How to Activate Samsung Private Mode?

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Samsung Private Mode

Generally, smartphones are considered to be personal devices. That means your smartphone’s data or features are not supposed to be accessed by someone else.

However, many individuals want to add more privacy to their smart devices as a security precaution. Putting your device on ‘Private Mode‘ is one of those security precautions you can take.

Do you use a Samsung device and wonder what Samsung Private Mode is? If so, here’s the article you must read.

Samsung private mode is a unique feature that allows you to keep information safe. In fact, as the name suggests, the private mode is a way of assuring your privacy. Once Samsung Private Mode is enabled, the device will lock sensitive data to others.

To access the sensitive data, you will also have to provide an authentication code. This method allows you to easily protect videos, images, and other files associated with any app.

When the private mode is enabled, an outsider cannot necessarily swipe across the pictures as he wishes. Your phone will show them just one photo (which you intend to show them). Although the private mode is not the most comprehensive security method, it is a fairly good security measure.

PS: here, you will figure out how to unlock a Samsung phone without the code.

An Overview of Samsung’s Private Mode

Accessing Samsung’s private mode is a pretty simple process. To access it, use your device’s settings and then apply a PIN, password, fingerprint, or pattern. The methods are pretty similar to unlocking the device.

Nevertheless, the private mode of your device wants a different type of authentication. So, even if someone knows your unlock method, your private mode will protect your files.

Introducing private mode is to hide particular app-related data on Samsung devices. As a result, other users cannot see the hidden files even if they unlock the respective device.

Based on the device, the apps protected under Samsung private mode vary. For instance, the Galaxy S6 protects more apps compared to Galaxy S7.

For instance, you can activate Samsung private mode, launch ‘Gallery,’ and decide which photos should be made private. The photos you have chosen will appear in the ‘Gallery’ only when the phone is switched to Private Mode. If not, only the ‘unprotected’ images will be displayed.

The private mode can be considered a visual method that can hide some files. However, it doesn’t hide files from the file system on the device.

If you want to experience such type of security, you must switch to an option like Samsung My Knox. When the private mode of your device is enabled, you can still make calls. Also, it can read the files that are marked as private.

How to Activate It?

Now that you know the usage of Samsung Private Mode. Let’s see how to activate it. In this example, we use Samsung Galaxy S7.

01. First, open the Settings app on the home screen of the Samsung device. If not, you can even use the app drawer.

02. Now, tap on the option ‘Privacy and Safety.’

03. Tap on Private Mode.

enable private mode screens

04. Now, tap the toggle button and enable Private Mode.

05. You should then tap an access type, as well. For instance, you should choose fingerprint, pattern, password, or PIN.

enable Private Mode on Samsung

06. After assigning an access option, your private mode is activated, and that’s it.

How to Use Samsung Private Mode?

Now you know the functionality of Samsung private mode and how to activate it. Let’s learn how to use it on your Galaxy S7 device.

As we mentioned before, you can protect only three apps using Private Mode on Galaxy S7.

My Files, Gallery and Voice Recorder, are those three apps covered under Samsung private mode. For example, let’s learn how to use Private Mode to protect one of those apps.

First, you should launch one of those three apps (My Files, Voice Recorder, or Gallery) on your device.

Then, tap and hold on to one or more items.

You’ll see several options on the top-right corner of the screen. Make sure that you tap ‘More’ from those options.

Now, you will see an option labeled ‘Move to Private.’

Use Samsung Private Mode

The items you have chosen to be private will not be visible in normal mode hereafter. If you want to see those items, you should switch your Samsung device to Private Mode.

How to Browse the Internet Privately on a Samsung Device?

Using private mode can prevent other users from accessing highly personal files stored on your device. However, the private mode cannot protect your browser.

So, if you prefer a safe and private browsing experience, there should be another way.

In fact, with a Samsung device, you can use a couple of methods to get it done. In this case, we will explain how to browse the internet privately using Samsung Internet Browser and Google Chrome.

Browsing the Internet Privately with Samsung Internet Browser

First, let’s learn how to browse the internet privately using the Samsung Internet browser. This is a default app that comes with Samsung smartphones.

