 20-50 seconds so wait till that.
  3. You will be directly taken to the page where your personal data is stored once the web page loads completely.
Steps to Access Someone's TextNow Number

5. Using Truecaller as TextNow Number Finder

Truecaller is currently a well-known TextNow Number Finder. It is used on iOS and Android devices for call-tracing purposes. It has many features, like blocking scam calls and showing caller details.

In short, as you install any application on your phone, you allow that app to access your details. These details include call history, contacts, and messages.

This is done to check their performance and avail of its services like receiving and delivering messages.

You will need to authorize all the required permissions. Once you do this, the TextNow Number Finder can get access to your data automatically. All your contact details will be directly updated on the Truecaller servers.

All your data will get stored there. If you receive a phone call from an unknown number after this, you can quickly check for their details.

Steps to use Truecaller as TextNow Number Finder

  1. Start with downloading this TextNow Number Finder – Truecaller application. Allow access to all required permissions.
  2. Add your name, residential address, and email address to complete your profile details.
  3. Next, enter a personal mobile number or name in the search bar present at the top of the app’s interface.
  4. The TextNow Number Finder will show that your personal information has been synced successfully. After this, you can move to your profile.
  5. Your name, residential address, and place will all appear on that page. Select the location. It will redirect you to Google Maps, where you can trace anyone.

Also, if you want to know how to trace a text app number for free as well as what is a second text app, you have come to the right place.

Final Thoughts

We hope by now you know how to operate the TextNow number finder to access the details of a person you’re looking for. The usage of TextNow for scam activities has increased dramatically.

Most of it can be attributed to its free texting and calling services. However, with the methods outlined in the article, you can find the person behind a TextNow number. You can ensure you are not getting deceived by anyone.

FAQs About TextNow Number Finder

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions related to TextNow’s free messaging and calling services:

What is a TextNow Number?

The TextNow number is assigned to each user for them to interact with their friends and family. Through this number, you will communicate with them and share texts and calls.

To find your TextNow number, first launch the TextNow application. Open Device Settings and select the option “My Phone Number.” The app will display your TextNow number.

Can We Use TextNow Without Wi-Fi?

The only way you can call and text with TextNow without Wi-Fi is by using your data connection. If you don’t have a data connection as well, then you can’t enjoy the features of TextNow.

How to Find out Who Has Been Tracking Our Messages on TextNow?

TextNow does not provide any provision for the users to know if their messages are read by the other person or not. However, you can still check whether the text you sent has been delivered or not.

To verify that, select the message you want to check. The app will display the time when the message was shared from your end.


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