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So, is it possible to view a private Instagram with no survey? Yes, it is possible to do that with a private Instagram viewer.

As you know, Instagram is a well-known place for uploading and sharing photographs with others in a network.

One can share anything on this social media platform, from vacations to family pictures. This updates your followers with the latest pictures and allows you to gather feedback.

Regular & Private Instagram Profiles on Instagram

To get more exposure, one can create incredible Instagram stories and tag one’s colleagues, friends, or family members.

This image-sharing tool allows users to showcase their photographic capabilities and look for new opportunities.

However, regular or private Instagram profiles could give headaches to the profile owners. Now, there’s a reason why!

Some followers tend to spy on the activities and life of others. That’s the reason many social media users keep their accounts private.

Just like Twitter and Facebook, people create private Instagram profiles too. A private account on Instagram hides all the videos and photos from the non-following ones.

Private Instagram Profiles

Such people can only take a private account user’s biography and profile picture. So, there will be no videos or photos they can spy on. What if you like to check out a private Instagram account of someone?

So, can you view private Instagram with no survey? Yes, there is some amazing private Instagram viewer with no survey methods.

How to View a Private Instagram with No Survey

When it comes to user privacy, Instagram takes it quite seriously. All Instagram users can lock down their accounts and make them inaccessible to the common public.

However, this becomes a big roadblock for you when viewing private Instagram with no survey.

So, is it possible to check out a private profile on Instagram? Yes, it is. Here, we listed some highly effective and legitimate ways to see someone’s private Instagram account.

Many options are available if you want a way to view a private Instagram with no survey solution.

Here, we will discuss various private Instagram viewer no survey solutions. You don’t need to attend attending surveys to check out videos and photos of a private Instagram account.

So, let’s learn more about them below!

Method 1. Send a Request on Instagram

This is the legitimate and first method if you like to view private Instagram with no survey. This Instagram tracker lets you spy on someone’s Instagram private account.

Simply, just send a request to follow someone’s account. Tap on the ‘Follow’ tab to notify them about your interest in building a connection.

Send a Request on Instagram

After sending a follow request, the ‘Follow’ tab will go to the ‘Requested’ mode. Now, you have to wait for the decision of the profile owner.

If they allow, you can then view private Instagram with no survey. Otherwise, look for another private Instagram viewer with no survey method.

Method 2. Make a Fake Profile on Instagram

It is possible that the profile owner will not accept a follow request sent from your original profile. Probably, they are not interested in the mutual connection and, after that, sharing posts with you.

Thus, making a phony profile on Instagram is better than disguising it as someone else. That way, you can trick the private profile owner.

Make a Fake Profile on Instagram

Ensure that the fake profile carries a female’s name and a genuine display picture. About 80% of fake Instagram accounts have a female name.

And people respond to female accounts faster than the accounts of male users. So, there’s a high possibility of getting your request accepted on Instagram.

Also, do not make your account private, as this will encourage the other person to monitor your posts. Plus, upload some pictures to create a feeling that it is a genuine profile.

After sending a follow request, wait for their response. If there is no response, then using a private Instagram viewer no survey tool is the next option.

Method 3. Use Professional Private Instagram Viewer No Survey Tools

Today, you will find many private Instagram viewers with no survey tools on the internet. It is possible to check out a private profile on Instagram with a private Instagram viewer.

However, the only problem with these tools is that you do not know which tool is reliable and which one is not. Some tools just take your hard earned money and do not offer anything in return.

On the other hand, there are somewhere you have to deal with annoying surveys only to find no outcomes.

So, to help you out, we have come up with some of the most reliable tools present out there. Here are some of the best private Instagram viewers with no survey applications. Using these tools, users can easily view private Instagram with no survey.

1) PrivateInsta

This well-known application allows viewing private Instagram profiles without logging into your personal account.

This app supports Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows operating systems. Therefore, you can use this private Instagram viewer on any device.

View Private Instagram Profiles via PrivateInsta

Using this private Instagram viewer no survey, you can easily browse pictures of any private account on Instagram anonymously. Go to PrivateInsta and just enter the username of the private account that you like to check out.

Once you have typed the username, you need to tap on the ‘Submit’ tab. After a few minutes, you can access the account and even download pictures automatically.

However, you must complete a short survey to view these downloaded pictures. If you like to view private Instagram with no survey, you should check out the following tool in this list.

2) Private Photo Viewer

This is another amazing tool for hacking private Instagram profiles. Private Photo Viewer is available for free. This tool enables users to view private Instagram with no surveys at all.

view private Instagram no survey with Private Instagram Viewer

Using this private Instagram viewer no survey, you can check out private photos for free. Go to the website and put in the Instagram username that you like to monitor.

