Instagram Post Stuck on Sending – Fixed 2024!

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Instagram Post Stuck on Sending

When an Instagram post is stuck on sending, you will feel a little frustrated and annoyed.

Things can become even worse if it happens when you want to send an urgent post.

So, as an Instagram user, it is better to know the solutions to address this situation.

Introduction to Instagram Posts

Before learning about the solutions to try when an Instagram post is stuck on sending, let’s read an introduction. If you are totally new to Instagram, this information will be handy for you. However, if you just want to skip to the solutions, you may do so and read Part 02.

Posts on Instagram are the pictures and videos that appear in the main feed of a user. Previously, this was the primary feature that made Instagram famous. Unlike stories, Instagram posts live on “forever.”

That means the posts on Instagram remain in one’s profile until the user deletes them. Users are also given the ability to compose captions that can be shown underneath the video or image.

What Are the Uses of Instagram Posts?

Now, in this section, let’s find out why Instagram posts are good for.

Besides, by reading this article, you will get to learn about both the reasons and fixes for Add Yours Sticker not working on Instagram. Keep reading.

● Instagram Posts Have the Ability to Contain More Information

As you may know, the space available for text in Instagram stories is limited. However, you have the ability to write a caption for posts that contains not more than 2,200 characters.

Be sure to get any important information over as soon as possible. Because beyond the first three lines, the user will need to take some action. Otherwise, the remainder of the respective post will not be visible to the user.

● Instagram Posts Are Finable Through Search Engines

Posts, in contrast to Stories, can be “searched.” Instagram users could increase the discoverability of their posts simply by taking advantage of several capabilities.

For instance, geolocation targeting or trending hashtags, which are available on the Instagram platform.

Also, if you wonder how to clear Instagram search suggestions, and clear the cache and associated data, here are the different solutions for you to fix it easily.

● You Can Make Use of the Polished Content Through Posts

The posts made on Instagram are mainly visual in nature. Because of this, you are able to take a strategic approach to design and branding. And you are then able to make it the primary focus of your Instagram posts.

As you can see, Instagram posts have become exceptionally handy, specifically for digital and social media marketers. Timely posts on the Instagram platform can deliver amazing results.

However, what if your Instagram post is stuck on sending and a deadline is approaching? Well, we have composed this article explaining the most practical solutions. So, let’s go ahead and learn what these solutions are.

What Are the Requirements to Upload Videos on Instagram?

Are you planning to upload a video to your feed, story, or even a reel on Instagram? If so, the video must be in a compatible format.

Well, failing to meet such requirements will prevent you from posting those feeds. Here are the formats for your reference.

  • Landscape format
  • Square format
  • Vertical video format

As long as the videos don’t meet the above-mentioned formats, you will have trouble uploading them. In addition to that, below are the basic requirements your video should meet to upload videos.

For Instagram FeedsFor Instagram StoryFor IGTVFor Instagram Live
The aspect ratio of the contentIf it is vertical, it should be 4:5.  If it is landscape, it should be 16:9. If it is square, it should be 1:19:169:169:16
Type of the fileMOV or MP4MOV or MP4It should be MP4MOV or MP4
Resolution (Minimum value)600×315 for a landscape video, 600×750 for a vertical video, 600×600 for a square videoThe recommended value is 1080×1920720pThe recommended value is 1080×1920
The maximum length of the video60 sec15 sec60 sec (minimum) and 15 minutes for mobile devices4 hrs
Size of the file4GB or less4GB or less650MB4GB or less

The Solutions to Try if Your Instagram Post is Stuck on Sending 

Now, let’s get to the main point of this article. What are the solutions if your Instagram post is stuck on sending?

In fact, there are several different solutions to address this issue, and mentioned below are those for your reference.

Solution 01: Restart the Phone from Which the Post is Sent

Simply restarting the phone will cause it to reboot and close any running background programs.

