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Instagram reverse image search

Plagiarism poses a danger to content producers. It demotivates people to post their original content openly. Instagram is a social media platform that is widely used by millions of people across the globe.

Keep on reading tips about Instagram reverse image search if your Instagram image has been copied or stolen without your permission.

Instagram Reverse Image Search is a fascinating feature that uses artificial intelligence to search the internet for instances of a particular image. It helps users find out where an image originated, discover similar images, and even identify fake profiles.

How does Instagram Reverse Image Search work?

The concept of Image Recognition

Image recognition is the technology that powers reverse image search. It’s the process by which computers identify and detect objects or features in a digital image. This sophisticated technology is the driving force behind many of today’s digital marvels, from facial recognition to self-driving cars.

Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in reverse image search. It uses complex algorithms to analyze an image’s unique features and then searches for these attributes across millions of other images on the web. Pretty cool, right?

Reverse image search on Instagram is not just a fancy tool—it has many practical applications:

  1. Identifying fake profiles: Ever suspected a profile to be fake? Reverse image search can help you find if the profile picture is stolen from somewhere else.
  2. Finding related images and content: Looking for more pictures from the same photo shoot or related content? Instagram Reverse Image Search can do the job.
  3. Locating the original source of an image: If you’ve ever come across an image that you’d like to use but want to credit the original source, a reverse image search can lead you to the original post.

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Instagram isn’t capable of clearing reverse image doubts.

A possible solution is to try other applications to solve this Instagram Reverse Image Search issue.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Bing


To do an image search in Bing, you have to upload a photo to the search engine of Bing, and you will get information about the profile.

There is a camera option; you just have to click on that and upload the image. It is super easy to use.

The pictures are hosted by people whose identity is unknown. Every photo that is uploaded online gets deleted automatically.

Also, knowing who follows who on Instagram can be useful for any user in various circumstances. Let’s see how to do that with ease here.

2. Social Catfish

Social Catfish

This is a well-known image search engine. It is claimed to be an incredibly famous tool used to find results for social media websites.

They use facial identification and picture metadata for every social profile. This ensures high precision so that you can get good results and coverage in accordance with Instagram.

3. Google Images (only for PC)

Google Image

Go to the images website of Google, and you will notice a camera symbol in the search area. Click on the icon and upload the photo.

This will check for plagiarism in your content. This is a well-trusted source for tracking plagiarism.

4. Pixsy


Pixsy assists you in finding the use of your images online.

The main feature that makes Pixsy unique is that it performs Instagram reverse image searches and takes action against the people who used your image.

5. TinEye


This is another reverse image search engine dependent on image detection tech.

It differs from technologies with image-embedded characteristics, such as metadata, EXIF information, and keywords.

Go to the official website of TinEye and upload the image. Click on the search option after that.

TinEye will produce the results, displaying all the places where your Insta image has been used.

Part 2: Reasons for Instagram Image Plagiarism

We know the solutions to check the plagiarism of Instagram pictures.

Now, let’s understand the cause of this issue. The two reasons are listed below.

  • People copying your photos directly from Instagram
  • Some search engines or other applications index your images and make them available to other people for unauthorized use

For instance, if someone posts written content of their own and the other person copies the same content, it will fall under plagiarism.

The original creator of the content can report to Instagram that his content has been stolen.

This applies to everyone irrespective of their status, caste, or other reasons. Every Instagram user has to abide by the rules of Instagram.

Part 3: 3 Ways to Protect Your Images on Instagram

It’s always a good choice to protect your images before. This will help you to avoid any plagiarism of your original content. Read the following tips to avoid this problem.

  • Use a watermark on your images before you upload them to your Instagram handle
  • Use your account privately. This will allow only those people to view your content who follow you.
  • Cross-check a few authorized apps if you use Instagram on the web.

Instagram provides two modes to use accounts, public and private. Public mode lets you keep your account accessible to everyone who uses Instagram.

Users on Instagram can like and comment on your posts whether or not you follow them. Public mode gets more organic traffic to your profile.

Many artists and people who want to showcase their talent keep their Instagram public. This helps to reach as many people as possible.

However, protecting your images and using the solutions mentioned in the article are advisable.

Part 4: Learn How to Report Stolen Photos on Instagram

Instagram has copyright policies. If you catch any offender who uses any of the methods mentioned above, you can ask them to delete the copyrighted photos.

You can report it straight to Instagram if the offender doesn’t listen. The Instagram application offers an easy method to report via a ‘copyright report form.’

Here is a Detailed Guide to Reporting Stolen Photos/content.

  • Go to the official site of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
  • Select the option that says you found photos that breach the copyright
  • Tap on the next window to go ahead with your report
  • Add your information for further contact. Write your name and mail ID
  • Verify mail ID
  • Choose your country
  • Select the photo that you wish to report
  • Tell me what type of image it is
  • Link that photo directly from Instagram
  • Select your reason for reporting
  • Then, upload your original image that has been copied and prove that you are the owner
  • Confirm if you are sure about the previous step
  • Click on ‘Agree’
  • Add electronic sign
  • Submit the report
  • After some time, you will receive a mail from Instagram about the confirmation of your report
  • Within 48 hours, Instagram will solve your issue and disable or remove the content.

These steps are easy to follow and work well, provided that you follow each step properly. If you miss any steps, this method will not function properly.

If you feel that someone has stolen your images, then feel free to report that person along with the necessary proof of the copied and original content.


Instagram Reverse Image Search is a powerful tool that can help you in various ways. From identifying fake profiles to finding related images, the uses are many. However, be mindful of the potential privacy implications and always use these tools responsibly.


  1. What is Instagram Reverse Image Search?
    Instagram Reverse Image Search is a method of finding the origin of an image, related images, or identifying fake profiles using image recognition technology.
  2. How does Instagram Reverse Image Search work?
    Instagram Reverse Image Search works by analyzing the unique features of an image and searching for these across the web. It relies on artificial intelligence and image recognition technology.
  3. How can I use Instagram Reverse Image Search?
    Since Instagram does not directly support reverse image search, you can use third-party tools like Google Images, TinEye, or Berify.
  4. Is Instagram Reverse Image Search safe?
    Using Instagram Reverse Image Search is generally safe, but you should always be mindful of privacy implications and copyright issues.
  5. Does Instagram support Reverse Image Search natively?
    As of September 2021, Instagram does not support reverse image search natively. Users need to rely on third-party tools.

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