Then, the tool searches for relevant Instagram users, stories, or tags. Tap on the account you like to view.

Now, just tap on the ‘Unlock & View Photo’ tab. After a while, you can check out the private pictures of that Instagram account holder.

So, to view a private Instagram with no survey, you can try this Instagram viewer.

3) InstaLooker

It is also possible to view private Instagram with no survey with InstaLooker. This tool is widely used for spying on Instagram.

Tap on ‘Spy Now’ and enter any Instagram username to start. After that, this private Instagram viewer no survey will fetch feeds.

view private Instagram no survey with InstaLooker

Here, you can view and even download the photos of that private account in a few minutes. Unfortunately, you must complete some surveys to finish the last stage.

Also, there’s no surety of how successful this tool is in retrieving data from private profiles on Instagram.

4) InstaRipper

Unlike other private Instagram viewers with no survey methods listed above, this one is a monitoring application for smartphones and desktops.

InstaRipper can be downloaded on your device. After that, you can easily view the private Instagram with no survey by entering the private user’s username.

view private Instagram no survey with InstaRipper

For this, just tap on the ‘Unlock Private Profile’ tab. This will decrypt all data and open the profile in the default web browser. So, this is how you can check out a private Instagram profile in a few minutes with InstaRipper.

5) InstaGramies

InstaGramies is another effective way to view private Instagram with no survey. One can use this private Instagram viewer no survey solution without creating an account.

Simply open this tool on any web browser and enter your private account’s username that you want to hack.

view private Instagram no survey Using instaGramies

This tool fetches all photos from that account. These photos will show up in hidden mode. Tap on the ‘Download’ arrow to check out the photos individually.

Now, you can see photos of the private Instagram user you were dying to see.

6) Instagram Private Profile Viewer

This Instagram private profile viewer, no survey solution, is free. This viewer enables users to spy on private Instagram profiles quickly.

On its homepage, enter the username and select how many pictures you like to see.

Instagram Private Profile Viewer

Now, it will connect to the servers of Instagram and retrieve data in a few minutes. Unfortunately, you need to complete some surveys to access the data.

Once you have completed those surveys, you can check out videos and photos of that private Instagram account.

If you do not want to fill out those annoying surveys, you should use a professional monitoring tool, such as mSpy.

7) Instadp

Instadp is another free private Instagram viewer no survey tool. Instadp is easy and simple to use. Enter the username of a private account holder and press the ‘Get Profile Photo’ tab.

This tool will scan the account and display its picture—right-tap on the account and select ‘Save Image’ to download that image.


Once you have saved the picture, you can easily view it on your device. So, it is so simple to view photos of a private Instagram account with Instadp.

So, these are some of the most popular private Instagram viewer no survey tools. You have to check which tool works for you.

We recommend you go with the mSpy program as this one is the most reliable tool. This monitoring tool lets you see more than you expect. Try out its live demo and see what this tool has to offer.


Q1: Are Instagram private profile viewer tools reliable?

A1: It’s important to exercise caution when using private profile viewer tools, as they may be unreliable or even pose a risk to your privacy and security. It’s advisable to avoid such tools and explore other methods to view private Instagram profiles.

Q2: Can I create a fake Instagram account to view private profiles?

A2: While creating a fake Instagram account is a method some people employ, it’s essential to consider the ethical implications and respect the privacy of others. Proceed with caution and always prioritize ethical behavior.

Q3: Is it possible to view private Instagram profiles without the user’s permission?

A3: Instagram’s platform policies prioritize user privacy, making it difficult to view private profiles without the user’s permission. However, there are strategies you can employ, such as sending a follow request or seeking mutual connections, to increase your chances of gaining access.

Q4: What should I do if I can’t view a private Instagram profile?

A4: If you are unable to view a private Instagram profile, respect the user’s privacy choices. Consider engaging with their public content, reaching out directly, or exploring alternate social media profiles linked to their account.

Q5: How can I increase my chances of being granted access to a private Instagram profile?

A5: Building meaningful connections, engaging with the user’s content, and respecting their privacy boundaries can increase your chances of being granted access to a private Instagram profile. However, the final decision lies with the user, and it’s essential to respect their choices.


So, various websites enable users to download premium WordPress themes, plugins, the latest songs, movies, etc., for free. Private Instagram viewer no survey solutions also work in the same manner. They may comprise some spyware and affect the online security tool.

Thus, it is better to use such tools with more caution. It is suggested not to use private Instagram viewers with no survey websites, especially the free online tools. These websites are just scams. They do not function as advertised.


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