Samsung internet browser allows you to access the internet privately in addition to normal browsing.

With that said, here are the steps to browse the internet privately using the Samsung internet browser.

01. As the first step, you should swipe up from the home screen and access the apps.

Samsung Homes

02. Now, tap on the icon labeled ‘Internet.’ You should note that the icon may appear in different shapes based on the operating system version. It has the text ‘Internet,’ so you will not experience any confusion.

internet app

03. An internet page will open now. On the opened page, you should tap on a space. If not, you can scroll up and see the options on the screen’s bottom. Then, tap on the option called ‘Tabs.’

Chrome Tabs

04. Tap on ‘More.’ If you don’t see such a screen as of now, you should skip to Step 5.

More Options on Chrome

05. Tap on the option labeled ‘New Secret Tab.’ If not, you can tap the option ‘Turn on Secrete Mode.’

New Secret Tab

06. Once the tab is opened, you can browse the internet privately without leaving any trace.

Browsing the Internet Privately with the Google Chrome Browser

In addition to the Samsung internet browser, you can use Google Chrome too and browse the internet privately.

Below are the steps to follow if you intend to browse the internet privately through Google Chrome.

01. Swipe up the home screen and access the apps installed on your Samsung device.

Samsung Homes

02. From the available list of apps, you should tap on the ‘Chrome‘ browser icon.

Run Chrome App on Samsung

03. Then, tap on the option labeled ‘More Options.’

More Options on Chrome

04. You should tap on the ‘New incognito tab’ option.

New incognito tab

05. Once the ‘New incognito tab‘ is opened, you can start browsing the internet through it privately.

Browsing the Internet Privately with Samsung Internet Browser

Why Do You Need to Browse the Internet on a Private Browser?

Pretty much all the known web browsers offer private browsing features. In general, all web browsers store some information about your internet activities.

For instance, they store the URLs you visit, cookies, and passwords you have entered on various websites. In addition to that, they save temporary files that are downloaded.

The stored information can be pretty useful if you visit the same pages frequently. Your login details will be saved there, so you don’t have to enter them repeatedly. However, there is a downside to this.

If someone uses your device to browse the internet, say for an emergency, your internet activities can be revealed. The websites you have visited and the pages you have logged in to will be visible to the user. In that case, a private browsing tab would be a handy option.

When it comes to private browsing, it is offered by all the leading web browsers in the industry. For instance, Google Chrome offers its private browsing feature on both desktop and mobile versions.

And in Google Chrome, the private browsing tab comes under the name ‘incognito tab.’ When you use a private tab, the information mentioned above will not be saved on the browser. Even the history and the data you have entered will not be saved on the browser.

In a nutshell, you can browse the internet without leaving a trace if you use private browsing. As you close the browser after a browsing session, all the information and the history will be discarded.

In addition, private browsing is a good way to prevent cookies from saving on the device. The browsing information saved in cookies will then be utilized to promote ads on your social media profiles. However, if you use a private browser, no data will be saved, and marketing campaigns cannot target you.

In addition, private browsing allows you to log into two different accounts simultaneously on two different tabs.


Samsung Private Mode is a valuable feature that empowers users to keep their personal files secure and hidden. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can easily activate Private Mode on your Samsung device and safeguard your sensitive information. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced privacy, secure file storage, and peace of mind knowing that your private files are protected.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Can I access Private Mode on any Samsung device?

Yes, Samsung Private Mode is available on most Samsung devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Q2. Are the files stored in Private Mode backed up?

No, files stored in Private Mode are not backed up automatically. It’s important to regularly back up your files to avoid data loss.

Q3. Can I use Private Mode to hide apps?

No, Private Mode is specifically designed to hide and protect files, not apps.

Q4. What happens if I forget the PIN or password for Private Mode?

If you forget your PIN or password, you may need to reset Private Mode, which will remove all files stored within it. Make sure to remember your PIN or password or keep it in a secure place.

Q5. Can I share files stored in Private Mode with others?

Yes, you can share files stored in Private Mode with others by moving them out of the Private Mode folder. However, keep in mind that once the files are moved out, they are no longer protected by Private Mode.


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