Top 50 Funny Hashtags for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

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Instagram is one of the most amazing social media platforms for sharing pictures with friends.

One can easily see what others are up to. It offers a perfect stage to brand some interesting yet funny hashtags. On the other hand, it is a great way to kill some leisure time.

Hashtags offer you a medium to expand your following on Instagram. When you put a hashtag on any picture, others find it easier to find your photo.

With these tags, you are expanding your horizon. It does not matter whether the other person is following you or not. Tags help you to reach out to anyone.

A few hashtags will work for you if you like to appeal to a larger audience. Users can go for branded hashtags, community hashtags, campaign hashtags, and various others. Let’s learn more about hashtags on Instagram.

Why Should One Go for Instagram Hashtags?

Instagram hashtags play a significant role that you must not be aware of. The targeted and relevant hashtags on your Instagram stories and posts are the best way to get exposed to new audiences. This leads to more followers, engagement, and buyers for your services.

Once your post reaches out to more people, more people will follow your community and buy your services. Hashtags allow you to connect with more people without doing much. It is the easiest way to make your posts popular on social media platforms like Instagram. So, give it a try!

How Do Funny Hashtags on Instagram Work?

Like Twitter, hashtags on Instagram work by sorting pictures and videos into a specific category. When you post a picture with Instagram hashtags, these tags help to create the content discovery process.

For instance, a post with hashtags like #hilarious, #funnyasf, #sarcasm, and #rofl categorize itself in the funny category. People who enjoy the same content can easily find your post by typing in these funny hashtags.

It is a simple concept where hashtags allow your post to fall into the hands of the right audience. Instagram keeps on coming up with new hashtag features now and then. You can use Instagram insights to make your business a huge success. With these insights, one can know how many people have reached your post through hashtags.

On the other hand, you can even follow these hashtags if you like a particular genre. If you like funny posts, then you can stay connected with these posts by following some funny hashtags.

Meanwhile, you can even post hashtags on your Instagram stories, which ultimately widen the scope of your content getting discovered.

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Different Types of Hashtags

However, there is no inclusive category of Instagram hashtags. We have come up with the major kinds of Instagram hashtags you can use. These hashtags correspond to different audiences depending on the content. So, know about these different types of Instagram hashtags.

In addition, let’s figure out how to search multiple hashtags on Instagram.

1. Community Hashtags

These hashtags help you to connect with like-minded people on a specific subject. These are not related to any company or brand. You can also create a community hashtag yourself to engage lots of users. A funny hashtag for funny posts could be an example of community hashtags.

By the way, many individuals wonder how to find saved reels on Instagram. Even if you are a novice, here, you can find these steps to be very easy.

2. Campaign Hashtags

These hashtags last for a relatively shorter period of time as compared to brand or community hashtags. Campaign hashtags can last for some days or months. These tags are perfect for Instagram stories as tagged to a specific campaign or challenge.

3. Branded Hashtags

Various companies use this kind of hashtag to brand their products. These hashtags can be anything from your company name and product name to the company tagline. One can even use the name of the products or related campaigns to it.

Top 50 Funniest Hashtags for Instagram

Now, reaching out to more people using Instagram hashtags is not difficult. You just need to add some tags to make it accessible to others. If you belong to a sarcastic community, you must try these funny hashtags!

Common Funny Hashtags

Make use of these common funny hashtags to make your posts more popular on Instagram. The following hashtags are some of the common tags that Instagram users use for their posts and profile.

On the other hand, you can connect to some funny communities by following these hashtags on Instagram. So, let’s get started with some common funny hashtags!

  1. #humor
  2. #funny
  3. #funnypics
  4. #sarcasm
  5. #instafunny
  6. #funnyvid
  7. #hilarious
  8. #funnymoments
  9. #rofl
  10. #funnytext
  11. #lol
  12. #funnyasf
  13. #epic
  14. #comedy
  15. #funnyvideos
  16. #lmao
  17. #funnymovie
  18. #comedians
  19. #funnymemes
  20. #comic

Funny Hashtags for Pets

You may have seen funny posts of pets on Instagram. If you have something entertaining related to your lovely pets, share those posts with some funny hashtags.

