How to Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram Effortlessly?


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Search Multiple Hashtags Instagram

Multiple hashtag search is a relatively novel experience introduced by Instagram. It has become helpful in many ways for Instagram users.

So, if you want to know how to search multiple hashtags on Instagram, this article is just for you.

Instagram is a very impressive social media platform that is popular among youngsters in particular. So, to stay on par with the requirement of their much younger user base, Instagram offers frequent updates.

Every other day Instagram continues to update its interface. This is because you can’t do enough to improve the user experience required by modern-day users. And this is exactly why Instagram is getting better, cleaner, faster, and more comfortable for any user.

They first introduced a feature called “Stories,” followed by the dark mode. Also, it introduced a feature called reels for short, entertaining videos. One of the latest additions to this long list is ‘search multiple hashtags on Instagram.’

Instagram is already putting much effort into being the Millennium app, which is near. The majority of users on Instagram comprise young individuals. They always seek to develop a desirable profile that is supported by hashtags very much.

However, to make it successful, you should understand the best hashtags to deliver results.

Some time ago, Instagram allowed single-search hashtags. However, as of today, multiple hashtags have become searchable. So, to make things easier, we explain how to search multiple hashtags on Instagram in the below sections.

An Introduction to Instagram Hashtags

In simplest terms, Instagram hashtags are specific keywords that are prefixed by a hash (#) symbol. You can use one or more hashtags with posts and stories. As a result, your posts will be more visible to the desired online audience.

In addition to that, those posts become more searchable when they are posted with hashtags. When more users use the same hashtag within a specific period, that can become a trend on Instagram.

Users can also use these hashtags to find tagged posts. This will help users find a specific post or multiple posts with less effort. As a result of entering a random hashtag in the search bar, you can see messages with that hashtag. So, if you use the right kind of hashtags, that will positively impact your posts.

Individuals, indeed tend to use multiple hashtags in many cases. As a result, that will make the respective post visible whenever one of the hashtags is used. When the hashtags get popular, your post with that hashtag becomes more exposed to a larger audience.

So, it is understandable why Instagram has now introduced a feature called “Multiple Search.”

Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram 

If you want to search multiple hashtags on Instagram, you should follow simple steps. As per this method, you should go to the search bar of the interface to search for several hashtags. You are supposed to enter any number of hashtags.

However, you should ensure that you place a hash (#) with every hashtag you enter. Also, you should place a space between two hashtags. Once you have done that, you will be displayed with an option. With that option, you can search for all or all of those Instagram hashtags.

You can see related posts if you search for anything related to the hashtags inserted in the bar. All of those posts will be listed under your post. The same theory applies when using hashtags as they render OR and AND conditions.

You can even select both of those options. However, that is every content. That is because such search results will show all the content related to hashtags you have applied.

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An Alternative Way to Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram 

There is another method to perform a multiple hashtag search on Instagram. You can use a third-party tool if you cannot perform the above search on your Instagram app.

One of those tools is Brand24. There can be many similar tools, but we found this impressive.

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How to Perform a Multiple Hashtag Search using Brand24

  • First, you should open the tool named “Brand24 Media Monitoring“.
  • Then, tap on the respective product and choose “Hashtag Search.”
  • Then, click on the option called Signup. Afterward, go to the option that asks you to create a new account.
Brand24 Hashtag Search
  • You can now enter the multiple Instagram hashtags you intend to search for.
Search Multiple Hashtags on Instagram with Brand24
  • After that, you should select the desired language as well. You can then tap on the option called “Create Project.”
Brand24 Track only in Selected Language
  • Now, Brand24 will start to collect hashtags from the Instagram Platform.
Brand24 collect hashtags from Instagram
  • You should connect your Instagram account with the Brand24 tool to see the results. You can even connect your Facebook account with the same tool to search related hashtags.
  • Now, click on the option called “Activate.” It is easy to find because it is located just below the Instagram icon.
See result on Brand24
  • If you need, you can connect Facebook account as well. You should click the “Manage Facebook/Instagram Connection” option and proceed.
Connect Facebook and Instagram on Brand24
  • You can now go back to the project. Brand24 will now display all of those posts associated with given hashtags.
Display all hashtag on Brand24

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Reasons to Use Instagram Hashtags

There is no shortage of reasons for you to use multiple hashtag searches along with your Instagram posts. They will get more attention, likes, and shares.

However, you should ensure a rational relationship between the hashtags you have put on a post. Now that you know search multiple hashtags on Instagram. Let’s learn why you should use these hashtags.

