How to Trace a Text App Number for Free?

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Are you scratching your head over how to trace a text app number for free? Gone are the days when technology was simple. Technology has evolved a lot, and now you have apps that help you to maintain your anonymity.

One such app is the TextFree app. It gives you a customized phone number, using which you can text and send photos, videos, and more. The great thing about the app is that you can hide your identity, but only at first.


So, if you are wondering if a TextFree number can be traced and how to trace a text app number for free, keep on reading our article.

What is a Second Text App?

Before we dive into how to trace a text app number for free, let us talk about what second text apps are. In this day and age of technological expansion, there is hardly any limit. Anonymity is a big concern for users nowadays, and to address that issue, second-text apps were introduced.

Much like your regular texting app, you can use second texting apps to message people and send them photos and videos. But the twist is that you won’t be using your real phone number. Instead, you will be assigned a fake and random phone number from a country.

That phone number can be from any country. Your real phone number isn’t revealed, and the person whom you are texting won’t be aware of your identity. Today, there are numerous such apps available in the Play Store or Apple Store.

Other than TextFree, there are also apps like Pulse SMS, Text Plus, Telos, and more.

So, now that you know the basics of a second text app. Let us see how to trace a text app number for free.

How to Trace a Text App Number for Free?

If you are wondering whether text app numbers are traceable or not, the answer is yes, they are. However, it is quite difficult mostly because these numbers are temporary and are randomly assigned by the app.

And, if the number is no longer active on the text app, it becomes all the more difficult to trace it. But, if it is active, there’s actually an easy way. We will show how to trace a text app number for free in this section.

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Step 1: Identify the App

As mentioned above, there are numerous second-text apps that are available nowadays. And the user from whom you have received a message may have used any of the second text apps. The problem is that there is no hard-and-fast for identifying the second text app.

So, you have to rely on guesswork. Try out the popular ones, such as TextFree or Text Plus. Or just conduct a thorough search, and try to determine which app may have been used to send the text.

Here, for a demonstration of how to trace a text app number for free, we will just assume that the second text app which has been used is TextFree. It is quite a popular app for anonymous texting, so there is a good chance of TextFree being the app that has been used.

Step 2: Create an Account

Next, you have to create an account on the second text app. Once you have managed to identify which app has been used, you can just download the app and create an account. And, if it is TextFree, you won’t even have to download the app.

Just go to the website and create an account with your credentials. Next, on how to trace a text app number for free, you have to link your account to any of your social media profiles. You can choose Facebook or Google at your convenience.

Create an textfree account

Once you have linked your TextFree (or any other app) account to your social media, you will be presented with a list of numbers. You can choose your preferred virtual number from this list. That number will then be used as your TextFree number.

Step 3: Trace The Number

Once everything is set up, it is extremely easy to find the target number. Just go to the inbox, and you will find the message that you have received along with the number that is attached to it.

For some reason, if you cannot find the number in your inbox, you can just search the virtual number on TextFree. There is a search section on the platform where you can look up virtual numbers.

If the number is still active, the original number can be viewed from it. However, if the number is no longer in use, you will be unable to find the original number associated with the number.

If the virtual number has been bothering you frequently or sending you unpleasant messages, you can even block it using the TextFree app.

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Contact Law Enforcement

The above-mentioned trick was the easiest solution for how to trace a text app number for free. But, sometimes, things can get out of hand. Cybercrime is extremely common nowadays. People often use such apps to send unpleasant or threatening messages.

If you have been a victim of something like that, you can always file a complaint. This is all the more crucial if the messages contain personal data about you or threaten you in any way.

Every country has its own cybercrime agency, so find out your country’s agency and reach out to them. If the case is serious, the officials will help you trace the number. In fact, if there have been numerous complaints about the number, the agency might want to help you more and get to the bottom of this.

One thing to keep in mind is that TextFree, or any other second text app, for that matter, has strict privacy policies. They will not give up your information and disrespect your privacy. Users often take the help of such apps for legitimate reasons, and they understand this.

But, at the same time, they are answerable to authorities. And, if something serious does happen through their platform, they are responsible for giving out the identity of the users.

Google Reverse Image Search

Scratching your head over how to trace a text app number for free because the previous method didn’t yield any positive results? There is one last thing that you can try. And that is using Google Reverse Image Search. Now, this method is not always successful and doesn’t often lead to any results, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Has the virtual number ever sent you any photos? If so, you can use Google to look up the image and find out if that same picture has been anywhere else on the internet.

It could be that the picture is an original photo clicked by the owner of the virtual number. And they may have posted the same picture somewhere on their social media.

And, if their profiles are public, Google will do a pretty decent job of tracing it to the user. From there, you can check out their profile and learn more about them. You can either use Google Lens or the web version of Google to do the image search for how to trace a text app number for free.

Call Up the Number from a Different Number

TextFree or any other second text app gives you a virtual number that you can use to call or text anyone. If you have been receiving annoying texts from a text app, then you can call up the virtual number.

But remember to do it from a different number. Chances are that the actual owner of the number will pick up and see if you recognize their voice. If not, try to get their identity out of them.


  1. Can I trace a text app number if it’s a VoIP number?
    • Tracing a VoIP number might require additional expertise and resources. It’s recommended to seek professional help or consult with law enforcement agencies.
  2. Are there any free services to trace text app numbers?
    • Some reverse phone lookup services offer limited free searches. However, for more comprehensive results, it might be necessary to use paid services or seek assistance from professionals.
  3. Is it legal to trace someone’s text app number without their consent?
    • The legality of tracing someone’s text app number without their consent can vary depending on your jurisdiction. It’s advisable to consult with legal professionals to ensure compliance with local laws.
  4. How long does it usually take to trace a text app number?
    • The time required to trace a text app number can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the resources available. It’s best to be patient and cooperate with the authorities or professionals involved.
  5. Can I block text app numbers from contacting me?
    • Most messaging apps and phone services provide options to block specific numbers. Refer to the app or service’s documentation for instructions on how to block text app numbers.

Final Thoughts

We hope we have been able to answer your question about how to trace a text app number for free. Privacy is a big concern now, which is why people use anonymous texting apps to communicate with other users.

This makes tracing such numbers especially difficult. Even if you do find out the app they used, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to find the original user.

That is because they may have deactivated their number, or something else may have happened. Thus, when knowing how to trace a text app number for free, the most important thing you must first do is figure out the app they have used.


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