In addition to that, it resets all of the settings. When Instagram posts are stuck on sending, this is the initial approach you may try to fix it.

To restart the respective phone, long press the power button while simultaneously pressing and holding the volume down.

Move the slider to restart, and then wait for a while until it completes the restart.

Restart the Phone

Solution 02: Check if the Internet Connection is Working As Expected

Before you try to upload another picture to Instagram after you’ve just restarted your device, check the internet connection.

For this feature to function properly, you should have a very good internet connection with enough data. 

Additionally, make sure that your Instagram account is set up to use mobile data.

  • Go to Settings and select Mobile Data.
  • After that, go to Instagram.
  • You should then tap on the “Switch” to complete the process. 

The above solution might fix Instagram posts stuck on sending issues if it was related to the internet connection.

Solution 03: Clear the Cache of Your Instagram App

Cache files are stored in every app to ensure faster app performance. In fact, cache memory stores the instructions you have given over the past period.

However, over time, these cache files can grow into a large bulk and may even corrupt. Like any other mobile app, Instagram was built to store caches too.

And these caches can occasionally cause the app to become unusable. Try to remove this cache so you will fix Instagram issues.  

To clear the cache on Instagram, follow the steps below.

  • Go to “Settings” and select “App.”
  • Select “Instagram.”
  • After that, select the option called “Clear Cache.”
Clear the Cache of Your Instagram App

After that, you should see if the “Instagram post stuck on sending” issue persists. If yes, you may try the next solution on this list.

Solution 04: Change the Data Settings in Your Instagram App

The majority of Instagram users decrease the amount of data consumed by the app. They do it by changing their data preferences to “useless data.” 

Unfortunately, the quality of your experience when using the Instagram app to share photos could suffer because of this. There’s a possibility that your app will block you from posting videos to Instagram due to such a configuration.

That said, if you want to fix this issue, let’s go ahead and learn how to do it.

  • Go to the option called “Settings.”
  • After that, select the option called “Cellular Data Usage.”
  • Select “Default” to proceed.
Change the Data Settings in Your Instagram App

Solution 05: Reinstall the Instagram App

Check that you have the most recent version of the program installed. You can obtain the latest version by going to an Apple store.

In addition, you can delete the program and then reinstall it to fix this problem.

einstall the Instagram App

Solution 06: Check if the Respective Post Violates the Policies of Instagram

The vast majority of users become upset when an upload fails. However, they don’t check to see if their content complies with Instagram’s guidelines first. The fact of the matter is that some Instagram users are confused about the platform’s policies.

As a result, you are obligated to check and see that your content does not infringe upon any guidelines. This is true even if it makes the necessary alterations. If your post doesn’t violate any policies, you won’t see an Instagram post stuck on sending error.


1. Why is my Instagram post stuck on sending?

There can be several reasons behind an Instagram post getting stuck on sending, such as a slow internet connection, server issues, app glitches, outdated app version, or full storage.

2. How can I fix the issue of an Instagram post not sending?

You can try troubleshooting steps like checking your internet connection, restarting the app, updating the app, clearing app cache and data, freeing up storage space, or reinstalling the Instagram app.

3. Does keeping the Instagram app updated help in avoiding post sending issues?

Yes, keeping the Instagram app updated is crucial as updates often include bug fixes and performance improvements that can help prevent sending issues.

4. Why is a stable internet connection important for sending Instagram posts?

A stable internet connection ensures that your posts can reach Instagram’s servers without interruptions, increasing the chances of successful post sending.

5. Can clearing app cache help in resolving post sending problems?

Yes, clearing the app cache can help refresh the app’s performance and resolve issues related to sending posts.


As we believe at least one of the solutions mentioned above should work for you. We explained every possible reason behind such an error and potential solutions.

However, if you still see that your Instagram post is stuck on sending, use a tool like Tenorshare ReiBoot. This specific tool can fix plenty of errors in your device and get it back to its normal state.


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