● To Have More Followers

With hashtags, you can expect new followers. Hashtags, you can expect better visibility from your posts when you use hashtags that will allow other individuals to find and interact with your content.

When a specific user is looking for hashtags, the search will display the results from different accounts, making users find your content through the keywords or phrases used in hashtags.

In addition to that, you can make use of the advanced search option. This is a very impressive option. That is because many individuals cannot understand how many likes a specific post will achieve.

So, the numbers related to that specific matter will stay confidential. Whenever a user clicks on content that has a hashtag, it is more of advertising. So, multiple hashtag searches can be considered a very impressive method to have more followers.

In addition, you can even tag other followers in the posts with those Instagram hashtags. As a result, your content will be shown up on their feed with a post attached. That can happen when they have set it to be public.

It is a superb way to engage people without necessarily having them follow you. The important thing is that you shouldn’t spam others. In other words, maintain a fair user policy when using this method.

Well, you can realize how important it is for us to know the concept of searching multiple hashtags on Instagram. This specific feature will help new potential clients know about your products. The best thing is that you can do it without spamming and disturbing their feeds.

● To Find Profiles with Similar Interests

Instagram hashtags become incredibly handy when it comes to finding individuals who have similar interests. When you search multiple hashtags on Instagram, you can end up with all the tagged posts. That means you end up finding the content of the same topics.

So, if you are not 100% aware of what Instagram hashtags are, you should read more about them. You can get more information about it through Instagram’s help center. Also, you can check their tips as well on using tags.

Mentioned below are a couple of tips you can consider.

  • Be sure that you use one or two Instagram hashtags on each post.
  • Use your creativity and use hashtags in a very attractive manner to make your audience curious.
  • You can use keywords when you tag other users. As a result, they will be able to see your content. If they feel your content is interesting, they will also start to follow you.

● To Increase Engagement of Your Instagram Posts

Another important use of Instagram hashtags is that they help boost your posts’ engagement. Hashtags will increase the number of users you can reach through Instagram.

This feature becomes incredibly helpful if you want to reach a massive audience and have more likes and shares.

On top of that, hashtags will let you engage with the target audience effectively by following others. That means the users who use the same hashtags. You can go for hashtags under the option to explore on the Instagram platform.

However, you will only see posts that come with words or phrases that are entered within the search bar.

Instead of typing the entire sentence, you can use some keywords only. That will help search for content more effectively, swiftly, and smoothly.

● To Give a Clear Idea About the Users of Your Brand

Instagram hashtags can give clear insights about the content to your audience. When the users see hashtags of their preference, they know they have found what they like. As a result, an audience that has better potential will start to visit your page.

This is known as the process of “following.” Visitors may even subscribe to your feed because they are interested in your content.

The key, however, is to create content with engaging, unique stuff. As a result, visitors will find yours through multiple hashtag searches.

● To Categorize the Posts

If you want to manage your posts properly, you should use hashtags. In general, hashtags can put posts together in a meaningful way.

So, those searching for content online can find your stuff in an organized manner. All related content will be displayed when the user clicks on a specific hashtag.


1. Can you search multiple hashtags on Instagram?

Yes, but not natively on Instagram. You will need to use third-party tools to search multiple hashtags simultaneously.

2. Are third-party tools safe to use for Instagram multiple hashtag searches?

Generally, these tools are safe to use. However, you should always review the permissions you grant these tools and check their privacy policies.

3. How can multiple hashtag searches improve my Instagram experience?

Multiple hashtag searches allow you to find highly specific content related to your interests, leading to more meaningful engagements on Instagram.

4. Does Instagram plan to allow multiple hashtag searches in the future?

Instagram is always evolving, but as of the last update in September 2021, there are no announced plans for this feature.

5. Can multiple hashtag searches help my business on Instagram?

Yes, multiple hashtag searches can help businesses reach more potential customers by finding relevant content and communities.

6. What are some recommended third-party tools for multiple hashtag searches on Instagram?

Some recommended tools include Brand24, IQtags, and Ingobo.


So, that’s how to search multiple hashtags on Instagram. With the above methods, you can perform multiple hashtag searches on the Instagram platform without hassle.

If you use the concept of hashtags wisely, you can yield excellent results from your social media marketing campaign.

However, you should also focus on creating unique, fresh, and engaging content regardless of the efforts. Otherwise, you cannot retain visitors no matter how good and powerful your hashtags are.


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