Please create your own tags to make them sound authentic, while others can go with the following tags!

  1. #funnydog
  2. #crazycats
  3. #funnypets
  4. #catsofinstagram
  5. #funnypets

Funny Hashtags for Children

Sometimes, kids make you laugh out like never before. You may have seen various funny and cute posts of children on Instagram that make you laugh out loud.

If your kid says something crazy, share it on Instagram using tags like . . .

  • 26. #sendwipes
  • 27. #itstooquiet
  • 28. #wheresthecoffee
  • 29. #rasisingagenius
  • 30. #whathavetheydone
  • 31. #reasonsmysoniscrying
  • 32. #gothefucktosleep

Self-Deprecating Hashtags

Share your funny moments with all out there with some cool hashtags. It is not bad to laugh at yourself sometimes forever. So, share your funny instances on Instagram and contribute to making communities laugh a little.

Do not forget to tag the following hashtags along with the post!

  1. #cringe
  2. #meIRL
  3. #edgey
  4. #weird
  5. #whyimsingle
  6. #worstgifever
  7. #edgelord
  8. #frienzoneforever

Funny Hashtags for Memes

Memes are the funniest thing that you will find on the internet. If you think you are a meme genius, give it a try on Instagram with some hashtags.

So, follow these hashtags to read something funny and create your own posts with these funny hashtags as well.

  1. #memelord
  2. #memeslayer
  3. #memesfordays
  4. #memesbelike
  5. #memelovers

Hashtags for General Themes

There are numerous hashtags for some general themes. These hashtags are quite general and can be anything from your day-to-day life. Here, you can try out something new!

  1. #donttellmom
  2. #1letterwrongmovie
  3. #smilingfood
  4. #pranks
  5. #textsfromlastnight

So, you can try out anything from this list. All you need to do is post funny posts with really funny hashtags. If you are still confused about how to grow your community, make use of our services.

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How to Maximize Your Instagram Followers?

As you know, Instagram is one of the best ways to take your business to another level. Most people use Instagram to learn about the latest trends, products, and other services. If you do not have many followers, use attractive hashtags to widen the community.

There is a way to grow your Instagram followers. It is best to go with trending hashtags for your funny posts to achieve relevant likes on your post and followers. We help you to get hands-on with some of the top trending and latest hashtags from various categories.

Once done, you can copy these relevant hashtags and paste them on any social media platform. These hashtags work on every social media application, like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Ello, and Twitter. We keep updating our hashtags to make your posts look more convincing.


Q1: How do funny hashtags benefit my social media posts?

Funny hashtags make your social media posts more engaging, shareable, and memorable. They have the power to evoke laughter, spark conversations, and increase the visibility of your content.

Q2: Can I create my own funny hashtags?

Absolutely! Creating your own funny hashtags allows you to showcase your creativity and brand personality. Just make sure they are relevant to your content and resonate with your audience.

Q3: How can I find popular funny hashtags to use?

You can explore trending hashtags related to humor on social media platforms or use online tools that provide insights into popular and viral hashtags. Additionally, following accounts or influencers known for their humorous content can give you inspiration.

Q4: Should I use funny hashtags in every post?

While using funny hashtags can be beneficial, it’s essential to maintain a balance. Consider your overall content strategy and audience preferences. Mix funny hashtags with other relevant and industry-specific hashtags to diversify your posts.

Q5: How frequently should I use funny hashtags?

There are no strict rules, but using funny hashtags consistently can help establish your brand’s humor and engage your audience. However, make sure the humor aligns with your brand voice and doesn’t overshadow the main message of your post.


So, make use of these funny hashtags to reach out to more people as well as to connect with communities. If you want to make your posts popular, try out various services. You will find various websites on the internet that help you to enhance your followers on Instagram.

However, make sure you use a trusted website for your account. We have made things a lot easier for you. Use our services to maximize your growth on social media platforms like Instagram. Try it NOW!


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